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Creeping in My Soul

1. To kill or slaughter inhumanely or barbarously.
2. Slang. Something extremely difficult or perilous
3. A group or flock of crows.
4. To spoil or mar by bad performance, representation, pronunciation, etc

A person who commits murder.

I would be defined as a murderer then wouldn’t I?

To kill or slaughter inhumanely.

Yes, I did do that. But I never planned on being one. I just couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t just let it go. It ate at me till I finished. Granted, a part of me never wants to stop but I knew it was wrong. Hell, you can only smile for so long before your actions start to take over. And God, that voice was right. It felt so invigorating to watch the life leave those pupils.

What a sight. I’ll never forget it.

But fuck, this urge is only building and I swear if the jock comes and starts shit with me one more time he'll never see the light of day. So, so far down.

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Rated R for swearing, violence, sexual situations, probably drug use, and well? Some decent gruesome murder.