A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

I Remember

Zane’s POV

I could not bare it seeing her in pain like that crying out for me. Greg had to take me out of there. I was downstairs in the kitchen trying to tune out what was going on upstairs.

“How many more hours”

Greg looked at his clock “Two” he says this wasn’t a way for her to spend her birthday in pain and agony. What made it worse was that I didn’t even know it was her birthday. “I have to go up there” I said and rushed up opening the door to see the now had her untied and she was just sleeping on the bed. “This is where it gets better most of the pain is gone and the rest she can bear because she passed out from it” Victor says and I walk up to her. Her forehead was sweaty and she had red marks from the rope.

“Harper” I said softly and kissed her forehead. “Zane there is a chance that her powers may be shared with you” Zoey says. I look up at her.

“You two were getting married and you have been intimate with each other numerous amounts of time”

“What does it mean though?” I asked “You two will be mentally and spiritually connected you will be able to tap into some of her powers at times even if she isn’t using them it’s something anyone would want but you may get it” she says “How will we know if I get them” I asked She grabbed my wrist and turned it. I see a star like Harper’s and she smiled. “That’s how but its one thing that confuses me though” she says and I look at her. “Why did you never mark Harper you two were getting married” she says and I shrug. “I can’t answer that because…I don’t know” I said but I looked at her neck thinking how I’d love to sink my teeth into it and drink her intoxicating blood. I always smelled it even if we were miles away.

“One hour”

I look at Harper and hold her hand. “Zane you should rest you’ve been up for hours” Zoey says and I shake my head “Nope not until she wakes up” I said and she smiled “I’m going to be honest with you when she wakes up she will probably just go back to sleep I heard this is more exhausting than giving birth” she says and I look at her. “I’ll be back let me know when she wakes up” Zoey says and I nod and lay my head down on the bed.

It seemed like hours in one hour or was it two? I do not know but it was torture until I heard the sweet soft voice saying. “Zane?” I pop my head up to see Harper smiling at me. “Harper” I said and kissed her forehead then her lips. “How are you?” I asked and she smiled. “I remember everything now Zane” I said. “Yeah like what?” I asked and she smirked and went to my ear. “Like how it use to drive you wild when I nibbled your ear” she says and I smirked “It still does” I answered. “What else?” I asked “How we were pretty wild” she says and I chuckle.

“How do you feel?”

“Weak…and hungry…and weird” she says and I smiled and gave her a quick kiss. “I will get you something to eat” I said and went downstairs.

Normal POV

I felt stronger and my senses sharpened. I remembered all my past and how Zane and I were as a couple. We only got in one fight but got over it quickly. I walk out of the bed and feel dizzy and someone helps me. i see Victor and smile. "Hey Vic" I say and he smiles. "Good to see your back to normal" he says and I relax on the bed.

"How long do I have?"

"Harper I am not sure what you are talking about?" he says and I look at him. "You can't hide it Vic I know Diem's fatheriscoming after me" I said. He knew I was alive and wanted me dead.He sighs and sits next to me "We haven't picked up anything soon I pan on telling Zane but he is going on tour next week so I want you to go with them and you should be fine and well protected." he states and I nod.

"You know what I missed?"

He looked at me and I snapped my fingers turning him into a bird. "This never gets old" I say laughing and he peeps at me and I see Zane come in.

"Where'd the bird come from?"

I laugh and snap my fingers and Victor turns back to normal. "I tell you I didn't miss that" he says glaring at me and I laugh. "Umm did you just turn my uncle into a bird?" he asks and I smiled. "Yep" I state and he sits food down. "Vic can I talk to Harper alone" he asks and Victor leaves.

"Something wrong?"

He closes the door and sits next to me and looks me in the eyes. He pushes my hair out of my face and smiles at me. "You seem so different" he states and I look down. "You don't think I'm different do you? You still love me right?" I asked and he kisses me softly. "Of course I do Harper" he says and I smile. "I...I was just so nervous that you wouldn't love me anymore because I changed" I said and he caresesmy cheek and kisses me again. "Harper I will always love you"

"I love you too Zane"

I see him go in his pocket and take something out and I see the ring. "I want you to wear this" he says and I gasp. "B..but what does this mean?" I asked and he looks down. "I don't know...but I gave it to you and I want you to have it. I'm not sure if I'm ready for marriage yet but I know no one else w ould be better for me" he says and slips it on my hand and I smiled. He leans forward and kisses me again and I wrap my arms around him as he pulls me closer and I hear a knock on the door and turn to see Lakeshia. She smiles "Hey are you still up to dancing?" she asks and I nod standing up. "Let's go!" I said and turned and kisses Zane quickly "I'll be back tonight" I state and he hands me my food. "Take this with you" he says and I grab the simple sandwhich and chips and kiss his cheek. "Your sweet" I said and walked out. We walked out and before we went into Lakeshia's car I see Zoey run out.

"Harper where are you going!"

"Umm dance" I said and she looks down. "Oh..." she says I felt bad she was supposidly my best friend. I looked down then back at Lakeshia then at the window and I see Zane starng at me smiling."I better stay here Lakeshia I'm stil exhsausted and I haven't had any sleep" I said and she smiles "Its cool I have to head back home and pick up some more things for when the guys go on tour" she says and I nod. "Oh yeah I should have mentioned" she says opening the door.

"Sebastian is my boyfriend now"

I gasped and a huge smile plastered on my face she then drove off and I walked back in with Zoey. "So best friend what did we like to do together?" I asked and she smiled. "Well we would pig out once a week and watch movies. Also while you and Zane weren't together we would go into the forest and hang out there but there are much more things to do now!" she says grabbing my hand and pulling me in the house. "Harper?" I hear and see Dan. "Yes?" I asked and he smiled "You look beautiful" he says and I smile "Thank you Dan" I said and Zoey took me into the basement. "Zander!" she shouts and Zane sighs "Zoey no one calls me that!" he shouts and I laugh it was like nothing happen between us.

I need to talk to you!"

She takes Zane and pulls him into the back room and I sit on the couch bored. "So excited to go on tour with us?" I hear and see Greg and smile "You know it! But I'm not packing until tomorrow or tonight though" I state and he sits next to me. "So your like this four hundred year old sorceress who was apparently killed right?" he aks and I nod. "ANd Zoey tells me you and Zane made sex like a daily thing" he says and my face turns bright red. "I don't know what your talking about" I said softly and he laughs. I see Zane walked out confused and he looks at me. "What?" I asked. "Harper do you really love me?" he asks and I look at him confused. "Of course I do Zane" I said and he looks down then back up. "Okay..." hw says and I grab his hand. "What's wrong?" I asked and he shook his head "Nothing nothing I'm just thinking you know" he says and I pull him next to me. "About what you can tell me anything" I said and he look away sad. "Its just I'm really sad and happy at the same time" he says "How so?

"Well I'm happy that you have your full memory back but I'm sad because I don't have mine"