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Moving In

Whitneyville, Maine. Population 237. Just include me, my brother Ian, my mother, and part of my dad. When I mean part I mean my father is always off away at work. My dad works in the military. Which means we have to do the very thing I hate, move.

Just today we moved from our posh apartment in New York City to a large house in Maine. Only to think that I just started making friends in New York City. Now I have to do it all over again. Only this time its in a small town. I’ve only lived in a small town once. I didn’t like it one bit. Everyone knew your business, I couldn’t keep a secret for more than an hour without one person telling another.

Even though I’m already not loving this town much, mostly because of its name, my mom told me this was our last move. Since my dad is retiring from the military this June. Right when school lets off. Unfortunately its only October, a nine month possibility that we might move again. I love that possibility to move to a much larger populated town.

My plan when we arrive at our new home is to stay in the car until I feel much better about moving. Now that were here, that plan isn’t looking so hot. Right now I was laying down in the backseat with my backpack on my face, making it impossible for me to see.

I heard the car door open opposite of my head. I groaned and started kicking when I felt strong hands pulling me out. “Ian, let go of me! You stupid ass!” I yelled at my brother, accidentally kicking him somewhere.

“Mom said get out the car. Come on Car, you’ve got to see the house. Its so big, old looking… scary…” He muttered.

I bolted straight up, about to argue with my brother. When I saw it… The house. It was, magnificent, enchanting, and so very large… My mouth gaped in awe when Ian moved out the way and I saw a larger view of the house. First thing I saw was the hedge pathway to the house. In front of the pathway was a very old looking mail box with the word ‘Whitney’ scrolled on the right. Then my eyes grazed over to intake the house. It was blue. Maybe three stories tall.

I slowly crawled out the car and stood while I was still gazing at the house. “This is our house?” I muttered and watched in the corner of my eye as Ian nodded. “Mom! How much did you buy this for?” I asked my mother once I saw her come out the moving truck.

“Um, I don’t know. About a hundred fifty thousand.” Mom yelled back to me.

“A hundred fifty thousand? Did someone get murdered, is it infested with fleas or something? Do you ever think about things when you buy houses?” I asked. She responded with a no and smiled. When ever my mother bought a home she never really paid attention to the house history. One time we bought a one story house and there was a big blood spot in my room. Turns out that a cat gave birth in my room. A very fat orange cat.

We always had an abundance of money. My grandparents on both sides of my family owned many things. Plantations, hospitals, restaurants, country clubs, and many other things people in the south like.

“Come on Carly, you have to pick your room and see the inside. Mom said you set up the kitchen and your room.” Ian told me, walking over to the moving truck. I shook my head, getting myself out of my daze. I followed my brother over to the moving truck and picked up two boxes with my name on it.

“Ugh, I hate unpacking the kitchen! By the way did the moving guys bring our other stuff over yet?” I asked and followed the hedge path to the house.

“Don’t you ever listen to me? I told you about four times last week.”

“Sorry, I tend to tune out idiots.”

“Mom, she called me stupid!” Ian whined. I rolled my eyes and purposely bumped into him with my boxes. As soon as we entered the house I went into full daze again. It looked even bigger than the outside!

The foyer was about as large as our apartment back in California. On the right of the foyer was two doors. I’m guessing a basement and a room. Then past the foyer was the dinning room, next the living room, oh wait, was that another dinning room or a bedroom? I couldn’t tell.

There was a door separating the second dinning room to the kitchen. In between the kitchen and the second dinning room was a door. I’m making a guess it was a bathroom. On the way upstairs there was dust in different shapes. Probably where pictures were placed by the previous owners. Then finally we reached the second story, where most of the rooms were.

There was only a line of doors. Maybe about five or six. By the way the doors were separated I figured that there were bathrooms. Though I wasn’t interested in any of these bedrooms. My brother and I both went up to the third floor. Not as much rooms. Only about four. In the middle of the third story was another living room. I take it that this is the floor we were all going to sleep on.

My brother went to the first door on the right. I didn’t know where I was going, but I decided to take the last room in the hall. I opened the door and the whole room was filled with light. I could tell then and there, even before taking full look. This was my room. Well not to mention the fact that my bed and other items were placed in here.

