A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

Your Fired!

I looked at Zane and his sad expression I knew he was hiding something and the sad part of it...he still was. "Guys I'll be back" I said grabbing Zane's hand and pulling him out. "Harper look I'm sorry its just that..."

I pulled him to me and kissed him hard.

He pulled away and looked at me. "I'm your girlfriend I love you with every bone in my body I don't like it when you hide things from me I never did" I said and he looks down. "I hid things from you in the past?" he ask and I nod.

"Not alot only things about how you couldn't go ut with me or you were afraid to be around me in the vampire world" I state. "Why was I afraid?" he asks "Because I was arrange to be married to Diem before we knew" I said and he nods. "Harper I want to remember but I cant it's so agrrivating not knowing simple things like the first night I made love to you" he says and I cup his cheek. "I could tell you" I siad and he nods.

"It was about six months after we stated secretly dating. We hadn't really talked about it much but knew we wanted it. You took me for a walk in the forest and we were talking about the new news about my arranged marriage and decided we would runaway together. Then it was like something just happened we looked each other in the eyes and knew it was right and it happened."

He looks down and sighs. "I want to remember that Harper" he says and I kiss him again. "Let me give it a shot" I said and I sat my fingers on his temples and closed my eyes "Close your eyes Zane" I whispreed and he closes them. I tried to read into his mind but there were alot of blank spaces. I tried to look deeper and I see a shadow it was running around and I cleared up the picture. I see someone and they turned to me and throw me against the wall and I look up to see Zane but it wasn't him he was a monster.


I gasped and pushed away from him and he looks at me. "What happened?" he asks and I feel something and see my nose is bleeding. "Harper what did you see?" he asks and I look up at him. I couldn't tell him that I saw him something that frightened me so much. "Nothing it was nothing" I said walking awya but he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. "Tell me now" he says and I look away.

"You are still my slave tell me now"

I turned to him angry "Slave!" I shout and he realizes he said the wrong thing. "Is that all I am to you is a fucking slave!" I shout and he didn't say anything. "Zane answer me!" I shout. "No..." he says softly. "Really are you sure I'm not just some worthless girl you screw because you can'r keep it in your pants" I said angry and he shot his head up at me. 'if you didn't realize you were the one that wanted to do that not me!!" he answeres and I glare at him. "Not like you were saying no" I answered

"Well I see I should have" he says and my eyes go wide. "You know your nothing but an ass! I can't believe you would say that I'm your slave" I said "But you are I didn't waster 10,000 dollars for nothing!" he shouts. "Oh so you wasted that on me" I said and I noticed Greg and Zoey peeking in. "Yeah I did because I shouldn't have gotten someone worth wasting my money on!" he answeres and I slap him crying.

"Don't you ever speak to me again you bastard!"

I stormed away and I felt him grab my arm. "Harper wait I..." My eyes glew and I made him fly against the wall. "Don't mess with me!" I shout and Zoey follows me."Harper wait" I hear and I turn around. "Don't even tell me to go back and apologize because that asshole should have never called me a slave" I said crying and she hugged me. "i know you just need to know something" she says. "What could I possibly know that would make me better"

"He's almost losing all control"

I stopped and looked at her. "I noticed by the way he acts around you. If we don't do something soon we will lose him completely" she states and I look down. I did feel guilty but I was still heated up about how angry he made me. "We don't know what to do and that's why we need you. Sorceress know the cure to this certian problem" she says and I look at her. "I don't know it" I said softly and I gasped. I knew the vision I saw of Zane he lost all control before.

I see him looking over to us and I turn away. "Harper please just listen" he says "No! I can't believe you of all people would say something so crude to me your girlfriend!" I shout and he looks down. "I know I'm really sorry you have no idea how sorry I am I just wish that" "That what you never bought me" I said crying and he held my hand.

"Don't touch me"

I snatched my hand away form him. He pushes me against the wall and kisses me hard and I tried to push him away but he grabbed my arm and pushed me harder and I opened my eyes and I gasped seeing one of Zane's vision.

"Zane! No don't do this!" I shouted and he slaps me making me fall and he ripped of my shirt and his fangs came out. "Zane please no I love you!" I shout and he sinks his fangs deep into me hard and I scream and all I remember after that was darkness.

I pushed him away and he looked at me and I looked down and thought that the vision meant something. "Zane..." he pauses. "Do you really think of me as your slave?" I asked he cupped my face. "No no Harper I just freaked out I'm in desperate need to find my past and I thought you knew it so I just got angry" he says and I look up.

"i keep having dreams about people I...I think they are my ancestors they keep sending me this message to go somewhere or do something and...I just want to know Harper please I didn't mean any of what I said!"

I grab his hand and look at him. "Promise to never hurt me again please" I said softly. He nods "Yes I promise Harper" he says and I nod and take his hand. "Zane come with me" I said and he nods. "I take him upstairs and close the door as we go into his room and look at him.

"I want you to bite me"

"No I'm not doing that are you crazy!" he says and I grab his shirt. "I advise you not to call me anything because I am still pissed at you" I said and he swallows and nods. "Alright but I wont bite you I refuse” he says and I sighed. “Fine then Zane but I think that is the way that you can get your memory back and gain control again” I said. “I’m going to bed” I walked out of his room and went into mine locking the door. I was still fed up I didn’t want to be around him at the moment even if I did have to help him. I walked to my suitcase and packed things and soon laid in my bed falling asleep.

“Harper! Harper are you alright in there!”

I sit up hearing Zane’s voice and I swing open the door. “What do you want” I said angry. “I was checking up on you” he says “I was asleep like I told you I would be!” I shout and he looks down. “I…I got worried” he states and I roll my eyes. “Well I’m fine okay I’m going back to sleep!” before I could slam the door he stopped it with his foot. “Come here” he says and pulls me downstairs. He takes me in front of the fireplace and I look at him curious of why he has a fire lit in the middle of summer.

“Harper your fired”

I look at him weird “I never wanted you as my slave and never will I want you as my girlfriend if that’s what you still are” he states. I see him take out a stack of papers. “This is the contract I had to sign when I bought you” he says and “It’s yours to keep do what you like with it” he says and I look at it reading some of what it says. I look at Zane realizing he is serious and I sighed and tossed it in the fire. “So I’m your girlfriend and that is it right?” I said and he nods. “It always will be” he states “Then I need you to trust me when I say if you bite me it will help” he sighs and nods. “Okay fine” he says and we walk upstairs to his room.

“Are you sure about this Harper?”

“Yes Zane do it quickly” I said and he pressed me against the wall and looked me in the eyes. “I want you to know I’m really sorry” he says “I know Zane” I said softly. “And that I love you” he adds “I love you too” I said blankly. “I mean it Harper!” he shouts and I look at him. “You know I love you Zane okay don’t ever doubt that” I said cupping his face. I could tell he was nervous about this so even though I was ticked a little I stilled showed him I care.

“Okay I’ll try”

He moved up to me and pulled my shirt down some and I wrapped my arms around his neck. “I love you” he says softly. “I love you too Zane” I answered and he sinks his teeth into the base of my neck and I gasped. It felt amazing I wanted him to keep going. He then began unbuttoning my shirt and unzipping my pants, as I knew the pleasure had taken over him. He began drinking more and more blood and he then pulled away kissing me hard and bringing me to the floor as he ripped off the remainder of my top and bottoms. I don’t think him biting me worked.