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Finding Out

“Hey, its that freak girl that moved into the Whitney house. How long do you think she’ll last?” I heard someone ask as I walked down the stairs and over into the parking lot. I walked over to my brothers yellow jeep.

“Have you been getting the same crap as me all day?” I asked, throwing my school bag in the trunk, then looked at my brother.

“Mostly. But they say the hot freak boy Ian.” He told me with a smile.

“Don’t get to cocky. I could always rip that pretty right off your face.” I smiled and pinched my brothers cheek. Ian rolled his eyes and turned around, going to the drivers seat. I heard Ian start up the truck. I walked up to the drivers window, “Could you hand me my purse?” I asked.

Ian rolled his eyes and reached in the passengers seat and grabbed my pink purse. “Pink compliments your skin tone and brings out your eyes. You should defiantly wear it more,” I told him. He faked a gag and handed me my purse. “I’m going to look around the town. I’ll call you or mom if I get lost.” I told him.

“Carly, last time you got lost we couldn’t find you for two hours.”

“The bus driver said the bus stayed in the town! How did I know he was being sarcastic?” I asked.

Ian rolled his eyes and said, “Whatever, just promise me not to get lost again? Do this one thing for me. Oh and get rid of that smelly cat in your room.” He scrunched his nose.

“You said one thing. Its either I don’t get lost or the cat gets lost. I’d rather much get lost myself.” I started picking my nails. Ever so often glancing at my brother. A smile crept on my face when I saw him give me a dirty look.

“Get lost. Keep the cat. I rather you get lost and get killed than me having the joy of keeping you as a little sister.” He said sarcastically.

I laughed and just as I was about to say some perfect smart remark I heard a familiar voice behind me. “Oh trust me Ian, you don’t have to worry about Carly getting lost. She’ll be with me tonight.” I turned my head at the voice and saw Nathan stand behind me. If I were to turn all the way around me and Nathans noses would be touching. I tried so hard not to think about that. But when I did I felt a deep crimson blush on my cheeks.

“Fine with me. See you later Carly. Bye Nat.” Ian waved before driving out the schools parking lot.

I fully turned around to look at Nathan after stepping forward a step to give us room. “How do you know my brother?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“The same way I know you. We have gym together.” Nathan answered then said, “Well don’t expect to keep me waiting long Carly. Get in the car.” Nathan opened the door to his car. I smiled and stepped in before he closed the door and ran over to the drivers side.

Once Nathan was in his car and driving down the street I said, “Now you tell me Nathan, where are you taking me? I cant be getting kidnapped on my second day in Maine.”

“My sister, Kelly. You did promise her that you two were going to hang out. Right?” He asked with a raise of his brow. Oh how cute that looked on him. Shut up Carly. You cant be thinking about boys right now. You have to figure out a way to get out of this town as fast as possible and back to New York where you just started making good friends.

“Yeah, but I didn’t think she took it seriously…” I muttered.

“Kelly takes everything seriously. Sometimes you have to watch out for her. She can be a bit… whats the word I’m looking for…” He wondered as he came to a slow down in front of a two story house.

“Bitchy, self centered, arrogant?” I suggested words.

“All of those. Now come on, cant keep Kelly waiting for long.” Nathan and I got out the car and headed into their home. “Kelsey! Carly is here,” Nathan yelled. I held back a laugh at the name he used.

I heard a pair of foot steps and turned my head towards the steps to see Kelly rushing down them. “Call me Kelsey one more time and you wont see the next daylight,” Kelly threatened and walked over to the door. “Anyway, I hope you’ve got some cash Carly. We’re going to the mall.” Kelly squealed and jumped up and down grabbing her purse and coat off the hook.

“Oh goody! Shopping and nails and boys!” Nathan squealed pretending to act like a girl, “Gag me,” He said. He’s quite good at acting like a girl. For a second there I though he really was one in disguise or something.

