Candy from a Stranger.


What's in front of me?
I just can't believe it.
Oh, you're tempting me
(Oh, oh cause you're so sweet)
It's been to long
Oh, it feels so wrong
Danger, Danger
Candy from a Stranger

You don't need to sugar coat it
I got it, and you know it
All the pieces with it

Mama told me
Don't take candy from Strangers
Candy from Strangers
(Come get some)
Candy from a Stranger

One Night Stand/Random Fuck Contest by YiXingXu


George Arthur Ragan
Alissia Jaydon McRanolds

WARNING: This is rated R for a reason. Don't like it, don't read it. Simple as that.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own an member of Hollywood Undead, but I do own Alissia and the plot. Don't steal.