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Their Rebellion

What's yer names?

Connor. This here's Murphy.
Well, Connor, Murphy. I'm yer new guardian angel.
And yer name?

Maire Emer, a well trained Irish Marine, is stationed at the only entrance into the vast open island dubbed Ireland. She keeps an eye on the new comers flooding into the beautiful place, who are trying desperately to escape the out break in the U.S. When one shadey, crumbling man enters Ireland, it sends what government they had into a downfall.

Adrienne is hidden deep within the mountains of Ireland with the twins' and Abby. They take few trips into town to grab the essential needs, but stay hidden within the alleys. Afraid that an official will question their citizen ship and send them back home, Adrienne stays at the cabin with Abby.

When one trip into town turns bad, Connor and Murphy must snake their way back to Da's cabin out in the hills. The only horror they fight is not the infected, but the Marines themselves.

Their rebellian.

Excuse me?.
Yer name. Yer here to save us.
I'm here to save myself.


I don't own any of the characters from Boondock Saints. This takes place two months after Adrienne, Abby, Connor and Murphy get to Ireland. I got the banner from here. I got all icons from here. I own all of my original characters and the plot. This is rated R specifically for the violence and language.