“I bet boys is exactly what you think about…” I muttered so only I could hear. What can I say? I was one for comebacks and I could never let an opportunity down where I wouldn’t say it if it was good.

Kelly laughed and said, “Well don’t gag just yet little brother, because your coming with us.” She smiled and walked out the front door. I looked over to Nathan and shrugged my shoulder when I saw his mouth a gape.

“But why?” Nathan stomped his foot on the ground when he closed the door and followed Kelly and me to her pink bug convertible.

“Well someone has to carry our bags. Now get in before I run you over!”

Nathan glared at his sister and climbed in the back seat. Once we were on the road it got a bit quite, other then the Britney Spears playing. …Hit Me Baby One More Time!

“So, how are you guys brother and sister? You look nothing alike,” I asked, trying to make small conversation. Which I suck at and should be banned from.

“Well,” Kelly started, “we have different fathers and Nathan dyes his hair as often as a girls period.”

I laughed and Nathan said, “Now why would you compare my hair to a period when your obviously on yours?”

“Dick…” Kelly muttered.

“Bitch…” Nathan muttered back.

For some reason their brother and sister relationship reminded me of my brother and me. We argue all the time, but no matter how far it goes we always love one another. Even if at that moment it seems like were an old married couple. Sarcastic comments and all. We’re still brother and sister. I smiled.

With two more very torturous Britney Spears songs we were finally at the mall in the middle of the only song I knew. …Oops I Did It Again. All three of us climbed out the car.

Kelly squealed and I jumped along with Nathan. “Oh lets go to the Louis Vuitton store!” Kelly grabbed my wrist and pulled me along behind her. I groaned as Nathan snickered from behind me. “Oh my good golly gosh! I’ve been looking for this bag for like ever. Don’t you just think its so fab Carly?” She asked me.

I bit my lip and held my wrist that she almost cut the circulation out of. “Er, bags aren’t really my thing. How about this you do what ever you do at the mall and I go um… look around and get a hang of things.” I told her with a smile. It was more of a command then a question. Wheather she said yes or not I’m going to leave her. I know, I’m so harsh.

Kelly’s mouth dropped and so did the bag she was holding in her hand. “Yeah Kel, then I could go with Carly because she tends to get lost.” I glared at Nathan and glared even harder when he flashed his sister and me a bright toothy smile.

“Fine then. Just to let you know Carly, from you ditching me. You will never be liked at school.” She shot daggers at me with her eyes. Nathan and I slowly backed away. I gave her a shoulder shrug and a smile which made her quite mad. She stomped her foot and yelled, “I never get what I want! Its all because of my stupid ginger brother. Ugh!”

Once Nathan and I were at the doors of the Louis Vuitton we quickly turned around and made our way to a bench on the far side of the mall. “So glad we got away from that monster,” Nathan chuckled and then sighed.

“Hey look its that’s Miller freak. Do you think she made friends with those ghosts?” I heard someone say from behind us. I slowly turned and eyed the two girls.

“Naw, I don’t think so. She probably got paid to live there. Who would want to live in a house as scary and ugly as that one? Its so old and raggedy and trashy.”

Then the first girl talked again, “Oh, I know what kind of person who would want to live in a house like that. A family who fit’s the personality of the house. Ugly, old, and trashy.” The two girls laughed. I rolled my eyes and turned back around and looked at the tree a few feet away from the bench.

“You shouldn’t be talking Sarah and Madison. At lease Carly lives in a three story old fashioned beautiful home. And what do you two live in? A one story broken down home with four other brothers and sisters.” Nathan said and turned to face me. I smiled and shook my head.

The two girls scoffed, then I heard their high heels click away on the hard floor.

I turned and looked at Nathan in the eye. “Why do people keep saying my house is haunted?” I asked again.

“Maybe because it is,” He answered back.

“Then why is it?” I asked.

Nathan sighed, “Gee Carly. I don’t know, I’m not a historian.”

