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Judas Is the Demon I Cling To

The Genetic Crucifix

I was raised a hunter. And, no. I don't hunt Bambi. Or any other form of animal, for that matter. Unless you call a werewolf an animal.

My family has hunted the things of the supernatural for decades. Possibly centuries. We save people. Because of us (and those like us), people like you can live safely.

Not that we mind. It's our job. Our calling. Our purpose.

And if we don't fight evil, chances are good our family would be compelled to succumb to it.

What am I talking about, you ask?

My family has been cursed for generations.

Let me explain.


Ever read the New Testament of the Bible?

Ever heard of the twelve disciples?

Ever heard of Judas?

Whether your answer was "yes" or "no" to those questions, I'll give you an overview anyway.

When Jesus walked the Earth 2000 years ago, His close followers were the twelve disciples. They were hand picked by Him because of certain qualities that they possessed. And among them was one named Judas. Judas was chosen for an even greater purpose. You see, Jesus knew He would have to do his Father's will here on Earth. And that meant dying for the sins of people like you and I so we could have a chance at going to a better place. It was in God's plan that Judas would betray Jesus to the authorities, and that Jesus would be crucified.


Judas sounds like such a gem, doesn't he?

He hands over the Savior of the world, the Son of God to the authorities.

But really, he didn't have a choice in the matter. God knew it was going to be Judas all along.

"What in the world does this have to do with the story I'm reading?" You may be asking yourself. "I wasn't expecting Sunday school."

Well pardon me. But if I don't explain this to you, chances are good you will be lost throughout the rest of my story. So bear with me.

The reason I just told you about Judas is because there was a curse put on his bloodline after that. His progeny was cursed to betray those close to them in times of duress (Or when it suited them best, depending on the integrity of the individual.). And my great-grandfather discovered that we are of Judas' bloodline.

He discovered this when he was hunting a demon through the Alps. He, like many other people in our family, had wondered why this cycle of betrayals kept occurring. It turned out that this particular demon was pretty high up on the food chain, and knew about the curse. Through torture, the demon revealed to my great-grandfather the details of the curse.

"The line of the betrayer
Shall follow in his footsteps
And also betray.
Until one shall come
With the power to resist."

So far, whoever this person is, they haven't appeared.

In the meantime, our family carries on the tradition of hunting, but we hunt differently than others.

My father is the pastor of a smile church in upper North Dakota. We know all about magic, curses, hexes, and the darker side of things. We have to. But we don't use any of it ourselves.

My father discovered that using Latin incantations to call upon the name of the Lord is much more powerful, when used by someone with faith, than any incantation made to a demon. After all, it makes sense that the good guys would be more powerful, right?

Our whole family is closer because of hunting together. My dad and mom organize our hunts, and us kids fight for which positions we'll take on each one. My two older brothers, Jared and Ruben, usually lead two teams. They pick from myself, my younger sister, Tabitha, and younger brother, Sydney, to use on their teams. And, since they came to live with us last year, our cousins Cameron and Carla, who are twins, have rounded out the teams.

We stopped working in teams recently though. Apparently there's something big brewing, and we needed to split up to work more efficiently.

This is who we are. This is what we do.
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