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Taking a Shot at Love

A Birthday Surprise


Today was Alex’s 20th birthday and the only reason Jordan knew that was because he asked Haley. He was planning on surprising her in class, and that is where he was headed now with a bag of kit kats. He was hoping she wouldn’t kill him for showing up in her Art of Acting class. When he got there, he stood at the back door for a good five minutes before walking in. The professor stopped talking mid-sentence and looked at him, “What can I do for you?”

“I’m here to see Miss Alex Johnson, I heard it was her birthday today so I thought I’d surprise her,” Jordan said with a smile. Alex hadn’t looked back at him but he knew she knew it was him.

"No, please not him, not here,” Alex said under her breath but she still did not look up.

“Is it okay if I borrow her like two minutes?” He asked with a smile.

“Ms. Johnson please take care of this,” The professor said looking at her and that is when Jordan knew she was going to kill him.

"Yes sir," Alex said, getting up from her seat. She started walking towards the door, glaring at Jordan with a look that could only be known as hatred.

He followed her out, “Happy Birthday.” The way he said it was like he was scared that he’d never play hockey again. “I brought you chocolate.”

"You think you can just show up in my class, interrupt my professor, and get me out of class, to say Happy Birthday, and I'd be okay with it? How did you even know it was my birthday?" Alex said fuming.

“Haley,” Jordan said sighing. “I was trying to surprise you. I didn’t think you’d like during the game, so I decided it was better to do it now.” He handed her the chocolate. “Sorry, I’ll just go.”

"Wait, Jordan." Alex said grabbing his hand before he could fully turn away. "I have about half an hour left of this class, will you wait for me?"

“As long as you aren’t planning on killing me,” He said with a smile.

Alex softly smiled, "Now why would I kill you?" She then lightly kissed his cheek and walked back into class.

Jordan smiled and sat down on a chair and waited for her to come back out. When Alex came back out from class, he stood up and smiled as he walked over to her, “How was the rest of class?”

"A nightmare! All anyone wanted to talk about was why Jordan Staal wanted to see me, even my professor!" Alex said rolling her eyes

Jordan sighed, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have came, I didn’t mean to cause problems.”

Alex smiled up at him, "It's okay Jordan, and it really is. Just next time, how about waiting til after class?"

“I thought it be more romantic if I did it during class,” He said smiling. “But next time I’ll wait til after class. So when’s your next class?”

"Romantic? Why would you want it to be romantic?" Alex said confused as she started walking towards the parking lot. "Actually this is my only class today so I'm done. Gotta get to work."

Jordan sighed, “You really don’t know? I’ve come to your work everyday. I've asked Haley question after question about you but nothing I seem to do win you over. I like you, Alex. I don’t know what I can do to make that obvious. Do I have write it across the sky or something?”

Alex smiled at that thought, and before she could think of anything else, she blurted out, "Yea, that'd be nice."

“Are you serious?” Jordan asked sighing. “Cause I’ll do it.”

"Of course I’m not serious!" Alex said laughing.

Then Tell me what to do! ” He said in a frustrated French.

Alex pulled Jordan's head down, so she could whisper in his ear, and in French whispered, " Kiss me "

He placed his hands on the side of her face and kissed her softly, “ Happy birthday,

Alex smiled and said, " Thank you." She then kissed him softly.

Jordan walked her to her work and sighed, “I have to get back to the arena but I’ll see you tonight. Right?”

"Of course. I already told them I wouldn't be able to work tonight, hence the reason I'm going in now." Alex said smiling at Jordan.

“And you have my jersey?” He asked smiling. “I did give it to you when we came back, didn’t I?”

Alex rolled her eyes at him, "Of course I have your jersey! The first thing you did when you got back was give it to me, even though I was in the middle of a shift!"

Jordan grinned and kissed her again, “I’ll see you later. I’ll be the cute Canadian warming the bench because he can’t play to November 3.”

Alex giggled and said, "I didn't know there were any cute Canadians on the team." After she said that she winked at Jordan, showing him she was kidding.

“If I didn’t have to go back to the arena, and you to work, I’d get you for that,” Jordan said kissing her cheek. “Have a good shift and enjoy your candy.”

Alex grinned and said, "Have fun watching all the others play on the ice!" then stuck her tongue out at him.

That set Jordan off, he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder, “What did you say?” He started tickling her.

Alex started laughing and couldn't breathe, "I...didn'" She said trying to catch her breath, but smiling just the same.

Jordan put her down and kissed her once again, “I’ll see you after the game, and I really wish I could stay.”

Alex grinned up at him after the kiss, "I know, but we both have things to do, so get!"

He kissed her again, “Bye.”

"Bye," She said smiling and walking into work.

Jordan smiled and walked back to the arena. He couldn’t believe how well that actually went.
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