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Danielle's Cabin

It’s one in the morning. Ian and mom are still not home. Nate’s been with me almost all evening. I was getting really sleepy. I forced myself not to fall asleep because when my mother gets home she would see Nate and I in bed and ask if we were having sex. Oh mothers, thinking its always about sex.

My head was laying on Nate’s chest. I was listening to the silent simplicity of his heart beat. I smiled as I thought about how lucky I could be, just laying here in a hot guys arms. I closed my eyes for a second and opened them just about a few later. I almost yelped at what I saw in front of me. But all I did was jump.

“Are you okay Carly?” Nate asked. I felt his voice rumble from his chest. I nodded and rubbed his abed stomach to reassure him. I could feel his breathing go back to normal as he continued to watch the timeless classic, The Little Mermaid.

“What are you doing here?” I mouthed to Jasper.

He smirked and said, “Just watching you and your boyfriend at a close intent. Oh and don’t worry, Nathan wont be able to hear me. Only you can Carly.”

“Why?” I asked him, still mouthing my words.

“Have you ever watched the show ‘Ghost Whisperer’?” I lightly nodded my head, not to disturb Nathan. “Awful show I might add. You are just as the main character. Can see ghosts. It is your gift. Everyone has a gift. They just might not discover it. But you Carly. You can help me. Help this small town. As well as I can help you with the boy.”

“Nate?” I asked. Jasper shook his head.

“First you must believe me that ghosts are real. That none of this is made up. Tell me Carly. Do you believe?” Jasper questioned me.

I thought about it for a moment. The picture in the attic. There’s no way that picture could be faked. It was perfectly old, black and white, water stains, and the date was written on the back. Jasper dressed as if he was actually born in the 1920’s, which in fact he was. He appeared out of no where. There’s no other explanation.

I sighed and mouthed at him, “I believe ghosts are real.” Still partly believing him though. He nodded and disappeared.

“Ugh the movie is over!” Nate whined. I smiled and sat up in the bed. I swung my legs over the bed, about to take the movie out and put in another.

“No!” Nate stopped me, “Um, stay here. The movie will just play over after the credits.” I smiled at him and went back to my stop in his warm inviting arms.

I rested my head in between the perfect spot between his neck and shoulder. Again I closed my eyes, to take in all the wonderful things going on around me. Then once I opened my eyes, there was Jasper in front of my face.

“Kiss him. He wants you to make the first move.” Jasper told me.

“How do you know?” I accidentally said aloud.

“How do I know what?” Nate asked.

“Oh, how do you know that the movie is going to play again after the credits?”

Nate smiled and chuckled, “I know everything.” I laughed too.

“Just do it.” Jasper told me.

I rolled my eyes and looked Nate in the eyes. God I can't believe I’m doing what a ghost told me to do. I don’t even do what my parent tell me to do. Nate smiled at me and grabbed my face. My eyes became wider as Nate’s lips met mine. The kiss my forceful but sweet. Nate smiled in the kiss. Still a bit surprised, all I could do was kiss back.

Once we parted I could hear the echoing laugh from Jasper. My face grew warm and red. From embarrassment and anger. If Jasper wasn’t already dead I would kill him!

“You’re pretty good at that.” Nate commented.

“Ehh your not so bad yourself.” I commented back. He pushed me lightly and I laughed. He kissed me again.

“Oh Carly. Your nasty!” I heard Ian yell from the door. Nate and I jumped apart from each other. “Sorry Nate, you might get AIDS now.” Ian said when Nate stood up from my bed.

“Sorry to disappoint you Ian, but I’m sure Carly doesn’t have AIDS.” Nate said. He smiled at both Ian and me. “Well I guess that’s time for me to go home. I had a great time Carly.” He winked at me. “Bye Ian.” He said and went out the room. I heard his footsteps go down the stairs and out the door.

“I’m tired, I’m gong to bed.” Ian said, turning around, on his way to go down the hall. “Oh and Carly. He had a really good time!” Ian laughed and slammed his door.

I rolled my eyes and fell onto my bed. I groaned in my pillow. At least he had a good time. I know I didn’t.


“Carly…” I heard a whisper in my ear. Waking me from a wonderful dream I was having.

“Oh my God! What?” I screamed and sat up in my comfortable bed when the voice said my name about the thousandth time. I looked around the room. There was nothing there. I sighed and fell down on my bed again. Closing my eyes.

