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The Bucket List

Chapter 1: Christmas Morning

The Bucket list
Chapter 1
Christmas morning. A great day; that is, for everyone else. My mom was creating a huge breakfast and a great amount of presents were piled ten feet out from the tree, most of them going to my little sister Anna. She was only 8 right now, and according to the doctors, this was her last Christmas so mom wanted it to be the best.

“Emily, here is all the stuff, the pancakes, the eggs, the toast with cinnamon and sugar on it; just the way Anna likes it…” Mom continued to mumble to herself, addressing me in the beginning to convince herself that she wasn’t alone in this room.

“Ma, I’m sure she will love it. Do you want me to go get her?” I asked, unfolding myself from the couch, sliding my legs over the leather seats and stretching my toes.

“What Emily? Oh yes… Yes. Go get her,” my mom waved a hand at me, and I rolled my eyes. Slowly, I walked up the stairs to our bedroom right next to the landing. Opening the door, I saw my sister peeking out from the top bunk. Even though she really shouldn’t be up there, I gave it to her because I can’t be up there either. I just move too much in my sleep.

“Emily, were you and mom fighting again?” Anna asked me, her bald head peeking over the railing. She use to have such pretty blond curls, but like most cancer patients, the hair fell out during treatment. I sighed.

“No Anna, I was just coming to get you for Christmas traditions.” I smiled at her, and put my hands out for her to jump into. She slid into my arms and I held her close to my chest.

“No fighting today. I promise.” Anna smiled brightly at my promise and began to try and wiggle her way out of my grip.

“I can walk Emily. Let me go.” She struggled, but I carried her down the stairs, right to the Christmas tree where she finally got out of my arms and ran to open presents.

“Santa brought me so much stuff this year!” She exclaimed, her face flickering with emotions. Finally she just burst into tears. I ran over to her, and hugged her tightly. Mom came in and tears were flowing down her cheeks.

“Hey, I got you some gifts too. Look at this one. It’s my personal favorite.” I said, trying to bring the mood in the room back to a happy one. Anna opened it slowly, pulling the little hat I made for her, a pink and purple one with a flower in the front with a jewel in the middle. I knitted it myself and was quite proud of it. I had too much time now a days anyways.

“I love it so much!” Anna said, pulling it onto her pale head. It was perfect. I smiled, no tears leaking from my face because I was the rock, the one person who didn’t cry.

“I have a gift for you guys too.” Anna said, running to a small box and opened it for us. She slowly pulled a ticket out of it.

“The other day when I went to the hospital for a checkup, I talked to a man who represented the Make A Wish ® foundation. He said I was picked for a wish, and he said I could have anything, so we are going to a Bruins game.” Anna smiled, eyes glowing.

“Honey we could have gotten them already, you didn’t need to get tickets when we are already going next week when they are playing against the Penguins.” My mom said, tears drying now.

“No these one are better. We are behind the bench, during a Montreal game, and Emily gets to play net.” Anna laughed.

“No, Anna, you’re joking.” I said mouth agape.

“Nope. I talked to Coach Julian and the owner; Mr. Jacobs, and he said he would like to sign you for a game, and take it from there. I know because I got sick you couldn’t play on the USA team again this year and it was hard for you to get scouted by those colleges, so I made sure you got a team. I wanted to see you go pro before…” Anna trailed.

“Okay, can I talk to these people, and when is this game?” I asked, not even believing it.

“Tomorrow night.” She said, smiling. “I have a list for you, okay? The requirements for the game.” She said, pulling out a yellow piece of paper, with her doctor’s handwriting on it.

“Things you must do in this game:” I read, looking at her as she edged me to go on.

“A shut-out. A amazing save that will be recorded on ESPN on their highlights of the week for sports. And last but not least, get in a fight with a guy a foot taller than you. Anna I can’t do this, you know that.” I said, looking at this in bewilderment.

“Yes you can, you won the championship game in Switzerland last year in a shoot out, saving thirty shots before your team finally got one in! You can do this! Oh and you have practice at the Garden today at noon.” Anna said, moving to the next present, handing the box to me.

My mom refused to look at me the rest of the day.

So much for not fighting Anna, because one was coming real soon. The room was tense during breakfast, and when I went to get my old USA bag out of the garage and putting it into my trunk of the old car I got two year ago for my sixteenth birthday, before Anna was diagnosed.

“Emily, don’t go, you will just embarrass yourself.” My mom said, following me around as I got ready for the practice. I was going back up the stairs to change into a tanktop with a sweatshirt over it, and sweatpants, plus appropriate underwear.

“Mom, I’m going to go. This is no different than me playing on the varsity team for Northeastern this year. What’s the difference?” I asked. “You don’t need to drive me, and Anna is waiting for you.”

“Just don’t do it. You are too small, you will be crushed and then there will be another medical bill to be paid.”

“I have insurance, and I’m pretty sure any player gets health care. But thanks for caring.” I pulled the old field hockey sweatshirt that was cut at the collar, and began to pull my hair into a pony tail. Then I moved to the bathroom to set a toiletries bag up for the shower afterwards. Mom followed.

“You can’t do it.” My mom pushed. I snapped even though I knew that Anna was probably listening to every word.

“That’s not it. This is for Anna. If she wants it then that’s what I’m going to do.” I said, gritting my teeth and violently pulling towels from their hangers.

“No, stop lying to me. You are doing this for yourself.” My mom shouted at me. I slowly breathed, trying not to explode and scare Anna.

“I’m not you. I’m not wrecking this family with my selfish acts.” I spat back, pushing past her. She looked at me stunned.

“That is none of your business.” My mom said, following me down the stairs to the front door.

“Well, what is your business is your daughter’s well being, and if this is what she wants, you need to respect that.” I said, not looking at her and opening the door, before slamming it in her face.

“Sorry Anna.” I whispered, running to the car, starting it, and pulling out into the traffic.
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