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Taking a Shot at Love

Family isn't Always Blood Related


Haley was sitting on the couch when Alex walked in, “How was work?”

"Work was interesting...Staal came into work...and I got him to try the Flamin Hot Challenge," she said smiling at the memory.

“Obviously, he didn’t win,” Haley said laughing. “Why was he there?”

"No he didn't," Alex said laughing a little. "He was there because he wanted to show me that he's not like is reputation, and so I'd get to know him."

She looked at Alex, “Let me guess, you are going to make him work for it?”

Alex smiled, "Of course I am!"

“Don’t play with the guy too much,” Haley said getting up. “He may look tough on the outside but I think he is just a big softie. I know that you don’t want to get hurt but I think he is being serious about wanting to get to know you and I don’t want to see either of you being hurt.”

"I won't," Alex said. "To be honest, he's growing on me a little already."

“Staalsy does that,” Haley said laughing. “While the guys practice I have to make sure he does his rehab, we had some fun times today. He is really funny.”

"What happened to him?" Alex said, getting comfy on the couch.

“ He had to undergo surgery to repair a torn tendon on top of his big toe. He got hurt playing a game last season,” Haley said sighing. “Poor guy misses the ice. He has three brothers, all them play hockey. That’s insane!”

"Oh okay," Alex said, looking down. "Wait, there's three more Staals??"

“That’s what I said when he told me,” She said laughing. “He laughed at me and said yea but only two are in the NHL, one is in the NHL’s minor system. Their names are Eric, Jared and Marc. Jared is the youngest and is the one in the minor system. Eric plays for Carolina Hurricanes and Marc plays for New York Rangers. I can’t believe we didn’t see him when we watched them play. Jared was drafted by Phoenix Coyotes but the Hurricanes now have him.”

"Interesting." Alex said, gazing at nothing, but thinking about Jordan.

“Yea,” Haley said not sure if Alex was paying attention. “Sid told me he loved me today, and I decided to dump Tony and marry Sid.”

"That's nice sweetie," Alex said, then realized what she said, "Wait, what?"

“Just seeing if you were paying attention to me,” Haley said laughing. “Though Jordan thinks Sid likes me.”

"He does," Alex said with confidence.

Haley rolled her eyes, “I’m sure he does. Staalsy likes you.”

Alex rolled her eyes, "He does not."

“Because he does this for every girl,” Haley said sighing. “He is putting forth effort. He obviously likes you.”

"He could be doing this for every girl! We don't know that!" Alex said, rolling her eyes.

Haley ran her fingers through her hair, “I’m going to bed. I’ve got an early morning and Tony gets in tomorrow. So, I’ll see you in the morning.”

"I'm right behind you. Tomorrow is the actual first day of college." Alex said smiling excited for tomorrow.

“Good luck,” Haley said smiling. “I’m taking my courses online during hockey season.”

"This semester I can't do them online. It's mostly drama stuff, so I have to go!" Alex said smiling. "You're going to come see me in my plays right?"

“Of course!” Haley said smiling. “I’ll drag Sid and Staalsy with me too.”

"NO!" Alex said. "I don't want them to see how bad I am in the theatre!"

“Or is it Jordan that you don’t want there?” She said with a smile that said it all. “And you aren’t bad!”

"If I wasn't bad, why wouldn't my parents come see me?" Alex said bringing up the past that she hated.

“Because they are retarded,” Haley said sighing. “They have way too many issues to care about you. My dad, my mom, my family love you and are there at every play. They are idiots for not being there for you.”

"You're right." Alex said smiling at her best friend. "I'm sorry, it's just, and do you realize what today is?"

“Yea, I know,” Haley said hugging her. “I love you. You are the sister I never had.”

"I love you too!" Alex said hugging her back crying a little.

“Let’s get some sleep,” She said wiping Alex’s tears. “The next two weeks are going to be long.”

"Yea they are," She said, walking towards her bedroom.

Haley sighed and went to her room, feeling that everything was about to change but in two weeks, the season would open at home and she would get to see Tony, everything might change but that made her happy.
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