A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

I Dont Want To Leave You

I wake up with a shakey feeling not that I'm shaking but my suroundings are. "Stop moving" I muttered annoyed I heard a soft chuckle and I slowly open my eyes to see I'm laying on someone's chest and I sit up. "Hey there" I look up to see Zane.

"Zane what the hell is going on"

"Well those guys that attcked us trashed my house so we got a head start on the tour were heading to our first spot." he says "Which is?" I asked and he smiled "Tennessee then in two days we go to Maryland then New York and so on" he says and he shows me a map. "Show me the place your most excited to go" he asks and I point to New York and he smiles "I have a surprise for you there" he says kissing my forehead. "Oh whait Zane what even happened where's everyone else?" I asked disoriented.


He removes the curtian and I see Greg in the small bed across from us Lakeshia laying with Sebastian and Dan and Dave acting like idiots. "Where's Zoey?" I asked and he sighs "She stayed back to ward them off" he says "You worried?" I asked "Well yeah she's my sister" he says softly. It then popped in my head. "You told me you remember" i said and he smiles "I do now I remember everything" he says moving the hair out of my face. I smile and kiss him softly and snuggle into his chest.

"I want to keep this on you at all times"

He hands me a white cell phone that is a slide open keyboard. "We might not be together at all timesyou have all of our numbers in here including my uncle and zoey" he adds and I nod sticking it in my pocket. I then look at Zane who just stares at the celing. "What's wrong?" I asked and he looks down at me. "Nothing just thinking" he says "I found out....I didn't kill my parents" I smiled "That's great Zane" I said and he nods. "I still don't know what happened to them though I never knew" he says and I look down. "I'll help you find them."

"Hey guys were here!"

I get up and Zane helps me out the bed and then we get off. I see Greg and Sebastian unloading bags. "Here were going to check in come on" he says and I nod. We go into the five star hotel and I was sharing a room with Lakeshia only because she wasn't fully comfortable shairing one with Sebastian yet not that she doesn't trust them they have only been dating for a week or two. Unlike Zane and I who have been together for 400 years.

"I was really hoping we'd get some time alone if you know what I mean"

I roll my eyes at Zane "We need to control this thing of us being a sex crazed couple" I said and he smirks "I see nothing wrong with it" he says "Of course you don't" I said and he smiled. "Look I'll hang in your room later alright don't you have to practice with your band anyway" I said and he sighs. "Yeah kind of forgot about that" he says and hands me his key. "Holds this for me" he says and I nod and he kisses me softly. "We'll have the bags sent to our room I'll see you in a couple of hours" I nod and he sticks his hands in his pockets and walks off.

"Hey sorry if I ya know ruined you and Zane's alone time"

"Its fine he needs to lern how to keep it in his pants anyway" I said and he smirked at me hearing what I said as walked out the door. "Okay toomuch info" Lakeshia says and I smile. "So how's you and Sebastian going?" she sighs "Pretty good he's taking me out to eat tonight" she says "Oh and did you hear Dan's got a date with Miki" "The girl that had the party?" she nods "I thought Dave likes her?" she shrugs "I don't know I just know one of them is going to take her out on a date when we go to New York" she says and I smile.

"So how's your singing career going?"

She smiled "Really good just released my second album and I go on tour in seven months" she says "And what my fans don't know is that the boys are guest staring" she says and I smiled.We made it to the room and she slid the key in and I went straight to the bed. "Is it alright if I take a nap I'm still a little dizzy" she nods "Yeah I'm just going to watch some Tv I'll wake you when the boys come." I nod "Thanks"

"Harper!Harper Wake up!"

I pop my head I could have sworn that I just fell asleep but I look to see its night and they Zoey is waking me up. "Z what's up?" I asked. "You have to get out of here away from Zane" she says and I look at her confused. "Why?" I said and I see Zane sittng at the edge of the bed. "Those guys they're tacking you by Zane's tour Zane will be safe always with someone but you won't you have to come with me" she says.


"She's right Harper" he says not wanting to look at me. "Where are we going?" "This small house in Washington its a place where its really rainy all the time and everyone watches over everybody" she says and I nod. "She said you can come for our New York concert." he says softly "When do I have to leave?" I asked

"You have a couple of hours get some food in you and say your goodbyes for now and Lakeshia is coming with us" she adds and I nod. "Can I get a moment alone with Zane?" they nod and leave out. I walk up and lock the door.


He looked up at me "I don't want to leave you" I said softly. "Love it will only be for a month or two we can talk everyday and I got you this" he says showing me a laptop. "We can talk on here too" he adds and I nod sitting it on the night stand. I walked over to the iPod home station and turned on the song Snow White Queen by Evanescence. I went on Zane's lap and kissed him deeply. "You want this?" he asks I nod. He takes my waist and places me on the bed and kisses me with more passion but I couldn't help but let tears fall down my eyes thinking that I would have to wait months before I kiss him again. He broke away and looked at me. "You okay?" he asks and I whip my tears. "Yeah fine" I said and he pushed my hair back kissing me again but I just cried more.

"I can't"

I sat up "I can't do this because I don't want to leave you" I said and turned off the music. He caressed my cheek"We are way more than a sex crazed couple" he says and I nod. He pulls me to him and holds me closely "We can wait" he says and I wrap my arms around his hard torso. "Just don't let me go" I whispered. He had one around my waist the other on the back of my head. He kissed my forehead. "I never will"