A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

It was me

I woke up sore and tired and very warm. I look to see I'm in one of Zane's shirts and he is holding me. I remember we were fighting and then...yeah. I sit up feeling exshausted and Zane opens his eyes and they're purple. I get a flash back from before and remember his eyes were purple. "Harper?" he asks and I look at him. "I'm sorry I know I hurt you" he says looking at how some of my milky pale skin a shades of puple and red. "It's fine" I said softly. He sat up next to me and cupped my cheek. "i never want to make you cry again Harper I know I was out of line and I will never do something like that again" he says.

"Yes you will"

He looked at me shocked. "But I will forgive you then too and I hope that you do the same for me" I say and and he sighs. "I never want to do that to you again though" he says "Which part because one of those parts I enjoyed" I said smirking and he smiled. "i think you know what I mean" he says and I kiss him on the lips and he looks at me and pulls his shirt off. "Harper look" he says and I see a mark from my waist to my neck. I remembered I had this after our first time back then. "Its my mark"

"I marked you?"

I turned to him and nod "Yeah after our firt time I thought it was so cute how nervous you were at first" I said smiling and he blushed. I kissed his lips again and took his shirt back putting it on. "I'm going to get changed do you guys have anything to do today?" I asked and he nods. "We have this interveiwat about 2:30 and then we start getting ready for our World Tour" he says and I look at him shocked. "W...World Tour?" he nods "For how long?" I asked and he shurgged.

"Six...Seven Months we have breaks in between though like when we go out the country we have at least two weeks and then we get to come home before award shows we are in." he says and I nod and get up but then I look at him. "There is something you need to know" I said sitting in front of him. "Yes what is it?"

"Promise not to freak out?"

He nods. "Well...the night that Diem...umm...raped me something happened between us before I went unconcince we became almost connected menatlly like we know what the other is thinking. And the truth is that's how we were but that night he took it from you" I said he looked slightly ticked but didn't show his anger. "Can I get it back?" he asks "I don't even know if he still has this power from me. its when a sorceress finds her mate if the moment is right they are able to share their powers with them and I did that with you"

"So do I have your powers"

"I don't know if you can get it back" he gripped the sheets angry and I cupped his face and kisses him deeply. "It doesn't mean anything huge most couple like us didnt share powers" I said and he looks at me and I stare into his beautiful purple eyes. "What?" he asks and I smiled. "Look at your eyes their back to purple" I said he turns to the mirror. "Did I gain control again"

"Only one way to tell"

My nails grew and I brought them up to my neck. "Harper what are you doing?" he asks and I make a small cut on my neck and let the blood seep out. He looks at me confused and shifts a little. "Why did you do that?" he asks and I smiled.

"To show you that you have control"

His eyes went wide and he rushed and kissed me. "Thank you Harper!" he says and hugs me tightly. "Uhh Zane" I whispered and he pulls away to see his hand covered in my blood and I smiled. "You know you are still a vampire" I said and he pushes my hair out of the way and rests his lips on my neck and I close my eyes enjoying the feeling. He holds me and pushes me against the wall and I sense someone coming twoard his door and I push him off.

"Zane someone is coming!"

He rushes me to the bathroom and slips on a shirt and wipes off the blood on his lips. I look around grab a towel and wipe it off the blood and looked in the mirror. I then gasp remembering something not from our time but it was me though I was holding a knife in my hand and running for my life.


I look to see Zane and he charges at me and I run away. "Zane please don't do this to me!" I shout crying. "Why not you love me why won't you let me change you" he says I looked in his eyes and realized it wasn't him someone was controlling him. "No....Zane who is controlling you snap out of it this isn't you!" I said and he chuckles. "This is the new me Harper! Like it or not" he says.

"No its not Zane if you are really there listen to me you have to break out of this trance". "Its too late Harper he has already had the blood of his lover he cannot change back" I hear and see Diem's father Damien. "You!" I screeched and he chuckles. "I wouldn't try to much Harper I know your powers are gone I mean what sorceress carries a knife" he says and Zane grabs me by the throat. "Zane please I love you dont do this!!" I shout and his fangs come out. I start crying realizing what my last resort was and pointed the knife toard his chest.

'i'm doing this because I know the real you is still in there"

I thrust the knife into his abdomen and he stiffens and lets me go dropping me. I began crying hysterically I had to kill my own fiance I couldn't believe it. "Harper don't cry" I hear and I pop my head up seeing Zane's eyes are purple and I rush and hug him blood going all over me. "Zane I'm so sorry! I...I didn't know what to do!" I said crying. He kisses me and I taste blood in my mouth and lets me go. "You did the right thing I wouldn't bare living knowing I killed you" he syas and my eyes go wide. "BUT I JUST KILLED YOU!" I shout and he holds me close. "Just stay here until...I die" he whisperes and I began crying but held him close but then I felt a sharp pain in my back and I see a shadow not sure who it is but I didn't care if I was dying at least I was dyin ghis my lovers arms.


I open my eyes gasping and I look to see Zane holding me in his arms. I look around and I notice a robe around me and Lakeshia greg Sebastian Dan and Dave surrounding me. "Guys what's wrong?" I asked and Zane helps me up. "I heard you screaming and the door was locked so I got scared and broke in and I see you on the ground couhing up blood" Zane says and I wie my mouth still tasting some there.

"Oh I'm sorry"

He kissed my forehead and smiled "Don't be" I looked at him thinking about the vision I had and I was afriad. Had I killed Zane before? I push him back some and look at his abdomen and see no scars or marks and he doesn't flinch in pain. "What are you doing?" Greg asks. I look at all of them

"Nothing...umm I'm going to take a shower"

I got up and walked slowly out of Zane's room into mine but I feel someone grab my arm and I turn to see Zane. "Are you sure you're alright you seem a little scared" he says and I nod "Yes I'm alright" I said softly and he pulled me to him. "Are you telling me the truth?" he asks worried and I kiss him. "I'm fine Zane don't worry" I saidand he grips my hand then smiles.

"Okay when you come out go back to the pool were all having a small hit off party of our world tour"

I nod and grab some clothes and a bikini just incase I would go in the pool and hopped in the shower. I then comeout after about twenty minutes and sit on my bed looking at my clothes. I was so scared because of that vision. My skin crawled with fear and I was shaking some. I then took my clothes and put them on and walked downstairs and saw everyone down by the pool.


I yelped and turned around to see Zane and he narrowed his eyes at me andhe grabbed my arm and pulled me into the kitchen.He then lifted me onto the island and looked me in the eyes. "Harper please tell me what is wrong" heasks pushing my hair back. "Nothing Zane I'm fine" i said and he gripped my arms "Don't lie to me Harper you were on the ground coughing up blood there is something wrong with you" he says and I look down and move his hands from my arms.

"I had another vision"

He lifted my chin "What happened?" he asks and I began crying. "Harper was it that bad" he asks and I nod and he kisses my forehead. "Just try to say it out slowly if you can" he whisperes in my ear and I grip his shirt. "I had a vision that I killed you" he tensed. "What?" he asks and I look down. "I don't know! You were trying to attck me but it wasn't really you and I stabbed you. I was so scared Zane and then someone stabbed me but I couldn't see who"

"It was me..."

We turn our head and my eyes go wide to see.