I put down the boxes and walked over to the large window. I looked down and saw an overview of the front yard. Basically I could see anyone who walked through the hedge path and anyone who passed our house. Just as I was about to turn back around I saw a kitten on window seal. I smiled and walked a little over to right where the balcony door was. I opened it, reached out for the kitten, and brought it back inside. I cradled the black kitten in my arms.

“What’s your name and where did you come from? There’s no neighbors on this street.” I whispered so only the kitten could hear. I held up the kitten and looked at the tag. It read, ‘Midnight’. “Well Midnight it is.” I said and dropped the kitten down on the floor. The kitten turned and hissed at me. Only for a second before she brushed against my bed and purred.

I took a breath in as I looked around my room again. In the middle of the room was my bed, and across from my bed against the wall was my TV on a clear glass and black TV stand. Next to my TV was the tiny bookshelf. On that same wall was the balcony and the window. Then on the same wall as the door to enter the room was my vanity mirror and my closet door. On the left of my bed was the door to the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light switch. The bathroom was literally enormous. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating. But I haven’t had a room with a bathroom attached to it since the beginning of freshman year in Virginia. It was about twice as large. I walked in further. Next to the bathtub there was another door. Possibly a linen closet or something?

When I opened the door it looked like another room. It was about the size of a apartment bed room. There was one large window that permitted the light. Right in front of the window was a bed attached to the wall on its side. I think its called a Murphy bed. But this one didn’t fold up. It was a nice little room.

I walked out the room, out the bathroom, and out my room. In the middle of the hall way I ran into my brother back. “Where did this cat come from?” He asked with a sneeze.

“Sorry, forgot your allergic. I found it on my balcony.” I picked up the kitten and petted her head. “Hey, do you have a room hidden in your bathroom?” I asked.

“What the hell. No.” He said and descended the stairs. I followed him and dropped the kitten. “Does your room have one?”

I nodded. Then I forgot he couldn’t see me. Oh well, he doesn’t need to know my business. Once we finally came down stairs I walked into the second dinning room where my mother was putting the china in a cabinet. “Mom, why does my room have a second room in the bathroom?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Probably maids quarters or something. I’m pretty certain that the people who lived here before us were fairly rich.” My mom told us.

“Great, not only do random cats come on my ledge, but I’m living a room that has maid quarters.” I said and made my way outside to grab more boxes. “Thanks for making us move again!” I yelled to my mother.

“Don’t forget you have school tomorrow.” My mother yelled back. Great. Another thing to add to my crap list. School, rich house, creepy cats, and everything is new to me.


“Let go of my hand,” Ian declared, wiggling his arm to try to free me. That didn’t stop me, I stayed firmly attached to him. “Come on Car. Your not in kindergarten anymore. You should be used to new schools.”

I let go of Ian’s hand and looked at him. “Ian you don’t understand. You only get to stay in this town for nine more months! I have to stay a year plus the nine months. Think about what your sister has to go through. What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m weird?” I worried and started doing heavy breathing while fanning myself.

Ian stopped me and held me at my shoulders. “Carly, do you hear yourself? You have never cared what another person has thought about you. Then suddenly we come somewhere were we’re living permanently and you go and start caring what people think of you? This is not my little sister that I know and hate.” Ian smiled at me and then gave me a pat on the back.

I was about to say something else when Ian shook his head and made his way toward the office. I let out a blow of air and followed Ian into the office. The receptionist had red hair and glasses. I walked up to the desk and stood beside my brother.

“And you?” She asked.

“I’m his sister. Carly Miller, junior.” I stated and moved my bag higher on my shoulder. After typing numerous things and waiting three minutes for it to print out, the receptionist gave each of us a packet of papers.

“Your classes, a map of the school, and various things your mother has to sign. Off now, classes start in thirty,” She pushed her hands forward. I turned around and stuck my tongue out.

“Well sister. Have fun in err… stupid math.” Ian looked at my schedule and walked off in the other direction. I rolled my eyes and headed toward the school I walked up the steps and opened the doors. I walked down the hall as I looked down at my schedule and occasionally looking up at classroom doors to find the room number.

I was just in front of my class when I bumped into someone and my stuff in my bag and in my hand fell onto the floor. I bent down onto the floor to pick up my things, muttering a sorry.

“Watch were the fuck your going, new girl.” A blond girl muttered. I looked up at her and rolled my eyes.

