A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave


We look at him shocked and Zane grabs him by his neck. "You fucking stab my fiance!" he shouts and my eyes went wide. "Did he just call me his fiance'?" I shouted in my mind. "Zane you have to understand!" he shouts but Zane punches him sending him across the room.

"You were my best friend and you stab my girlfriend!"
I then snapped into reality and stood in the way before he hit him again. "Zane stop this now!" I shout and he looks at me. "He tried to kill you!" he shouts at me. "Maybe if you wait a damn ssecond we can find out why he did it!" I shout and I look at Sebastian on the ground and I help him up and sit him on the chair by the table and wipe the blood away from his nose. I then see his eye swelling and I sat him up. "Hold still" I said and made ice surrond my fingertips and sat them on his eye the swelling automatically going down and then I put it over his one cut. "Thanks Harper" he says softly.

"No prob just hold this against your nose"

I turned to Zane and put his face inbetween my hands and I looked at him sternly. "You are still a little unstable I need you to stay calm for at least twenty four hours" I said and he pulled my hands down and nod and I turn to Sebastian. "You can start now" I said and he nods removing the towel. "Harper you must remember Zane and I were best friends four hundred years ago" he says and my eyes go wide and I realized how right he was."Yeah!" I said shocked and Zane looked at me.

"Well you two kind of left without telling me you were running away when I found you you two were dead so I helped Zoey revive you two but then you guys woke up too early but remembered everything but there were two down sides. Harper you lost your powers and Zane you lost all control of your blood lust and anger"

He looks around and then back at me "Zoey told me that there was a way we could save you but we would have to kill you sorta...unfortunatly....Diem's father came and made you kill eachother" he says "So we put you two back to sleep for another ten years and now here we are Ive been watching Zane since and Zoey watched Harper." he says and I think about it "So those visions are of what happened?" he nods. I turn to Zane and hit his chest. "Ouch!" he nods and looks at me.


he looks at me then sighs "Sorry Sebastian" he says "I...I just got angry" he says and he nods. "Hey were best friends" he says smiling and Zane nods. "Hey I think I'm just going to go sit upstairs for a inute I have to think about things" he says and I look at him gripping his hand and he kisses me. "I'm alright don't worry" he says softly and I nod and go out to the pool were everyone was I sit in the chair and Lakeshia comes out and sits next to me.

"Hey you okay?"

I look over to her and sigh "Zane's mad" I said "I know he is and its about him not remembering everything" I said and ball my fists up. "I just wish I could help him I want him happy" I said softly. "I don't know what to do though I don't even know what's going to happen to us or who is coming after us" I said and looked at her. "Are things like this between you and Sebastian?" she laughed.

"Not at all"

I sank my head. "Thats because we've been dating for what a week and we don't have people coming after us and we haven't ben together for over 500 years" she says and I sighed. "Good point" I state I look at his window. "He called me his fiance' earlier" I state and her eyes go wide. "So you two..."

"I don't know couldn't give you an honest answer"

She nodded and i looked down and crossed my legs. "I just wish I could do something" I said again and hear a loud russtle in the bushes and I feel Greg grab my arm. "Harper run up to Zane's room now" he says pulling me up. "What's wrong?" I asked "No time to talk just go!" he says and I see about ten guys in black cloaks come out of the bushes and I gasp realizing those are his followers called the Dark Ones. They look over at me and I rush into the house and run up to Zanes room. "Zane!" I shout scared and one of them grab me and throws me against the wall and I gasp. It then comes to me grabbing me by the neck.

"You come to my master"

I looked at it and shot my hand into its stomach and shot energy through it and it let me go. Zane then rushes down and grabs me by the waist and the cloaked person stands back up and brings its arm forward and a huge impact hits me and Zane apart sending me flying through the glass door. I felt wetness against my head and feel seeing blood. "Zane" I whisper and he looks over to me and picks me up in his arms. The last thing I remember him saying was.

"I remember..."