Candy from a Stranger.



She couldn't believe how fast her heart was beating. Alissia had done this before, but there was something about this man that made her nervous. She couldn't shake the feeling. There were no words he could say to her to make the shaky feeling go away or to make her heart slow down. And when he looked at her, it made things worst.

"The bedroom is this way," George said, taking her hand. "That is if you want to go in there. We can get comfortable on the couch if it makes you feel better."

Alissia didn't know which sounded better, but she decided to stay in the living room. At the time, it seemed somewhat of a comfort zone. In the bedroom, she didn't know what was in there or what might happen.

She didn't have time to turn to look at him after she had taken a seat on the couch before he was on her. His hand wondering under her shirt, his lips placing kisses on her neck. Instead of pushing him away, she reached between then, tugging his shirt out of his jeans, and tossed it over his head. He growled, tearing off her dress, and kissed each nipple. George kissed her stomach, dipping his tongue beneath the waistband of her underwear as he hooked his fingers in the sides of them. She quickly slid out of them, then let her fingers run through his soft hair, halting him momentarily as he rolled his eyes in pleasure.

George stood, stripping out of his jeans. She stared up at him, breathing heavily, biting her lip.

He ran his fingers through her folds as he plunged his tongue into her mouth. She whimpered, attempting to lift her hips so his fingers would slip inside of her, but he was having none of that.

"And I thought you were nervous." He smile down at her as he pulled back a little.

She nodded, "Oh, I am. Don't mistake that. My body is just reacting very naughty to your touch. You should feel privileged. I don't let many people do this to me."

"So, this is a normal thing for you, eh?"

Alissia rolled her eyes, fisting her hands in his hair. She brought his face down to hers.

"Now," She whispered into his mouth, moving her hips with his hand.

He couldn't protest. George pulled her closer to him and slid inside of her. They both closed their eyes, moaning loudly. He filled her perfectly, like a glove.

She moved with him, her hands on his back, her mouth kissing his.

It didn't take long of the delicious swirling pressure to build up inside of her, exploding and shaking her body. And he let himself go then, ramming himself into her with a groan that sounded like a mix of pleasure and pain. His fingers dug into her as his orgasm rocked him.

She hold him close, her face buried in his hair, eyes squeezed tight.

He held her for a few minutes, then leaned back to look at her face, "Well, that didn't last long at all. Looks like I'm not the only one that hasn't had sex in a while."

Alissia blushed, sitting up with him, "Yeah. I'm not as attractive as I'd like. I don't get many guys that want to take me home. And most take me home to do whatever they want to me, then they kick me out." She smiled, "At least you acted like you cared a little."

George helped her up off of the couch, then gathered her clothes up, handing them to her.

They parted ways, both hoping they would get another night like this very soon. They wanted it to be longer with more pleasure being handed out. And George had in mind what he was going to do.
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Word Count: 637
This didn't come out the way I had hoped. Forgive me.
Alissia and George will be back soon, though. Be on the lookout.