“Carly!” The voice screamed. I opened one eye and looked at Jasper sitting on my bed. I sighed again, I really thought it was a dream this time. “Wake up.” He smiled at me and stood from my bed.

I groaned and sat up in my bed once again. “Where’s my mom?” I asked, still not fully awake.

“Your mother and brother left. There’s a note downstairs.”

“Well thanks for going through my house.” I muttered.

“It was my house before it was yours.” He told me. I had nothing to say. It was the truth. I sighed again and went in the bathroom to brush my teeth.

“Get ready.” Jasper told me when he appeared in my bathroom.

“For what?” I asked, spitting and putting my toothbrush back on the sink.

“We’re going out. I have to show you something.”

“And what if I don’t go?” I asked him, folding my arms and leaning back on the counter.

Jasper looked at me blankly, “Well you want me to leave you alone? Correct. If you want me out of your life you must help me. Then maybe I can help you.”

“Help me how?” I asked, squinted my eyes.

“Ghosts are sneaky. I can get you what you’ve always wanted.” He answered.

I wanted nothing more then to have my dad back home and for us to move back to New York. I had to agree. Plus if we were to stay here I wouldn’t want Jasper annoying me all day like he is now. I shook my head. “Well, aren’t you going to disappear or whatever? I kind of need to change.”

Jasper nodded and smirked then suddenly disappeared into thin air. I let out the breath of air I was holding in for only a few minutes. I walked in my room and took out a boring outfit. Pink skinny jeans and a I like cats sweatshirt. I really like cats. Too bad my brother is allergic.

I smiled and hurried in the shower since I knew Jasper was probably going to rush me out the house. Once I got out I didn’t even bother to dry my hair. I just brushed it and put it into a high bun with a pink bow in the middle. I slipped on my pink converse, grabbed my ipod and earphones and ran out the door.

I pretended to put my earphones in the hole of the ipod while I waited for Jasper outside the house.

“Come on. We don’t have all day.” Jasper screamed at me through the other end of the maze surrounding the house looking more like a castle. I jogged my way through the maze and towards Jasper.

I didn’t want to seem like a weirdo talking to myself. I decided not to talk to Jasper at all. Unless it was inside my thoughts. Which he could oddly hear.

“Kay. So we’re just going to follow that path through the woods.”

‘What if I get raped by a bear?’ I asked, putting a worried looked at my face as I crossed the street and entered the woods.

“Carly, you’re not going to get raped by a bear. Maybe devoured, never raped. Don’t worry. Its not that far.”

And he was right. Within a few minutes I was in front of a small cottage.

“You might heard from your friend Nathan that this is were Danielle’s daughter or whatever lives. This is actually Danielle’s cabin. Since I am a ghost and she can't see or hear me you must go in there and talk to her for me. Learn the truth Carly. I’ll tell you want to say and all you have to do is say it.” Jasper told me with a slight smile on his face.

I nodded. I wanted this. I needed this. If Jasper could get my dad home. I was going to do anything it took. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door of Danielle Whitney.


“Sister, why must you always question my ways?” Amelia stated bluntly at her younger sister Danielle.

“Sister, I’m not questioning. I just want to get a better understanding of your mind set. I want to be just like you sister. Powerful and never weak. You must teach it to me sister! We can be the most powerful women in Maine!”

“Little Danielle, we already are. If you believe your powerful, then you obviously are.” Amelia smiled at her sister and continued to get ready to meet her newly wed.

“Please Amelia, tell me about the plan once more.” Danielle begged and sat on the floor while she watched her sister prepare.

Amelia took a brush to her beautiful brunette hair. “Today Jasper is to propose to me. I will be introduced to the family business. We all know what those Whitney’s do in that house. It is inhuman. But so are those people. The day I marry Jasper is the day he gets handed the family business. I will kill him and his family and describe myself a widowed. Then the rest, is far to complex for you to know. You will find out when you are older.”

“Oh Amelia I would love too know now! But I know mother would never approve of you telling me.” Danielle smiled up at her beautiful sister whom she looked exactly like.

Amelia looked past her sister. As if she were telling a lie and Danielle could smell it right off the tip of her words. “You’re such a smart gorgeous girl Danielle. I hope you to be just as powerful as I.”

Danielle and Amelia shot each other faked smiles. They each knew something was wrong. But neither knew what the other was thinking.
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