Status: Updated: 11/6/11

The Bucket List

Emily Connell was a goalie (ice hockey) superstar in her division. She committed to playing for NorthEastern for 3 years, and played on the USA U14, U16, and U18 team. Despite the beautiful athetic life she had, her home was falling apart.

Her sister, if you could call her that, was in stage three of pancreas cancer, meaning she was going to die.

Emily disowned her mother for the horrible teenage years she put her though starting directly at her 13th birthday.

And Emily's father left that same 13th year, her birthday too, but didnt loose complete touch, sending her the new goalie equipment every Christmas, Easter and Birthday, along with some of the money he earned during that period so she could support herself.

After her sister died, she couldnt continue doing what she loved, and only one list could stop her sprial downwards. Her sister's bucket list for her.


For those who need some clarity, there is a lot of science in this. If any of you have seen Baby mama with Tina Fey and Amy Poeler, its like that. (The science part)