A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

The Sorceress

I stared at the beautiful ring. It looked ancient but amazing. It was a black gem stone with a hint of prurple in it. Silver surrounded it and I noticed in the band it engraved. To my true love my one my only Harper. I looked at Zane not sure what to do and he looks at me but then grabs the ring. "I'll take it" he says and stuffs it in his pocket.

"Wait are you two still engaged?"

I looked down not sure what to say and Zane didn't answer either. "Umm we have to get going" Zane says pulling me up and rushing to the door. "Wait!" Zoey shouts and I turn back. "It been three centuries since I've seen my best friend and brother just stay a little longer" she asks and I let go of Zane's hand.

"We were best friends?"

She smiles and nods "The best we told each other everything. even when Zane and you got...intimate" she says "Which was about twice a day surprised you didn't get pregnant" she says and I blush. "So Zoey right?" i said and she nods. I look down then back up. "What typre of person was I?" I asked and she smiled. "You were always thinking of others everyone loved you even our parents. You never got angry at anyone and Diem and you were good friends too even though he did hit on you once in front of Zane"

I felt Zane hold my hands "And Zane you would always sing to Harper yes you had a voice then too. You would go to the ends of the earth for her just to make her smile. I remember the first time you two went out she wouldn't shut up about it for days." she says and I look at Zane. "Harper you remember a certian melody?" Zoey asks and I nod. "It was the only thing I could remember" I said and she pulls Zane to the piano. "Zane play it for her"

"I don't know it though"

"PLay what comes to your mind" she says and he pulls me next to him and he looks down at the keys and then begins playing. My eyes went wide it was the song the song I could remember. I looked at him as he played and he then stopped and looked at me. "That was the song?" he asks and I nod. "That song is the one he wrote for you when you started dating" she says and he smiles and looks down. "That's funny" he says "Because I wrote you a song" he says and I smiled. "Zoey" i said and she smiled. "Did my parents die?" I asked and she stifened. "There's something you need to know" she says.

"Harper your the last sorceress alive"

"Your parents were killed by Diem's father..." I heard her but I began feeling woozy like an out of body experience. I looked around confused and Zane carressed my face making me look at him. I saw his mouth move saying something but I couldn't hear it. Everything got shakey and I felt weak next thing I knew everything went black.

Lakeshia's POV

I was sitting in my room reading Sebastian's book for the first time. He told me it was about Zane and Harper but he wrote it before he even met Harper. It was so romantice though. Lovers who cared about each other deeply but get sperated by death but reuinted years later. "It's almost like a modern day Romeo and Juliet" I said and closed the book and opened the next one.

"I wish I had someone like Harper does"

I sat the book against my chest looking outside at the beautiful Miami sky. I was shocked how they had sex I mean Harper told me how she didn't even know what to think about that I wonder what made her change her mind. I wondered what Sebastian thought about it I usually was tough and independent but every time I was around Sebastian I lost all thought.

"Hey can I come in?"

My heart skipped a beat hearing his wonderful voice. "Yeah come in" I said sitting up some and sitting his books to the side. "You'ev read those about five times now" he says laughing and I smile. "Your an amazing writer I can't help it I'm addicted" I said and he smirked. "I wanted to ask you something" he says and I nod. "i got this call from my agent he handles my books too and I got an offer to make each one of these a movie" I gasped. "You think I should do it?"

"Yeah! Why are you even considering!"

He smiled. "I'm just worried that they won't get the message through like I did in the book." he said and I grip his shoulder. "Your the writer I believe if they can't get it right then you make them get it right" he looked down then back up. "There are only two things I asked them to do" he said "What are they" i asked. "That Harper plays the role of Anastasia" he started "And that you play her best friend Lana" my eyes went wide.

"Y..You want me to play Lana?"

He nods "I think since it is based off of you that you should have the honor of playing her" he says "So who is her lover Stephen in real life?" I asked and he looked down his face turned red.


My heart literally stopped and my face turned pink. "You see when we first met...I kind of fell for you" he states and my eyes went wide. "Lakeshia I...I really like you a lot I mean I'm not really sure if its as strong as how Zane and Harper on but I feel it getting there. I mean I think about you a lot even when I'm on tour with thousands of girls all I think of is you and when I'm writing Stephen I'm writing my feelings for you"

I was speechless this was so sudden. He looked in my eyes and the stood up. "I can see you don't feel the same" he states and gets ready to leave out I rush and grab his hand and he looks at me. "Sebastian I do! I always have! I read this bookjealous of Lana and Anastasia wishing that I had you to care about me like that" I said and he smiles and closes the door behind him and cups my cheek. "So you like me alot?" he asks sweetly and I smiled "I like you a whole lot"

He then leaned forward and softly pressed his lips against mine and I smiled and wrapped my arms around him deepening it. I could tell this was realeven if it wasn't as strong as Harper and Zane we found out they've loved each other for hundreds of years we would get there because even though I couln't bare to say it to him yet I knew that I was in love with him.

Zane's POV

I rushed Harper home and laid her in the bed. She wasn't responding well and she had fever like symptoms. My sister Zoey came with us and Diem who I wasn't very found of at the moment stayed at home. "Zoey what is happening to her" I asked and she looked at her wrist and turned it showed a star being almost imprinted into her wrist and changed a glowing grennish blue color.

"Zane go get some towels morphine and close all the curtians"

I looked at her weird "Why should I do that?" I asked and she glared at me. "You don't know your own girlfriend's birthday!" she shouts "When Harper turns eighteen she recieves all her powers Diem's fatherwanted her to be married to Diem before she turned eighteen so that Diem would recieve half but they didn't so he tried to kill her before her birthday the truth is you two died four hundred years ago yesterday" she says and I look at Harper.

"So she's getting her powers back?"

"Yes! Now go!" she shouts. "Where the hell am I suppose to get morphine!"I say and she groans "Fine I'll get it go and get the towels and what ever you do make sure she doesn't see the light for thenext twenty four hours" she says and runs out. I rush to the curtians and close them all and pull the cover over her. "Harper...Harper can you hear me" I said and she whimpered and cracked open her eyes a little. "Zane" she says and I see her eyes glow some excentuating the blue in them. "Haper I'm here for you" I said kissing her forehead.She moved her hand to mine and I gripped it.

She gasped and her ches rose up and I began to panick and I see someone rush and help her stay down and I see myuncle. "Harper you need to lie down" he says pressing her down. "Uncle Victor?" I siad confused. "I'm sure Zoey has informed you of everything Zane you must make sure she doesn't try to get up she has to stay in bed for twenty four hours" he says and I see him tie her hands to the bed post then get her feet. "Victor what's happening to her!" I said and he looked up and smiled. "She's becoming the true princess she was meant to be she is going to be a fully realized sorceress."