“Then get a fucking book and find out.” Nathan smiled at me and shook his head. I sighed and said, “Come on, there’s got to be some gossip going on about the history of the supposedly haunted Whitney house. Since this is a small town you’ve got to know at lease one of the rumors.”

Nathan sighed and fully turned to me hugging his legs closer to his body. “Well there’s this really old lady who lives not to far away from your house. It’s a really small beat up house no one visits and no one really pays attention to. She claims that the family who lived there before you the son was engaged to her mothers sister. But her mother was the one who was actually in love with the son.

“Anyway the Whitney family had six children. Two of them were already old enough to marry. Then the night before the Whitney’s died both of the girls went to the Whitney house. First it was the one who was engaged to the son. I think his name was Jasper or something and her name was Amelia. I don’t know for sure. Then the other sister came I think her name is Danielle. That same day Amelia and Jasper were supposed to get married. But Danielle trapped Amelia in the bathroom and Danielle married Jasper instead with out him knowing.

“The night of the wedding Jasper and Danielle had sex. Which I still don’t understand. The Danielle chick was sixteen and Amelia as like twenty something. Anyway the night after Danielle and Jasper had sex Danielle went to go back to the church and kill her sister. So then Danielle and Jasper could be together forever with no complications from Amelia. To bad that Amelia was already dead when Danielle came there. I guess it was from the fumes in the bathroom or something.

“Anyway the next day Jasper found out. Danielle and Amelia may look very alike but they have two very different personalities. So that night Danielle slept at her mothers house. Apparently Amelia came back from the grave and butchered Danielle and then the two sisters butchered the whole family out of anger.” Nathan shrugged and gave a slight smile.

“That’s slightly disturbing in a cool way. How do you know all this?” I asked.

“One day I was at Henry's Burger Place where the old lady works and she told me the whole story. She said I looked curious.”

“Well-” just as I was about to ask Nathan another question Kelly interrupted me.

“There you guys are! I’ve been looking everywhere. But then I knew, Nathan would always go somewhere close to cheap stores. Come on lets go do our shopping.” Kelly squealed and threw her bags on Nathan. I heard a oomph come out of Nat’s mouth. Kelly rolled her eyes and took my the arm and dragged me the other way of the mall.

I sighed as I toned Kelly out with her nonsense about clothes and what not. I guess I’ll never know who’s exactly haunting the house. Jasper, Danielle, or Amelia.


“Yes, my love. I will marry you,” I smiled joyously with a broad smile plastered on my face. I wanted to bend down and plant a kiss right on those inviting lips of his. But I knew a young lady such as my self would never do such an act as that. Unless I was a flapper and I would never be such a thing.

Jasper hopped up on both feet and planted a kiss right on my lips. I smiled into the kiss as I held his hands in my own. Jasper parted away from the kiss. “I must tell momma and papa! They will be so glad I have finally found a wife and she has said yes.” Jasper clapped his hands and turned. Once he found I wasn’t following him he turned with a confused look on his face. “Coming, my dear?”

“Later, I want to reminisce.”

“Your wish. I’ll come get you in a few.”

I sighed and sat down on the grass hedge with a smile. I’m betrothed to one of the richest men in Maine. Soon I’ll be one of the richest in the women in the state of Maine.

But I have some horrible feeling in my gut that someone was watching me closely. So very closely that it would not, could not be possible for me to be out of their grasp. Those eyes, that were watching me so closely were so cold and hurtful. I couldn’t think of anyone who had that much hate stored in them.

“Amelia, my dear, please come up to the tower!” I could hear Jasper yell from his room that over looked the front of the house.

“Yes darling!” I yelled back. I picked up my heavy dress and quickly walked up to the door. But as I put one foot in the house I could feel those cold angry eyes on me again. I quickly turned my head and let go on my dress. No one. No more feelings of being watched. But as soon as I turned back around, the hurtful pain came rushing back…
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Please tell me if you like it or not. I'm seriously liking this. Plus I get to write part of this story in my favorite time in history(: 1920's. I also love the layout