She Has No Idea

Some Good News

It had been at least a week since Jack had seen Isabel around, or it felt like it. For some strange reason she had been avoiding him. She got up during band practice and just left without telling Jack and he didn't know why. But whatever he did wrong, he was going to fix it.

Jack pulled up onto his driveway, cutting the engine. The music stopped and he stepped out his car, shutting it behind him. He locked his doors, then someone caught his attention. Isabel. She was across the street and she had just came back home. Jack eagerly waved at her, but sadly she rolled her eyes and turned around.

“Hi Isabel,” he shouted hoping she just didn't see him.

Then she turned to look at him and rolled her eyes again. Jack was shock. He sprinted across the street towards her house.

“Hey..Isabel,” he said in between breaths.

“What do you want Jack?” she asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

“I wanted to say hi,” he said breathing heavily, “I haven't seen you in like a week.” he placed his hands on his knees and hunched over.

“It's been three days.” Isabel retorted.

“Oh, really?” Jack raised his eye brows. Wow, he was really bad at math. “Look, is everything okay? Are you mad at me?” he frowned.

Isabel stomped her foot and let out a loud groan. She barely met him, and he already knew how to irk her.

“Can you just leave?” she shouted as she pulled her keys out of her bag and began walking to her door. Jack stepped in front of her and shook his head. “Really Jack? First you stalk me, now you won't let me get into my house. You just won the Best Creep award. Now, move.” Isabel demanded.

Stalk? Creep? This didn't make sense to Jack. Where was all this coming from? And how did she even find out?

Jack furrowed his brows and looked down at Isabel in confusion.

“Kara told me Jack,” Isabel rolled her eyes.

“Kara, that fucking bitch,” he said under his breath. “Look, I can explain Is. Please let me explain! Please, please, please, please.” Jack begged as he got on his knees.

Isabel looked around at her neighbors. They were staring at the two. Great, motherfucker had to make a scene over something stupid.

“Get the fuck up Jack, people are staring!” Isabel said slapping his shoulder before walking around him and opening her door. “Come in.”

Jack instantly stood up and followed Isabel into her house. It was identical to his. Except for the staircase.

“You wanted to explain,” Isabel interrupted his train of thought.

“Yes,” he sighed. “look, I wasn't stalking you okay? Rian left the window open one day, and that night I heard you and your boyfriend arguing. And then the next day, I heard you yelling at him again. And I felt bad because he looked like a jerk and you deserve better.” Jack felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulder.

“I don't need your sympathy,” she rolled her eyes. Ouch.

“I know, but it's the truth.” Jack pouted.

Isabel stared into Jack's eyes. He really meant what he said. She could see hurt and honesty in his eyes. Jack stood there waiting for an answer. Any answer. She could say that she'd never want to see him again and he'd understand it.

“I broke up with Brandon.”

Jack's face lit up as he heard the good news. He finally had a chance.
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