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The Bucket List

Chapter 10: Phone Calls

January 15th 2011
Brad’s Apartment
Tyler's P.O.V.

“Fuck!” I said, slamming the only beer bottle I had drank from tonight on Brad’s kitchen table. He just rose one eye brow lazily and gulped down a swig of his third beer and placed it down on the table.

“What has you so worked up man? We won. You got an assist. What’s the problem?” Brad asked. I just looked at my phone. It seems to cause so many problems.

“Emily is dating Ovie. Fucking Ovechkin!” I swore. Brad laughed at me.

“Are you serious? That won’t last. She is probably doing it because Evgeni wants her too.” Brad paused; taking a swig of his drink before continuing. “I bet she won’t tell anyone and break up in 2 weeks tops.”

I ignored him as I got a new text message from Emily.

From Emily

I am sorry. Best for Russians to stick together right?

“Fuck.” I muttered. I knew what this was about. Her fitting the mold her entire family has created for her.

“Dude. Why are you so upset about this? It’s just a faze.”

“No its not. And to answer your question about what is up my ass is the fact I know why she is fucking with him and I think it’s gross. Seriously. I have seen this girl at her fucking lowest. If she wants a boyfriend, it should be me! I know her the best. Isn’t that what girls want?”I growled. I also was debating what I should say back.

“Well, if you want to be her boyfriend, then do something.”Brad said easily. I smiled. For once Brad was right.

“Thanks man.”And I sent the text message.

Emily’s P.O.V.

Thank god for this girl road trip. Currently, I was sitting in our captain’s dorm room (we don’t get hotel rooms, the campus gives us dorms to sleep in.) BK; our captain, sat in the center of the circle.

“Okay, never have I ever….. licked guy’s foot.” BK said. I loudly clapped and placed a finger down. Only 4 left.

Never have I ever has to be one of the worst games ever invented. People can call out anyone for anything from travel, to sexual things. However at this age, most people have been around the block;if you know what I mean.

“Emily! Who’s foot have you been licking?” the starter goalie for Northeastern asked me. I laughed.

“Stupid rookie dares. Lucic made me lick Krejci’s toe. It was nasty.” Some girls squealed in disgust. I held my hands up innocently and laughed.

“Okay Emily. It’s your turn.” BK instructed. 23 pairs of eyes looked at me. I rubbed my chin in thought.

“Never have I ever….. hmmm…” I thought. There wasn’t much I hadn’t done. Plus most of the ones I haven’t done had been taken.

“Come On!” I heard a couple of girls sigh.

“Fine, okay? Never have I ever gone streaking.” I finally said. I heard a couple of claps.

My phone vibrated. Tyler’s name popped up. I groaned, picking it up.

From Tyler

You know its not a good idea. Why else would you cry every night about your family?

My frown deepened. I excused myself, getting a few cat calls about phone sex, which I stopped not so nicely my flipping the bird.


“You have no right to say that. You know nothing about Alex and me.”

“I do know your babushka wants you to marry a Russian man, and that she is currently placed in a Russian elderly home back in Moscow.” Tyler accused. I could hear the news on in the background. He must be at Brad’s.

“That doesn’t mean Alex isn’t good to me!” I cried.

“Listen. The way I see it is that you don’t really like him.” Tyler said smoothly.

“And why is that?” I hissed.

“Because I am on the other line of the phone.” Tyler said.

I slid down the wall, mouth agape. How could Tyler say that to me? Of course I would call him. He provoked this stupid fight. Why wouldn’t I yell at him through the phone? He started it.

“Listen, the only reason you don’t like him is because he isn’t what every girl wants. Right? Girls want the perfect boyfriend who listens to their feelings and understands them. I do that for you so naturally you call me whenever you are upset.” Tyler said.

“So, that means you are a good friend,” I argued back.

“No Emily. It doesn’t. So why don’t you talk to your grandmother and figure it out okay? Because I am done.”

The line when dead, and tears began to leak out of my eyes.

‘Oh god’ I thought. ‘What have I done?’
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