A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

The Truth

He glared at me angry and I kissed him and walked out and he followed me and pulled me to him. “You can’t tease the tease” he says and I laugh. “You a tease right” he rolled his eyes at me. “Just watch” he states and I walk downstairs to the kitchen and pulled out something to cook and I feel Zane pull me to him and I turn around. “Yes?” I say innocently. “I’m cooking” he says and I look at him. “I thought I was the slave” he tensed. “No you’re my girlfriend and you only have to act like the slave when my uncle is here and besides you suck at cooking breakfast” my mouth drop and he smiles. “Hey your amazing at lunch and dinner but I those eggs you made the other day were not even done all the way”

“You can forget about getting me in bed again anytime soon”

His eyes went wide and I walked over to the table and he grabs me “Come on you know I was just joking!” he says kissing my neck softly. “No you weren’t don’t lie to me Zane” I said and he sighs “Okay so I wasn’t but I love you so much though and you have the upper hand on dancing I’m not really good at that” he says “I love you to Zane but you still won’t be getting me in bed anytime soon” he groaned and I laughed. “What if its not in bed” he asks and I look at him he pushes me on the table and hovers over me. “How about right here” he says seductively in my ear and I had to fight the huge temptation taking me over.

“Oh please don’t do it on the table I eat there!”

We look to see Dan and Greg and I push him off. “We aren’t going to don’t worry” I said and Greg looked at me kind of hurt. “What’s wrong?” I asked him he shook his head. “Tell me please” I said and he looked up at me then grabbed my hand pulling me into the living room.
“I just feel let down”

“Why?” I asked he sighs. “Because I will never get a girl like you guys like Zane will.” He says “You know the type who the girls think are sexy and have a secret past” he adds. “You think that’s why I fell in love with Zane?” I asked he nods. “Greg I fell in love with Zane because he makes me laugh when I’m down he knows when its something is wrong with me and knows that sometimes he doesn’t have say a word to make me feel better…And it doesn’t hurt that he’s charming and well he gets me” I said smiling to myself. “So I’m not your type?” he asks and I smile.

“You are”

“Then why didn’t we…” “End up together?” he nods. “I don’t know I guess fate handled that part” I said and he looked at me confused. “What?” he asks “All it means is that someone is still out there for you waiting for you and you have to get them” I said and he sticks his hands in his pockets. “I should have told you how I felt first” he says and I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Better then not telling me at all” I said and he smiles and nods. “Come on let’s go eat” I said and turned around to see Zane smiling at us in the doorway. “I didn’t know you thought of me like that” he says and I smiled “Don’t flatter yourself you’re still not getting me in bed” I said and he sighs and kisses my forehead. “It still means a lot to me that that’s how you feel” he states and I smiled.

“Of course I do I mean I do love you”

He laughs softly and I sit down at the table and Sebastian rushed down. “Zane hide Harper something!” he shouts and we look at him weird “Your uncle he’s in the drive way!” he shouts and Zane’s face goes pale and he grabs me and takes me and throws flour on me. “Zane!” I shout spitting some up and he pulls of my new jacket and messes up my hair. “I’m sorry” he says and kisses me hard. “I’ll make it up to you I promise” he says and rushes to the door.

“You have to call Zane master”

I look over at Dan “I’m not calling my boyfriend master!” I shout and he sighs “Just do it!” he shouts and I jump a little scared and I see a tall man with red hair and green eyes and Dan pushes me forward and I bend down “Good morning master Zander” I looked up at Zane and he looked down hurt. “Is there anything you two would like?” his uncle looks at me and then smiles he seemed friendly. “No no that is all I’m sure Zane has kept you up all night go rest” he says and I almost laugh a little thinking the reason why I was up all night but I hold it back and bow and leave. I turn to Zane and he looks at me and I mouth.

‘You owe me BIG TIME!’

He smiles and shows me a gift and I look down at it as he tucks it in his pocket. I walk up stairs and set out clothes to take a shower because Zane put flour all on me! I sighed and walked in and washed the flour out and wrapped the towel around me and walked out to see Zane on the bed smiling at me. "Sorry" he states and I smile. "Nope its fine just warm me next time you throw flour at me" he laughs and nods and pulls me next to him on the bed and kisses down my neck and I almost lose my grip on the towel but then grip it harder. "Not going to work Zane" he chuckled and pushed me down on the bed. "I know" he says and kisses me harder and I sit us up and look at him. "No means no" I said and he pulls at me towel and I look at him. "Your not a good tease" I said and he looks at me. "I'm not teasing I'm just trying to get your towel off" he says and I hit his shoulder. "I can see you are a perve" he smirks and goes to my ear. "You should know that from last night" he says softly and I close my eyes as his hand goes up my thigh but then we get intterupted by a knocking on the door and Zane gets up cursing under his breath.


