‹ Prequel: Of the Rain
Sequel: In the Dark

Just an Itty Bitty

trying to take on the world

Simple words pass between them Yet, often, none pass at all.

She tries to think of something to say when the silence sets in most of the time. She has never liked the silence. She thinks and thinks before realizing that it's a comfortable silence. She then stops and just looks around them or closes her eyes to think of other things.

He doesn't ever seem to notice or mind. He focuses when they are out driving. He must be thinking of something while they sit listening to music or watching a movie. He never says.

She never voices the thoughts that sometimes cross her mind.

He never voices the thoughts that possibly cross his mind.

Together, their thoughts seem to cross and mostly work to make sense. Though, some days, these thoughts fight each other until both make their points.

That's when they turn up the music and let it create those words.