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Two Days and a Hundred Years

“Go home and read this. Read it all. And don’t come back until you do.” Danielle instructed me as soon as she finished reading her first entry in the diary. I immediately followed her directions and ran home. Hoping no one was home for me to read this in peace.

Just to my luck as soon as I saw my large castle styled house I could see both my brother and mothers car in the drive way. I sighed and ran through the maze and quickly made my way through the door.

“Carly!” My mother yelled from the kitchen. I followed her voice and found her in front the pearl white oven. She was making baked goods, of course. She does this every time she thinks of dad. As if making baked good would bring him back.

“Where have you been?” She asked calmly.

“I was just on a walk.”

“You should have left a note.”

“Just be glad I didn’t get lost.” I muttered. Mom rolled her eyes and threw the towel in the sink, finishing off with her last batch of cookies. She smiled at me and sat down.

“What did you plan today?” She asked.

I pondered for a while. Knowing I didn’t have anything to do today. All I needed was to read Danielle’s Diary so I could go back to her cabin tomorrow. Getting this over with sooner is better.

“Nothing. I was probably just going to read a book I got yesterday.” I told her, telling her half the truth.

“Too bad. We’re going to dinner with Nathan and his family.” She told me.

“Ugh! Why?” I asked. I’m glad to spend more time with Nathan. Although I didn’t want to deal with his sister, Kelly. I definitely didn’t want to spend time with Nathan with Ian and my mother.

Mom gave me the eye and turned in her chair. I sighed once more and made my way up the stairs. I didn’t even bother to take a shower in my bathroom. In fear of words on my mirror again. Although I’m sure it was just Jasper being his usual persistent self.

I showered in the guest room. Once the water hit my body I figured my brother had just finished with his since the water was no warmer than Antarctica. I hurried with the shower and wrapped the towel around my body, coming out the bathroom. I made my way across the hall and into my bedroom.

I went to my closet and opened the doors. Then suddenly out emerged the black cat that came and went. I let out a screech and put my hand to my heart. Midnight seemed so attached to this house, I didn’t even know whose he was. I heard the faint laugh. I shook my head, knowing that familiar taunting laugh.

I continued getting ready. I took out a plain black mini skirt. Under the skirt I put on stockings with lace designs with my black wedged booties. For my shirt I put on a light pink blouse with studded collars. Finally to top off the outfit I out on a gray scarf and stacked a few bracelets on my left arm.

I put on my makeup and left my hair in its natural waves. I made my way downstairs, seeing as Ian was already ready and waiting down stairs for mom and me. I smiled at my brother. Finally seeing him in a nice dark blue button down and black jeans.

Our father always said to look your best. Looking your best means being your best. Although him and I were the only ones who managed that into our way of life. Whereas my brother and mother could dress as slags all day and never give a care.

Ian rolled his eyes, “Mom come on! We’re five minutes late already.” In a minute or so Mom slowly came down the stairs, pinning her hair up in a rush.

“Fine if you insist. Get in the car. I’m right behind you. Come one you were the one urging me to hurry.” Mom muttered at Ian as she was putting on her coat. I smiled at my mom and trailed behind my brother.

The three of us got into the car. I leaned in the back seat and watched as the old town scenery quickly passed by. I needed to be back home quick to finish Danielle’s old journal. I just wanted all of this to pass by. That wouldn’t happen if everyone kept me from reading the old diary.

Thirty minutes of silence in the car and finally we had made it to the restaurant. We climbed out the car and told the woman at the front desk we had a reservation under Jennings. The woman showed us to our table where Nathan, Kelly and their parents were.

Mom greeted the two adults like they’d been friends for years and sat in the chair right next to Nathans mom, Carrie, and Ian. Ian sat next to Kelly, Kelly to Nathan, and then there I was stuck between Nathan and his father. I smiled kindly at his parents and took a seat Nathan had offered me.

I looked at the menu and decided what I’d already wanted in an instant. There was no doubt my brother would order the same thing he orders at any restaurant.

The dinner edged on as the adults talked and every so often Kelly would flirt with Ian. I turned my head to the left and saw once again as she reached her way down his arm and tried to touch him. He slipped out of her grasp and looked at her wide eyed and in disgust. I snickered and looked down at my almost gone lasagna.

“Mick, was that you!” I heard a lady screech from across the room. I looked behind me and saw a red head looked shocked at her son. He rapidly shook his head, looking scared. His mom shook her head and began talking her husband.

For a while I lingered at the family. Nathan brought me to my attention by taking hold of my hand. I quickly turned my head towards him and smiled. He smiled back and squeezed a bit on my palm.

“Carly did you want dessert?” Mom asked, I looked up and noticed the waitress had taken all our plates and was holding a small notebook. I shook my head. “No thanks. The wine and cake would be all.”

I rolled my eyes, great, probably another hour in hell. The waitress smiled and nodded us off. When she turned on her heel and left for the kitchen the only thing left in her place was a large dark spot with oddly curled hair. I groaned.

Nate pointed me a look, “Just restless.” I muttered with a smile.

What are you doing here? I mentally yelled at Jasper. Wanting him to disappear. Instead of getting this over with all I wanted was to be left alone. I didn’t want to live in Whitneyville Maine population 206. I didn’t want to live in a haunted house. I didn’t want to see ghosts. I wanted to be in my posh New York City apartment with dad.

“To tell you to read the journal.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone. I rolled my eyes. To make myself seem ‘normal’ and as if nothing was going on I laced my fingers through Nathans. Well that was more to my pleasure, but it couldn’t hurt right?

Well duh. I’m going to read it. I promise. Just leave before someone sees you.

“Do you really think someone is going to see me? I’m a ghost Carly. Not human.”

Well there must be others like me in Maine. I’m sure its no big surprise.

Jasper rolled his eyes and disappeared. No faster did he vanish he appeared right behind my shoulder, making his way into my bag. I quickly turned, accidentally letting go of Nate’s hand in the process.

“What are you doing?” I harshly whispered to the ghost boy, only I could see. My God, I’ve gone totally bonkers.

“Getting the journal. You need to read it. Now!” Jasper kept digging. I went to smack his hand, but remembered I’m in public. Also my hand would just seep through his ghostly hand and look as if I were smacking air. I rolled my eyes and closed my bag. Putting it between my knees.

“Just checking to make sure I had enough cash.” I smiled at everyone. They all nodded and continued their conversations. Kelly whispered into Ian’s ear and he shivered away. Nathan took ahold of my hand once more. Carrie, Harry, and Mom all continued with their conversation.

And why do I need to read it now? I asked Jasper as he sat on the edge of the table, fingering the dangling light above.

“Its almost here. The day it happened. Two days ago is the hundred year anniversary that I died.”
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