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Creeping in My Soul

Catalytic Situation

“Well, look who it is. Good old Brendon.”

I sighed as I watched the three goons stop in before of me. It was bad enough with the crowded lunch room, and I didn’t need this on top of it. I just wanted to get my food and get the hell out of here. I was seriously wishing that I could leave campus to get lunch. Maybe some day I’ll actually change the school district among other organizations to let us have some kind of freedom here.

I tried to walk past them. I wasn’t in the mood today. “Excuse me.”

I was shoved back and I took a few steps trying to catch my balance and not losing the food in the process. I swear, if he makes me drop it again, I’ll give him a piece of my mind. I have spent too much money at this school for lunch and not being able to eat it.

“Not so fast now.” He reached to grab the chocolate brownie on my tray. “We just want to talk.”

I watched him take a decent size bite before tossing it back on my tray. “What do you want?”

“I was going to be nice, but since you have an attitude…”

I didn’t even have time to react. He shoved the tray out of my hands and it clattered to the floor. I at least salvaged the apple and the milk. Sighing once more and ignoring the comment about butterfingers, I wondered if he ever got bored with doing this day after day.

I bent down and began to pick up the trash he had created and felt several pairs of eyes on me: not as many laughs as usual. I figured the people around me were getting sick of the same routine also. I was going to get back at him one of these days, just to spice it up.

“You guys are suck pricks!” I heard a familiar voice, but waited to look up until she called my name. “Brendon, are you alright?”

I looked up to a concerned Abigail, and I felt my mood soften. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

She knelt down to help me out. “Are you sure?”

I stood up with half of the trash in my hands, ready to get rid of it. “Yup. Look, you don’t have to help me. I’m fine.”

She threw what she had into the trash beside us and smiled at me. “I needed incentive to talk to you anyway.”


I furrowed my brows and pushed my glasses back up my nose. “What about?”

I wasn’t really close with Abigail, but she was one of those amiable girls that was willing to be friendly to everyone they came in contact with. She came from one of the more wealthier families and fit in nicely with the rich assholes here, dating the one I hated the most.
Nate was his name.

I never knew what she saw in him. I had concluded that she thought she could change him. But there was no help for the dick; at least I thought so. He was a waste of space. I never really knew how he could live with himself, and yet, someone who deserved that breath of life never received it.

Though, Abigail: she was perfect. She had the greatest smile the way her hair fell against her shoulders, and the way her eyes seemed to glow with such unique colors. Her personality was charming and so open. I would be lying saying I wasn’t attracted to her.

“You know how you said you’d help me if I had some trouble in English? Well, I kind of need some help.”

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t taken aback. She was a smart girl, and I knew she was doing fine in English. We weren’t exactly an honors class, but you had to keep up, and as far as I knew she was passing the class and not by a small margin.

My lips curled up when I could see her cheeks tell me she was embarrassed, “What do you need help with?”

“You know how we’re annotating Othello? I’m confused on a few parts and was wondering if I could go over it with you. Just to see if I was getting the right idea.”

“Uh, sure. I work today and Friday, but any time in between that is fine.”

She beamed. “Well, I’m free Wednesday or Thursday.”

We continued to exchange ideas of where’d we go if we wanted to plan a meeting. Because I couldn’t exactly take her to my place, I’d probably do something weird, like make a move on her regardless of being taken or not, and I was sure she didn’t want to invite me over to her place either. So, eventually we settled for the library. It would be quiet and inconspicuous. I didn’t need her neanderthal boyfriend coming after me.

So maybe things were getting better for me. I didn’t really have a lunch, but scored some time with a girl that seemed to be letting feelings fly around for her. I still had to deal with the assholes here, but she seemed to make it some what tolerable.

I couldn’t help but think that one day; I’m going to get these pricks good. They just needed some time to get my way. I figured if I waiting long enough, they would just do something reckless and do the world a favor and kill themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised.

I took once sweeping glance around and decided to finally move. Abigail had been gone for a few moments, and now I was looking like a fool. I shook my head and started out of this section. The noise from the student body seemed to get to me. I still felt like half of their eyes were on me, and I hated it.

I hated this place and was happy to leave soon.
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