We see Lakeshai and I smiled "Hey" I said and she looked at me in my towel. "None of this going on again at least while were not in the house" she says and I laugh. "You do not have to worry trust me" I said and Zane sighs. "Did you need anything?" he asks slightly irritated. 'well I wanted to tell Harper I'm going to the dance studio tonight if she wanted to join me" she says smiling and he looks at me as if he didn't want me to go but I nodded. "Yeah sounds great" I said and she smiled and left and Zane closed the door.

"Do you really want to go?"

I nod and smile "Yeah I love to dance after all" he looks down and nods. "I have something for you" he says showing me the box again and he opens it show me a beautiful big necklace the chain was silver and it lead to a peace sign made of real diamons and the middle was made ith a small black pearl. "Zane..." he smirked and I kissed him. "Thank you" I said speechless and he puts it on for me. I then get a flashback as he puts on the necklace. I see Zane and I in a hotel room and he's down on one knee and slips a ring on my finger but then a guy birsts in and starts yelling at me and slaps me. Zane beats him up but gets stabbed and falls to the ground. I cried out for him but I could see he was slowly dying. The guy then threw me on the bed and slammed his lips on mine. The only words I could hear were.

"You are my wife! You disobery you get punished!"

I tried to fight him and help Zane but he made sure I didn't try to get up I cried for Zane but he couldn't hear me. The guy slapped me again and ripped off my pants and undewear. I began crying everything got blurry. Pain struck my whole body and I felt useless as if I lost the most important things to me. I lost my true love and my own life.

I snapped out of it crying hard and Zane kept wipinf off the tears. "Harper speak to me what did you see?" he aks and I looked at him. "W...We were at a hotel and y...you proposed I was so happy but then this guy came in he looked furious and slapped me ou fought him but he stabbed you killed you and then he....he raped me.

I feel Zane's grips on my arms tighten and I hug him tightly. "That was so scary Zane I don't want to see that again!" I said and he kisses my cheek. "Here go get changed I have something to look up." he says and I nod and go into the closet.

Zane's POV
I see her walk in slowly to the closet and the tought of her even being raped almost made me lose control I wanted to tear the guy apart even though I had no clue who it was.

I walked to her computer and went onto google and typed in Harper Ananstasia. I see recent pictures of her but I see this one painting of a girl in a dress from the Elizabeathen times and I click on in it and see a whole page and read it.

Harper Anatasia Whitlock (1717-?)
No one knows if she is legend or true story but she is told to be a part of the very rich and powerfil Whitlock family of sorceress. She was to marry the very talented Diem Forthin but legend says that she ranaway from her arranged married the day before her wedding and left with her lover Zander Delacroix and bestfriend and sister of Zander Zoey Delacroix. It took them about one year to find the couple in a hotel room were apperntly Diem says that he killed young Zander and Harper was caught in the cross fire and passed away as well. Some say from evidence at the crime scene about thirty years ago that she was raped by young Diem and her body in so much shock that she passed away as well. But the mystery was where did their bodies go. It was proven many times that Deim did not have them so for all we know Zander and Harper can be alive to this day.

Even though this tragedy of these two lovers is what made them so well known it is not the only thing they are famous for. Zander Delacriox along with his twin Zoey were the two most powerful vampires and heirs to the crown. Zander was the perfect gentleman and has always showed generosity. He was also known to be a charmer of women.

Harper or Harper Anastasia known to most is the most powerful sorceress known to this universe no one can be stronger than her. Well that is until she ages the age of 18 when she reaches her full potential. She has known to be friendly kind and loveable and best friends of Zander and Zoey.Heir to her thrown she wanted to open her land to have more allies than enemies. She was always an open minded and lover of peace.

Some say that the new up rising Harper Anastasia the new girlfriend to Zane from Nostalgia is this Harper but the only way we have true prooff that it is her is the star mark on the right side of her back.
Updated July 1,2009
Written by: Z

My eyes went wide as I see Harper come out in a halter and I see the star on her right side and my mouth drops. She smiles at me and she must have been able to calm herself and I clenched my fist. This whole time we were presumed dead. But if we were then how are we alive today?