I picked up the final paper on the floor. I slowly stood up as I looked her up and down. She was wearing a jean mini skirt and a pink crop top that had a heart on it. She had the long blond wavy hair everyone envied. Typical high school popular prep girl. Classic, I’ve dealt with these girls a thousand times. I know how to handle her. “Look bitch, I said sorry. Maybe you should learn how to treat a person.” I said with a shrug of my right shoulder.

I took my bag out my hand and placed it on my left shoulder. “Hm, I like you. What’s your name. I cant be calling you new girl every five minutes, now can I?” She asked with a fake smile plastered on her face.

I gave her one right back. “Your absolutely right. I’m Carly Miller. And you are?” I asked emphasizing the last word.

“I’m Kelly Jennings. I would love to hang out with you after school and such so I could you know show you around town.” She smiled and lightly clapped her hands.

I wasn’t really to sure about this. I don’t care. I need to make friends if I’m going to stay here for a year. “I live on Brashly street. Basically the only house on the street. I think people used to call it the Whitney house or something along the lines.” I muttered, moving my papers around.

“Oh, so you’re the freak who moved into that haunted crap house. I think we can arrange something where I don’t have to go to your house. Well see you later Bailey!” She exclaimed and walked off.

I rolled my eyes. “My name is Carly…” I muttered, even though I knew she couldn’t hear me.

I looked down at the papers in my hand and began walking over to my class room. I walked in and took the first seat I saw that wasn’t already occupied.

“So you live in the haunted Whitney house?” I heard a boy say. I looked up and saw a gorgeous boy with red hair. I’ve been to many schools before and right away I could tell who’s popular, who’s a nerd, who’s who. But with this boy. I couldn’t figure it out. He looked like he could belong in any click if he wanted to be. He had only two freckles. Both under his right eye. The flaming red hair was swiped over to the side.

I sighed and despite how I should be gushing over how gorgeous he is, I only thought about why do people keep calling my house haunted. “My house is not haunted.” I told him.

“Really?” He raised his eye brow and sat on the top of my desk. He put a basketball on his lap and looked down at me. “Well just last week we dared a kid to stay in the house for two hours and we’d give him a hundred dollars. It wasn’t even five minutes when he came rushing out crying and screaming. He said something touched him. Then once he turned and looked into the mirror a family of six was staring him down. Now you tell me weather or not your house is haunted.”

I laughed and shook my head. “It couldn’t be. I’ve stayed in that house a whole day. I haven’t seen one thing the lease bit strange. I’m sure the thing that touched him was either a spider or cob web. Then the family staring him down could be a picture.”

“Could be. Explain that to the kid. He’s over there.” the red hair boy pointed to our right. We both turned our heads to a boy with a shaved head. He was wearing a thick wool sweater. The sweater was extended over his finger tips and he was nibbling on his finger nail looking at the desk. “Ever since then he hasn't said a word to anyone.”

I rolled my eyes and turned my head back to the kid sitting on my desk. “Look its my first day and I really don’t want to start it with random people telling me that my house is haunted when clearly, its not.” I smiled at him and started taking binders and such out my bag.

“No problem. I’m Nathan by the way. You can call me Nat if you wish.” He said, I looked up and he was holding his hand out for me to shake.

I took his hand and shook it. I was about to pull my hand away, but before I could do that he took my hand to his mouth and kissed the back of my hand. I blushed and muttered, “I’m Carly.”

He shook his head and let go of my hand, “I know. It’s a small town, everyone knows everyone’s name.” I shook my head, then right as I was about to say something else the bell rang and the teacher entered the room. “Well maybe we can hangout some other time. Nice to meet you Carly,” He smiled a toothy smile then he sat in the seat next to me.

I smiled and shook my head. “Okay class settle down!” The teacher yelled. “My name is Mr. Grande. Reason I say that is because we have a new student. Everyone please welcome Carly Miller to Whitneyville and to Jensen High,” He said and walked over to his computer.

“Carly Miller…” Some guy said loudly, exaggerating my name. I turned to him and smiled. “Didn’t you just move into that old creepy haunted house?” He asked and laughed. Everyone else in the class laughed along with him. I occasionally heard the word, “Freak,” coming out of peoples mouths.

I glanced over at Nathan. He chuckled slightly and shrugged.

I sighed and face palmed. Great. Now I’m going to be known as Carly, the freaky new girl who just moved into the supposedly haunted Whitney house.
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