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Part Five

They stand on the deck with the boards creaking loudly under their weight, and Alexandria questioning if they jump hard enough, will it break.

Most of the time Lake Plath sits in a deceased state, but the year’s warm summer makes the water a clean teal, and puts it in a cheery mood that brings people to it. Jean says one day they’ll go to an actual beach and something else Jamie doesn’t hear. He’s too busy looking at Alexandria, who keeps mumbling about how she wishes she was a mermaid before diving, her splash catching everyone’s faces.

Jean’s hand touches Jamie’s hip, and there’s a brush of his lips on his – quick, sweet, and salty -- before Jean jumps. He’s only underwater for a few seconds and then emerges, floating lazily on his back. He smiles at Jamie and tells him to come on.

The lake stretches as wide and deep as Jamie’s mind. He can go anywhere. There’s Jean waiting for him and Alexandria trying to doing a headstand underwater.

Jean rushes him once more and Jamie tells him to shut up. He smiles uneasily, takes a step back, and plunges with his eyes closed. He opens them once he feels cold water covering his body and muting all sounds. Bubbles flow around him and he can just barely hear Jean calling his name. All he sees is pure darkness looming at the bottom, and so he looks up and there’s the sun, a glowing yellow weaving in and out.

He doesn’t want to let the happiness above go, and so he swims toward it.
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I guess this is where I put a lengthy goodbye/thank you message . . . but I like keeping things short.

You’re all really rad for putting up with this and giving it a chance. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you <3