A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

Let's Give Him Something To Miss!

We walked to the car hand in hand as I see Zoey put our bags in. "Its only two months" he says and I look to him. "Zane its three" I said softly and he grabbedmy chin. "Look at me" he says softly and my eyes slowly trail to him. "Nothing is worse than being away from you Harper but if this is for both our safety we have to sacrifice it" he says and I nod slowly. "We have been through a lot and this is just another thing we have to knock out of our way" he whispers in my ear and I nod. He kisses me again and I nod again.

"Okay Zane"

He held me in a tight embrace and I rested my head in his chest and inhaled his scent one last time. I have never been away from Zane not counting the time I didn't know who he was. I gripped his shirt softly and took a deep breath not wanting to be away from him. He rubbed my back softly as we stood there.


I turned to Zoey. "Its time to go" she says and I stiffened and Zane held me tighter. "If we want to get to the house by morning tomorrow then we have to get driving its about a twelve hour trip." she says softly and i grip onto Zane. "Its only three months right?" I asked Zoey.

"Yeah then we meet them in New York and we see what happens to dtermine our nxt move"

I sighed and looked at Zane. "You can call me everyday and I'll call you before every concert" he says softly and I look down. "Alright" I said and he kisses me once more with more passion than ever and I hold him tightly. When we broke apart I tried to smile and be optimistic. "Tell those groupies your taken" I said and he smiles "i think they already know" he says and I kiss him again. "I'll miss you so much" I said and he smiles. "I'll be waiting for you" he says and I rest my hands on his face and kiss him lustfully and he pushes me against him kissing me more and I wrap my arms around his neck and his hands go under my shirt and my fingers go through his hair and I push myself closer to him until someone pulls us apart.

"Do that in New York"

I look to see the guys "I'm gonna miss you guys to" I said and hugged all of them and I looked at how Greg was staring at Zoey and she looks at him and smiles. "You got eyes for Z huh?" I asked and he looks at me. "Its weird though like dating Zane" he says and I roll my eyes. "That's what going to get her to hate you Greg ask for her number before we leave" I said "But that means I have to ask her now! And Zane might get all defensive!" he says and I smirk "I'll distract him for you" I said and he nods.

"Zoey give meten minutes"

Shenods and I grab Zane by the shirt and walk into the hotel and into the private bathroom and lock thedoor. "Why did you bring me in here" he asks and I push him against the wall. "Why do you think" I said and began kissing him. "But in here" he asks confused "We don't have enough time to go that far and were taking a break on that anyway" I said and he looks at me confused. "I'm not sure why we are in here then" he says and I smile. "We could do a lot more than just sex Zane" he smirks and turns off the lights.

Zoey's POV

I really did feel bad for separating Zane and Harper they were inseprable and I thought Harper was going to break out into tears. "Hey Zoey?" I look to see Greg one of Zane's cute new friends. "Hi Greg" I said smiling. "So you're going to be gone a while huh?" he asks and I nod. "I'm...I'm going to miss you" he says blushing. Greg and I had gotten really close since I came back into Zane's life. I smiled "I'm goingto miss you too Greg" I saidand he looked down.

"I...I was hoping that I could get your number...you know just to check up on you guys sometimes!"

He was so shy that's something that was making me fall for him. I took his phone out of his hand and saved my number intoit. "Thanks" he says softly. "Greg" I said softly he looks up at me. I kissed his cheek and smiled"I'm going to miss you too" I said said and I see Zane and Harper come out I see her fixing her hair and him fixing his shirt.

"Really you two didn't"

"We only made out cool it Dan" Zane says to him and I laugh softly. I could see why no one wanted to leave these guys they always kept you smiling. I looked over to Greg and he looks down. "So....will you be there in New York?" I nod "I'm really want to do some cathing up with my bestfriend and brother" I said and he smiles. "Good then maybe we can hang out...maybe...alone?" he says scrathing the back of his head. "Yeah that sounds great" I said and he smiles "Can't wait" he says then walks away.

Normal POV
"We only made out Dave" I said punching his arm and he laughed. "I don't know Zane's pretty sweaty over there" he says laughing and I jump on his back. "Your such a loser!" "Who Zane you didn't do a good job she still has a lot of enegry!" Dave shouts and I gasp. "Your gonna pay for that!" I said and sat my hands on his head and died his hair purple.

"Ha! Wow that's priceless"

He lookedthrough the small mirror of the car. "Damnit Harper change it back I can't go on stage like this!" he says and I go over to Zane and kiss him again. "I love you" I said softly and he kisses me and holds me close. "I love you too" he says and I walk into the car and Dave rushes to me. "Change it back now Harper!" he says and I smile. "Fine" I saidwaving my hand over his head and it changes back to blond. "Happy" "Very!" he says and walks off. Zanecomes up to me and kises me again and smiles "Be safe alright" he says andI nod. Lakeshia then got in the car and we drove off.

Aswe drove off I heard Zane calling me and I look through the window and he shouts. "I LOVE YOU!" my heart beatfaster and I smile "I love you too!" Ii shout blowing him a kiss. "I got the loser" I say going back in the car and smile at Lakeshia. "Gonna miss Sebastian?" she nods "Butwe'll call each other everyday" she adds and I look at Zoey driving.

"Harper did you two really just make out?"

I sighed"Yes we did" I said and she smirks. "Hey I'veknown way too much about your sex life to care where you did it now" she says "I didn't have sex!" I say and she laughs. "I believe you I believe you" she says and I look down. "Hey guys I'm gonna go to sleep" I said and they nod and I pul on a sweat shirt and and close my eyes.

Zane's POV

"Come on let's go to sleep we have a long day tomorrow"

I sighed and nod wishing I'd be with Harper now. I went up to my room Greg's room was connected to mine but we had our own beds. I slipped off my shirt and pants and pulled open the covers and I look at my phone the cover of it was Harper and me and I smiled. She had really changed my life for the better.

Normal POV
"Harper let's go"

I pop my head up and see a small house in the forest and and I sit up rubbing my eys. "Is this it?" I asked and Zoey nods. "Come on" she says and I walk out of the car and strecth yawning. "Sleeping in a car is not comfy" I said cracking my back some. I took my bags and walk up to the car. I then go to the door and go up and look around. "Come here!" Lakeshia says. I see through the galss windows and spot a piano. "This place is so cool!" she says and I turn to see Zoey.

"Make over time"

"What?" I asked "I'm sorry but your hair is terrible compared to what is was before I mean you take good care of it but its all choppy and stuff lets at least even it out" she says. "Yeah and you could put on a little mascara then and now" Lakeshia says. "Wait you guys don't like how I look?" I asked and the shake their heads. "Its just we want to bring you back to Zane making his mouth drop" she says and I looked down. "I thought he likes the way I look?" I said down. "He does Harper we just...." "Want to give him something to miss!"