A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

Going Once.Twice.Sold

“Alright girls come out”

Today was the auction for all of us slaves. I was afraid and scared I can't even remember how I became a slave I know nothing about my past all I know is my name isI don't know my last name though so I haven't been able to track my family. “Number 462 come out of your cell!” they shout at me. I attempt to get up my legs shaking from lack of food but I fell. A girl comes in and helps me up. She smiles at me then walks off.

I began walking in the dark muggy room we were put in. All of us were human girls and usually bought by vampires. Today was a huge day they were having an auction so they could get rid of us for the new slaves. “Line up!” they say and we go in line. I was shakey sick and in pain. They hardly fed us last time I ate it was some weird stuff that bubbled and that was a week ago.

I saw a feint light in the distance just being this far from the light it burned my eyes. My chest pained as I took a deep breath my chest caved in so deep I saw my ribs.I looked at the tattered clothing they gave me it looked like a potato sack with string. I can't even remeber how I look anymore the last time I smiled.

Hours had passed I just stood there and every five to ten minutes I took one step forward. The light kept coming closer and my eyes kept burning the soreness making them water. “Your next get out there” they say pushing me out and I see the light and cover my eyes falling. I heard people laughing at me and I stood up and looked at everyone. “This slave is very obiedient quiet but who needs these worthless girls to talk anyway” they says and I stared at them.

“Any takers?”

“Five dallors”

Everyone laughed. Jerks.“Ten” someone else stated I looked around and looked down ashamed. “One thousand” I hear and look to see this pervert of a guy smirking at me. I stepped back afriad and someone tazed me thinking I was about to run. I gasped and fell to my knees. “One thousand going once.”

Someone please say something

“One thousand going twice”

Please someone speak

Tears began falling down my face and I saw him raise his gavel “Ten thousand dollars!” someone shouts and my head pops up. I saw it was a boy maybe my age of course a vampire. He had jet black hair with deep blue eyes that glistened. “Any other takers?” he asks and hits his gavel after a minute of silence. “Sold to the young man in the back” he says and they lock my arms in hand cuffs and take me to the other side of the building where people went to pick up their slaves.

I see the boy and he walks infront of me. “You are our biggest offer up to date” the man says handing him papers to sign. He looks at me and smiles and I look down not wanting to make eye contact with him. “She doesn't talk we don't even know her name but if you punish her enough she should listen she's actually one of our stubborn ones” he says and I look at him. “I'll handle her don't worry” he says “Please rmove the hand cuff and tags on her”

That's right they tagged us if we did a thing wrong they'd shock us I have so many purple marks on me from not listening but I don't do well with people bosing me around. “Of course usually people like to keep them on” he states taking them off and he rips off the tag and I groan. “She's all yours” he says and he sat a hand behind my back and leads me outside and I see its dark. My face lights up seeing the stars and moon its been so long since I inhaled fresh air.I sighed and he took me to a car. He wrapped a blanket around me and sat me in the back.

“What's your name?”

His smile was warm and welcoming but I didn't know if I could trust him I just turned my head and ignored him. He smiled “Its alright I understand if you don't want to talk but I'm Zane and well I guess I'm your owner” he says and I looked down and he closed the door softly. He then went in the front and began driving. I looked at everything the trees the grass the sky I missed it all I couldn't believe how I missed simple things. He then stopped and I see a huge mansion and my mouth drops. Zane looks at me smiling. “This is your new home.”

He opens the door and sticks his hand out and I flinch. “Don't worry I won't hurt you” he says and I look at his hand and I sit my in his and he pulls me up softly. He walks ahead of me to the front door and I fall on the ground weak he looks back at me and scoops me upin his arms. He then opens the door and sat me on a couch.

“Are you going to talk?”

I didn't say a thing he sighed and walked away. I didn't want him mad at me but I was so afriad that something would happen if I did.

Zane's POV
I knew from the look in her eyes she was frightened. I didn't want a slave but my uncle ordered me to have one so someone could take care of me. I was an eighteen year old man but he said I wasn't responsible enough. I saw the way she looked at me everytime I touched her she flicnhed or cringed. I didn't want her afriad of me I'm working on being nice I hope I just don't lash out on her.

