Sequel: Playing With Fire

Like Fire & Gasoline

Bridgette Thomas was unlike most people her age. At a measly 20, she was wise beyond her years, and as a result, a social outcast. With her cascading golden curls and piercing sea blue eyes, she was the perfect candidate for the snobby cheerleader; yet she rejected it. She was attending a prestigious private college in Southern California; needless to say she was brilliant, but it was more than that. She was well grounded, passionate, and wore her heart on her sleeve.

James Maslow was not your average 21-year-old. With a hit TV show and record under his belt, the fame and pressure of Hollywood are beginning to get to him. Then again, when you have millions of girls telling you how hot you are, it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground. Even with his Jewish upbringing, the temptation to spin out of control is flashing in front of him. He had turned into a conceited, shallow, selfish, and guarded young man, compared to the person he once was.

When their worlds collide, eyebrows are raised. Bridgette isn’t having any of his pick-up lines, and James slams back to the ground. Suddenly, she’s showing him the true reasons to live. Even so, their differences just might be too much to bear.

***Disclaimer! I don't own Big Time Rush. But I own Bridgette, the plot, and other original characters.***
  1. You're No Superman
    “Well, this way I get to brag to my friends about how I saved a pretty girl.”
  2. Shallow Waters
    "I don’t care how attractive he is, I refuse to put up with a guy who loves himself more than anything else in the world.”
  3. The Truth Hurts
    “Congrats. There’s a girl on the planet that doesn’t think you’re gorgeous,”
  4. Drama 101
    “Well, I figured at least here, you couldn’t walk away,”
  5. Terrifying
    “Can you ever just answer a question?”
  6. Thought Interference
    James thought he was toast. Really burnt toast.
  7. Worth Believing
    “And you want to relive me rejecting you? I mean don’t get me wrong, it was hysterical, but most people avoid rehashing humiliation,”
  8. Serenity
    “James, all of those materialistic things, they’re nice, but they aren’t really important. It’s not what matters in life.”
  9. Thoughts and Actions
    He couldn’t help but think he needed to start thinking before opening his giant mouth.
  10. Confrontation
    “Yeah, that’s going to make me open the door,” she retorted, grabbing another pillow and hitting the door dead on. “Leave!”
  11. Invites
    ***If you have never read the book 'And Then There Were None' and plan to, or are in the middle of it, do not read the first half of the chapter. Major Spoiler** Bridgette Thomas was definitely good
  12. Dinner Date
    “Oh my god, this isn’t happening,” Bridgette mumbled to herself, looking up at the ceiling.
  13. Heart-to-Hearts
    If there was a rock and a hard place, he was smack dab between them.
  14. Cover Story
    “Of course it wasn’t me. I think I know what I look like,” she grumbled, her hands folding into fists at her side.
  15. Some Things Can't Be Forgotten
    “We’re coming with you. Because we’re brothers, and we don’t let each other do stupid things,” Logan said confidently, giving James a half smile.
  16. Food Therapy
    “Sweetie, I hate to break it to you, but you’re one of the most stubborn people I know. You get it from your father.”
  17. Equations in Love
    “I’m sorry,” he breathed, tilting her chin up so he could see her eyes. “Relationships are a new thing for me. I didn’t think one would be so hard, or that I would be so bad at it.”
  18. Surprise
    “For the record, my dad doesn’t strike fear in my core. I’m not the one trying to date his daughter. I am said daughter. So I escape his wrath and remain on his good side. This is completely new territory for me.”
  19. Catastrophic
    James looked at the ground, his hair hanging in front of his downcast eyes. He made no attempt to say or do anything about the accusations. Bridgette had heard enough.