Mystery Boy

When Airea Tollefson transfers to Arbor View High School in Las Vegas she is in the for the biggest change of her life. Coming from a once happy-home she's thrown into an alternate universe where her parents don't speak and she's no longer an only child.

Forced to put up with two new step-brothers (one more atrocious than the other) and a half-brother she'd never known about, she tries desperately to understand why her life had taken such wrong turn and landed her in middle-class Las Vegas.

Failing miserably, Airea meets her new neighbor and her new neighbor's best-friend. Right away, she can't help but become mesmerized by the quiet, British guitarist who wants only to win her big-city approval.

Tollefson/Gray Family:
Airea Tollefson
Decklan Gray
Easton Gray
Taite Tollefson

Falling In Reverse:
Ronnie Radke
Jacky Vincent
Ryan Seaman
Derek Jones
Mika Horiuchi
Ronnie Ficarro

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