“Hey! Zane where's your slave!”

I see my best friend Greg “Stay quiet she's scared and hurt”
He looked in the other room “Hey you might want to go and help her before she dies she is human”
I turned to see her shaking.
I sighed and looked down “I don't even know her name she won't talk to me”
“Give her a minute don't worry but Dan and Dave are on their way here and Sebastian is around the corner.”

I nodded and went back to the main room of my summer house school had ended last week so me and my friend were hanging here all summer. I see her looking around terrified and I look at her. “Please tell me your name” I said and she looked away. I sighed again and took her hand helping her upstairs to the bathroom. “You can wash up here there's a robe right there and I'll show you your room with clothed when your done.” she nodded and rushed in shutting the door.

“What am I suppose to do”

Normal POV

The bath water felt so good its been so long since I bathe like this usually they just made us bathe in the river by the building. I ducked my head under the water and let my hair get wet. I looked around realizing that this bathroom was bigger than my cell. This was my home now. I looked outside to see two cars pulling up and guys come out. I then sat back in the tub relaxing not wanting to ever leave.

“Ummm excuse me”

It was Zane. “I'm just making sure your alright...you've been in there a while” he says and I dry myself off anf put on the robe coming out. He stares at me and I look down. “I'll show you to your room.” he says and begins walking. I followed and walked. “Ummm” I said and he turned to me shocked but I felt afriad and shut my mouth. He sighed and opened the door “Your room come down stairs if you want.” he states but then stops me before I went in.

“I won't hurt you...I promise I won't even make you do much I promise”

I didn't say anything I just walked in closing the door. I wasn't trying to be mean I was still afriad I have huge trust issues. I slipped on some clothes set out for me and notice how big they are from the lack of food. I fell to my knees again not able to carry on. I curled up in a ball in too much pain to do anything I had no more energy.

“Oh no”

I feel someone lift me up and I crack my eyes open to see Zane. He sat me on the bed and put the cover on me. “Just stay here I'll be up with your food” he says and rushes down. I looked around and saw myself in the mirror and gasped I looked terrible. My eyes had dark circles around them. My sick looked like I had awaken from the dead. I saw my colllar bone and some of my ribs and gasped I was hideous.

I began crying I didn't want to be here but I didn't want to go back to thatplace either. Zane then came in and saw me crying and I hid my face so he couldn't say anything. “I brought your food” he states and sits down a tray of food. “Come on sit up why would you hide such a pretty face.”

“Are you kidding I'm hideous!”

I gasped and covered my mouth and he smiled “Well someone does talk do you have a name.” he says I look away from him crossing my arms on my chest. “Harper Anastasia” I said not knowing my last name. “What should I call you” he asks and I glare at him. “What do you care! I'm your slave” I shouted. He just stared at me not angry not sad anything. “Call me Harper” I said huffing. He smirked “That's a beautiful name” he states “Its not that great” I spat at him.

“Look I know your not exatly happy about living here but...it will be fun I promise” he says and I don't say a word. “If you need me I'll be downstairs” he says before leaving. I looked at the food and ate a piece. It was great I began eating it quickly and next thing I knew I finished it I wanted more though. My stomach began growling for more I didn't want to go ask Zane I wasn't sure why. My stomach didn't care about my stuborness though so I had to go get more.


He looked at me fcoming down the stairs “Yes Harper?” he asks smiling “Can I have some more food?” I asked he nodded. “Of course come with me” I followed to see four guys in his kitchen. “Hey guys this is Harper” he says and they look at me.

Honestly I never felt so uncomfortable than I am right now in a room full of boys....vampire boys...and I'm a human.

“Harper this is Greg” he says showing me a red head boy with Gray eyes. “Hey” he says smiling and I look down. “She's still not huge on talking.” Zane states for me. “The twins are Dave and Dan and the blond is Sebastian.” he says. “Can I just have my food please” I said softly. “Harper why are you crying.” he asks and I look up at him then back down. I ran off into his back door and fell in the grass crying.

I wanted to go home. Where ever that was...