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The Bucket List

Chapter 4: To the Hospital

December 28th 2010:
4:32 am
Boston’s Children’s Hospital

Tears were leaking down the edge of my face as I sat head down in the color-filled waiting room. The walls screamed fake happiness in a place that was dead. Literally. My knees supported my elbows perfectly as I leaned my face into my hands. The gray tile became very interesting, while the room just stood still in time.

A door creaked open, causing both myself and my mother to snap our heads up. However, the tall Chara and shorter Tim Thomas came through the door instead of the doctor that we wanted.

Their looks were even worse than I could have imagined. Pity just filled their eyes, and their just got out of bed state didn’t help either. With Chara only wearing basketball shorts and a Bruins sweatshirt and Tim sporting a similar look, I knew they came to be the supportive father figures that most of the team looked for in the older guys.

It made my heart break.

"Hey guys. Thanks for coming.” My voice broke, causing their pace to quicken.
In the few days I had to get to know them, these were defiantly the father figures, and the fact that they were here reminded me only my mother watched me now, and was glaring at me at this moment.

“Oh Emily, it’z going to be fine. I promise.” Chara said, wrapping an arm around me tentatively. Tim followed suit, taking my hand in his and squeezing it in a comforting manner.

“It will be fine Emily. Chara is right.” Tim said, quietly of course.

There was no guarantee or any sort of reassurance that could be passed though us tonight. Mom continued to glare at me, watching the sight of us.

My gaze caught hers, before she looked away, beginning her pacing again.

Second turned into hours before finally the doctor came back in. Her young face looked older with all the wrinkles caused by the stress of the night. She looked at my mom quickly before shaking her head in sorrow. Mom looked cool, keeping her composure as she signed the documents to confirm the death of my sister.

"Emily you need to sign here too.” The doctor called me over, Tim and Chara raising their eyebrows at me while I shrugged and signed on the dotted line. My mom grabbed my wrist quickly afterwards before dragging me to a secluded corner of the waiting room. When she stopped, she looked at me with a hard gaze.

“She died of a gallbladder attack, and because of the strain of the cancer, her body could not cope with it. She died.” Mom continued to glare at me.

“Oh, I’m sorry mom.” I whispered, before shoving my hands into my pockets of the flannel pants I wore and looking down at my slippers. Anna picked them out for me for Christmas. Mom looked down at them too, and that’s when she snapped.

“This is all your fault. I should have never gone through with it.” My mom said.

“I don’t think you should have gone through with it either. It’s practically stealing.” I spat, looking at her.

“Oh don’t blame this on me. It was your egg after all.” She growled at me.

“Well you put it into your fucking vagina. I highly doubt I had any choice seeing as though I was fucking 13 years old. Why the hell couldn’t you be happy with the daughter you had, or have? Huh?” I practically shouted. She rolled her eyes at me.

“You are no daughter of mine. No daughter of mine would be a Russian slut who plays hockey. Okay?” my mom spat at me, walking towards her bags and taking her cell phone out. I followed her. She noticed and tied her robe tightly around her waist before turning to me.

“You know what? Fine, you certainly do not have me as a daughter. I will personally disown your sorry ass. Got it? Good bye.” I shouted, not caring who heard. She didn’t deserve this privacy about her horrible mothering.

“No you are not. What you are going to do is console your mother during this time when she lost her child. You will also quit that god awful job as a stupid goalie and move on to more important things.” My mom reprimanded me. She tugged her blond hair into a low pony tail, before putting her hand out for me.

“No, I won’t. I’m serious. Now tomorrow I am going to come to the house after classes and work and gather all my stuff. After that, I will not be speaking to you until court.” I said. I stormed over to my purse and stuffed the blankets into it and walked over to Chara and Tim. They stood awkwardly near the exit, trying to make a quick escape.

“Emily, do you need a ride? Only Tim has his car. I don’t have mine.” Chara said, trying to cool the tension. I shook my head, jiggling my keys behind me as I walked out of the waiting room. A new figure was running towards me. He was tall, blonde and; Tyler.

“Hey Tyler. Do you need a ride too?” I asked. Swiftly I caught up to his spot and stood in front of him. He shook his head quickly before taking an envelope from his back pocket. Looking closely he was in jeans and a tee shirt, not something you would wear to bed.

“You up late or something?” I asked, taking the envelope from him, and he shook his head.

“I was writing something for Anna. She told me to give it to you. I was making sure it looked nice. I don’t have the nicest handwriting so it took a while. But I fell asleep in the middle. She is gone isn’t she?” Tyler breathed. It looked like he ran a mile trying to get in front of me.

While I nodded slowly, his frown deepened and his arms wrapped around me. I just let myself go, leaning right into his grasp, and leaned against his chest. He stopped momentarily, allowing me to melt further into his body. It was relaxing, after the continuous go go go of the entire evening.

After what seemed to be a couple of minutes, Tim and Chara both cleared their throats signaling to both me and Tyler, our time was up. In the three days that I have known these men, it was like they became my dads, both trying to stake a claim on my life. They had, because no one except my father who left five years ago was the only one who gave me as much affection as those two guys had.

“Мне все равно, о чем ты думаешь, я еду Tyler к практике, нравится вам это или нет. Мне нужно немного времени подросток связи, и Тайлер является единственным подростка вокруг.” I said, in Russian to Chara. The guys thought it was hilarious that I knew it, but if they met my beka (grandmother in Russian) they would know why I had to know it and consistently talk in it.

“Ладно, только не делай глупостей.” He said laughing slightly. He knew I was a good girl, and I would not be foolish. I rolled my eyes, before tugging on Tyler’s hand and dragging him out the door.
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