A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

Secrets Revealed


I turned my head to Zane. “How did you get that mark on your back” he asks and I shrugged. “I don’t know guess I was born with It.” I said and he nods. “What are you looking at on the computer?” I asked. “Nothing it’s nothing” he says and I walk to it. “Your not looking at some girl are you?” I asked and he shook his head. “Let me see then” I said and he got up and kissed me hard. He then pulls me up wrapping my legs around his wait and kissing me with passion. I don’t know what he was hiding from me and I knew that him making out with me was for me to forget and it was working completely.

He pushed me against the wall and untied my halter and to his luck I did not have a bra on because it was on built in the shirt and he slipped off his shirt pressing of chest against each other. He began kissing on my neck knowing my soft spot and I let out a soft moan. He made me want him so badly but I wasn’t going to let us sleeping with each other become a daily thing. I didn’t know if I could get pregnant or not. Zane is rough I wouldn’t be able to walk for a month after he would be done. “Zane I told you your not getting me in bed” I said and he opens up the door to the bathroom. “Then how about in the bathroom” he says and he didn’t even let me answer he just began stripping me of my clothes and him of his. “Zane I don’t thin..” he stopped me from talking by kissing me lustfully.

I pushed him off and turned on the shower steam instantly coming through the room. He looked at me confused and I smile. “You win this time,” I said stepping in and I pulled him in with me closing the door.

“So can you show me what you were looking at now?” I asked drying my hair. He wrapped a towel around him and I tightened the one around me and he took me into my room. He tapped the keyboard taking the screen saver off and sat me down. “Read this” he says and I read it top to bottom completely shocked went back to the top to read it again but stopped myself seeing the picture of me. “I…I think I remember posing for this?” I said and got a quick flashback of me giggling as I stood for it. “Who painted it Harper” he asks and I tried to think about it. I then see someone come up to me smiling and kiss me. I break away from them and tell them I love them and I look to see it was Zane. He put away his painting stuff and closed the curtains laying me on the bed and well the rest is self-explanatory.

“Ummm you did Zane”

He looked at my red face curious. “Why are you blushing.” He asks “Because while you were painting me you stopped and kissed me and we well did what we just did” I said “Wow we must have been really going at it if you had two dreams about it” he says “I’ve actually hade about six I just didn’t tell you about the other four” I said and he gave me a funny look. “Don’t get any thoughts perve” I said hitting his chest and he laughs. “Hey I already have you its just a matter of time until you want me again” he says kissing down my neck and I try not to fall for it again and I see the signature “Z” and gasp.


Zane looks at me weird “Zane write down that address we have to see whoever this is!” I said and go into the bathroom putting my clothes back on and I walk into the hallway looking at the picture and take a quick picture of it. Zane then sees me on the stairs and we go downstairs “Greg we’ll be back by tonight order pizza or something” Zane says and we leave out to his car. “So this Diem guy…he really raped me?” I said feeling ashamed. “We don’t know but I promise I will never let anyone hurt you again” he says I didn’t answer.

We stopped in a forest after hours of driving. “Zane are you sure this is it?” he nods “Look there’s a house over there” he says and pulls up there. We knock on the door at first no one answers but then he nocks again and a girl answers the door. “Yes may I help you she says smiling and I gasp. “I know you!” I said and Zane looks at me. “It was the day of the auction and I couldn’t even walk not even get out of my cell and you were the girl that helped me!” I said and then I looked at her and Zane “Wait you two look a like” I said and she smiled “That’s because he’s my twin brother” she says smiling. “Your Zoey?” she nods. “I see you two have picked up where you left off” she says looking at me huge hickey. I blushed and pushed my hair over it. “Come in” she says and we walk in to see a whole bunch of paintings in her huge wooden house. “Did you paint these?” I asked and she shook her head. “Nope Zane did” she says and I look to him and he looks at me. “Wait so your Z Zane?” I said and he looks at all the pictures. “Zane painted all of these for you Harper” she states

“Wait I’m so confused who are you!”

“I knew you two would be getting your memory back but you would be confused so I posted that information knowing one of you would come across it” she states “So what happened?” I asked and she sat us down on the couch. “Well you and Zane were lovers I mean real lovers you did it all together you two loved each other like I never seen before. We were originally born in the vampire medieval times about three centuries ago. But our medieval was a little more up to date than humans. We had hotels phones electricity all that but we let humans take the credit for ownership. Harper you were and still are a sorceress Zane you’re a vampire.”

“Wait but I was changed two years ago!”

“You were but changed back to a vampire” she says “You see maybe a year after you ran off Zane proposed to you Diem wanted to find you to warn you his father was out to get you because you were the reason they weren’t in the high court and that his son wasn’t going to be king of your kind. But something happened to Diem his father began controlling him making him do what he wanted him to as in kill Zane and rape you” she says and I looked down. “Diem finally broke the spell from his father but it was too late he already had hurt both of you and was now framed for Zane’s death and raping and killing you” she says.

“He felt terrible for hurting you because truth was he did love you but only as a friend so he took your body and Zane’s body and brought them to our uncle and me”

We look at each other shocked. “We had to heal both your bodies but did it slowly with a very powerful spell but it did do some things some very bad things.” She pauses. “Harper it temporally took your powers away and Zane it turned you human” she says “It also put you all into a coma Zane you woke up about three years ago not having a large amount of memory but it didn’t matter we would have to erase it again too. Harper you woke up about a year ago with no memory and someone captured you turning you into the human slave society” she says “Uncle Vic and I found out so I said I would go undercover as a human until you were sold and to my luck it was to Zane so we didn’t have to worry about stealing you or anything” she says smiling.

“So wait where’s Diem now???”

She smiles “Diem!” she shouts and a guy with blond hair and green eyes walk down and he looks over at me and stops. “Harper” he says and I wasn’t sure how to feel about him I mean he raped me but he didn’t even know he did it. “Hello” I said softly “I’ve been wanting to apologize to you for the last four hundred years” he says running up to me. “Its alright I mean you didn’t do it right?” I said and he nods “But its just that I never wanted that to happen I knew you and Zane love each other and I respected that” he says “Thank you” Zane says and he nods.

Zane held my hand and I kissed him “So how were we you know in the past” I asked she smirked “Lets just say you two went at it every chance you got” she says and Zane smiles and I hit him. “I’m guess nothing has changed” she says and I look down. “Well its good to see you two are happy and I love” she says “And I don’t know if you want this or not but…” she showed us a ring. “What is that?” I asked and she smiled.

The ring Zane proposed to you with”