Heart of the Woods

It was a golden trail, beautifully shining through the darkness of the forest that tried valiantly to engorge it. What none of them knew was that at the moment of contact, the pathway would send them on a riveting journey, testing both knowledge and mental endurance in which only the strongest would survive.

Curiosity and temptations that have lead to the downfall of man since the dawn of time are portrayed through the journey of five young travelers.
  1. Into the Woods
    This is the beginning to a magical adventure.
  2. A Rude Awakening
    The abnormal phenomenas begin on the group's first day on the path.
  3. The Path Less Traveled
    A fork in the road determines life or death.
  4. An Array of Oddities
    The rain is not water and someone is 'Gifted'.
  5. Mist and Forbidden Fruit
    A mist obscures the group, and mysterious happenings occur.