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The Bucket List

Chapter 8: 8 the great

January 13th 2011
TD Garden
GAME: 3rd period intermission

Tyler Seguin P.O.V.

“Can you please find Emily and have her some look at Thomas. I need to know if a little stretch will do any good.” Coach Julian asked me. He pulled me aside before I could walk into the locker room.

“Um sure?” I said, shaking my head slightly as if to shake the daze on my mind. Thank god I didn’t get hit, ecause my mind was having trouble already. There was so much to think about, but all I could think of was Ana; Emily’s daughter.

“Thanks for writing this Tyler. Well actually you are just recording this now, but I know you will write my letter.” Ana said happily while coloring a picture.

I couldn’t help but notice how delicate she was with the crayons, unlike other 4 year olds who scribbled and wore down the tip, she colored lightly and precisely. Even Timmy noticed.

“You color very well.” Tim said, holding a crayon of his own, looking away from his daughters who were also coloring; just more aggressively, next to him.

“Emily taught me. I had a lot of free time in the hospital and I made a picture for everyone. I got better the more I practiced.” Ana said. She put down her yellow crayon, before smiling at the photo and lifting it off the bench.

“Look, it’s me, you and Emily.” Ana pointed out each figure, and I smiled. She drew me funny with the hockey helmet and pads, but Emily in a dress fit for prom and herself in a tiara and another princess costume.

“You could be my daddy.” Ana said. I nearly choked on air. Timmy gave me a look before I proceeded.

“Are you going to let me play house with you?” I asked. Ana laughed.

“If you want to. But you could be my REAL daddy. Emily is my real mommy. She is better too.” Ana whispered the last part. My mouth hung open however Ana seemed unfazed by it.

Wandering the halls of the locker room area, I found Emily.

“Ana would be so proud. I know you grandmother is proud. She calls me every day. And I have to admit, you do a great job.” A male voice said. Emily was wrapped in the arms of someone, but his back was towards me, so I couldn’t get a good view.

“Of course she would. That’s babushka for you.” Emily sniffled. Wait, she was crying? I made a move towards her, but stopped again, recognizing who it was.

“Yes, babushka. She is coming to the game next week when you play UPitt. So am I. Unless im cleared and can go play in the buffalo game.” Alex Ovechkin said. His arms were tightly wounded around Emily’s torso. And she clung to him! Suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore. I began to actually take a step closer.

“Thanks Sidney. You’re the best. But I have to go because Tyler is trying to not be rude and let us finish are conversation.” Emily smiled over Alex’s shoulder and I awkwardly waved a gloved hand. Alex, being the overgrown child he is, let go of her and waved slightly to me as well. Emily laughed, head thrown back and all, hair tossed behind her as much as the bun would let it, before kissing Alex on the cheek, whispering something in his ear and moving to me.

“Timmy needs a stretch right?” She asked me, struggling to look into my eyes, as she always did. She was too short now.

“Yup.” I said. She frowned slightly, before tapping my butt and walking away. Alex’s eyes trailed behind me. Defiantly whipped by her.

“Listen, don’t touch her. I’m surprised Evgeni hasn’t said anything to you about your little crush.” Alex said, still not looking me in the eyes.

“Hey- that’s not-“

“I know you know about Ana.” Alex said cautiously, his eyes finally landing on mine.


“No I don’t care how she or Ana told you, I just need you to know she doesn’t trust easily. It may seem that way but you cant judge a book by it cover right?” Alex laughed slightly.

I just nodded dumbly.

“Just back off okay? And tell Marshy to stay far away as well.”

I walked away before anything bad happened.
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