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Taking a Shot at Love

Who Knew Ice Cream could be so much Fun?


Haley found it funny how used she got to hanging around the guys on the team, especially Jordan and Sid, they had become like a second family to her, even if they did piss her off sometimes. Right now, she was glad that Alex worked most nights because the guys, T.K., Sid, Jordy, Max, Flower and Kris, were coming over to play some NHL 08 and Madden. She was excited because it had been forever since she played those games and the boys really had become a second family to her. The boys had just gotten back from New Jersey where they had won, 3-1, and tomorrow was Alex’s birthday and a home game versus Toronto. Haley smiled and started dancing around her kitchen as she made snacks and waited for the boys to show up, if she had to guess Max and Sid were trying to get Jordy out of the bar. That boy had some serious issues when it came to trying to woo a girl. She shook her head as a knock sounded and she was brought of her musings. Haley walked over to the door and opened it, seeing T.K., Jordy, Max, Sid, Flower and Kris, all of them showing up at the same time, this was new.

“Hey guys,” She said moving aside. “Come on in. The pizza should be here soon.”

Max wrapped his arm around her shoulder, “You know My love , you shouldn’t have invited all these people because we need some alone time.”

Haley laughed as Max winked at her, “ In your dreams, Talbot. "

“I love it when you speak French,” He said grinning and going to sit down on the couch next to T.K.

Haley shook her head and grabbed the games, “Madden or NHL 08?”

“Of course you have the game with my brother on the cover,” Jordan said giving her a fake glare. “Do you have a crush on him or something?”

“No,” She said blushing, giving it way. “It was cheaper to get this one than the newer versions. Plus, he is the best Staal.”

Jordan glared at her, “That’s not true.”

“Then let’s prove it,” Haley said putting the game in. “You play as the Penguins or the Rangers and I’ll play as the Canes.”

“You’re on,” He said taking the remote as Haley sat down in her chair. Jordan had no clue what he was getting into. He, of course, chose to play as the Penguins and Haley chose the Hurricanes, she was going to show Jordy that Eric Staal was the best Staal by beating him. About halfway through the first period the pizza arrived so they paused the game and ate then went back to the game. After three periods, Haley won 5-3, and Eric had 3 of those goals. Haley smiled and got up to make sundaes, for the boys and her.

“You suck,” Jordan said following her into the kitchen. “You knew that was going to happen.”

“I told you,” She said smiling as she held up the whip cream, “Eric’s the best.’ With a smirk on her face she squirted Jordan with the whip cream followed by the other guys. That act lead to a full out warm of whip cream and ice cream flying all over the apartment. No one was safe, and nothing was safe either. They were having so much fun throwing food at each other and making a mess that they didn’t notice the door open and close and Alex walk into the middle of their battle, hockey players vs. Haley and even though they out numbered her, some how they were losing.

“What’s going on here?” Alex screamed causing all of them to look at her.

Haley smiled, “We were having fun with food.”

My Love,” Max said hugging Alex. “Welcome to the party.”

Jordan smacked him, “Get off her.”

“Boys,” Haley said laughing. “AJ, it was just some fun. You should join us.” She had an evil look on her face and started walking towards Alex, who still had Jordan and Max standing next to her.

“Um, no I’m good," Alex said, heading towards the door, not turning her back on them.

Jordan grinned and took the whip cream in his hand and sprayed on Alex, seeing how he was the closest person to her. It ended up getting on both her and Max causing Max to throw chocolate sauce at Jordan which he ducked and hit Haley in the face, which caused her to throw caramel at Max, who moved and hit Alex. Haley bit her lip to stop from laughing, “Sorry, totally was aiming at Max.”

Alex looked at Haley through the caramel, "You," She started as she grabbed the cherries that were untouched. "Are SOOO” She started walked towards Haley, "in trouble." she then threw the cherries at Haley and hit her square in the face.

“Hey,” Haley said laughing and hiding behind Kris, “What about Jordy, he got you with the whip cream.”

Alex winked at Haley and said, "Oh I could never do that to Jordan! I love him, I can't do that to someone I love." She then hugged Jordan and grabbed the strawberry syrup behind him, then started squirting it on his head.

Jordan grabbed her by the waist, “You’re so dead.”

“Jordan,” Haley said smiling. “You wouldn’t hurt Alex.”

He looked at her with a smile on his face, “No, but if she agrees to go on a date with me I’ll let her go.”

“Dude,” T.K. said laughing. “Not going to work.”

Haley shook her head and sent Jordan a look who let Alex go, “Okay, boys party is over. Time to clean up and since you guys made the mess, most of it anyways, you get to clean it up, while Alex and I go take a shower and if it isn’t clean when I get out there will be hell to pay tomorrow.”
Alex and Haley went and got cleaned up and when they came back, the boys were gone and the house was cleaned up, it was spotless and you couldn’t tell that that there was a huge food fight there not even an hour ago. Haley smiled, knowing that the boys finally listened to her. She gave Alex a hug before going to her room, and sat down on her bed, sitting there she found a note from Max.

My Love,
Next time you take a shower, don’t be shy and ask me to join. It will be more enjoyable.

Haley laughed before throwing the note away, only in Max Talbot’s dreams would she ever ask him to join her in the shower. One, He wasn’t the type of guy she would want to get involved with and two, she was happily in a relationship and even if she wasn’t, there was only one Penguin that she could ever see herself dating and that would be the captain himself, Sid. She smiled lightly as she turned off the lights and went to sleep, after all tomorrow was her best friends birthday and it as her job to make it the best ever.
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This was short but it was meant to be fun. I hope you enjoyed it. :)