A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

Makeovers Aren't My Thing

“So what are you trying to make over on me?”

Zoey and Lakeshia looked at each other then me. “The hair” they said and grabbed my hands and pulled me into the bathroom and turning on the shower and pushing me in there. “Hey its cold!” I said and they smile and wet my hair and I look down at my soaked clothes and they put shampoo in my hair. I closed my eyes as they began scrubbing and rinsed out about fifteen minutes later they pulled me out and I began shivering and Lakeshia comb out my hair and I see Zoey with a pair of scissors. “Z you’re my best bud and all but I have never seen you cut hair before!” I said and she laughed. “Just trust me” she says and I sighed and they sat me in a chair.

“Now don’t move”

I close my eyes and I hear the snipping of my hair and when I open my eyes I was not able to tell. “Here go change before you freeze” Lakeshia says and I nod and go downstairs to my bag and grab a pair of sweat pants and a tank top and slip it on. I then go back upstairs and they take me into another room with a big dresser and mirror and sit me in front of it. Zoey begins blow-drying my hair and Lakeshia is sitting on the bed with her laptop. “I’m picking out some cute dresses for you I noticed you only had one” she says and I nod. “Also I’m buying some other cute things for you to look good in for Zane” she states and I smile “Also I got you some heels you have too many flip flops ballet flats and converse” she says and I sighed “Alright” I said and Zoey started flat ironing my hair. “Zane is going to lose it when he sees you”

Zoey made me pull my hair up because she wasn’t done with it but we had to go to the store they bought me make up food for the house nail polish and a whole bunch of movies to watch for the night I was kind of excited to see, Seeing as in this was my first movie ever that I was going to watch. As soon as we came back I felt my phone buzz. “Hello?” “Man I missed your voice” I hear and I smiled “Hi Zane” I said and he sighs “What are you guys doing over there” he asks and I smiled “They gave me a make over” I said and he groans “Why did they do that you were fine just as you were” he says and I smiled “Its just some fun and I did need a hair cut” I said softly and he laughs “Your beautiful the way you are Harper” he states and I smiled “You know your amazing” I said and he chuckled. “You are too love” he says and I smiled “So no one suspicious following you guys are they?” I look around slowly “Nope”

“Please don’t tell me you just looked around to make it obvious”

I laughed “Maybe” he laughed also. “You know I can’t wait to see you” I said “Can’t wait to see you either or give you your surprise” he says, “Harper let’s go!” Zoey says “Hey I have to go” I said softly and he sighs “Okay I’ll call you after my concert tomorrow” he says “I love you” I said and I knew he was smiling. “I love you too Harper” he says and I hang up. I rush to the car and we head back home. Maybe talking to him would not make things so hard…

Three months later I was excited Zane and the guys were already in New York and we getting ready to get on the plane there I slipped on a pair of pants and a t-shirt and pulled my hair up. “No no you are not going back to Zane like that! Not after all we did” Zoey and Lakeshia say and I look down and smile helplessly at them and they grab my hands. Zoey sat me down and pulled down my hair and took out a curling iron and she smiled at me.

“Ohh and you can wear this!”

I saw a dress and heels and a purse and necklace. “Heels on a plane?” I asked and she nods I sighed and she finished putting loose curls in my shortened hair. She had cut it to my mid back instead of it almost reaching my butt. She also cut my bangs so they were a little fuller and I was able to push them to the side. “Now go change and do your make up!” they say and I sigh and grab the stuff and go into the bathroom. I put on the dress and blue heels and look at myself in the mirror receiving another vision.

“Come on Harper you have to look nice its your first date with Zane!” Zoey tells me going through my closet and I look at my skirt and shirt. “This isn’t fine?” she shakes her head. “Nope looks like your going to do work or something.” She says and I sighed. “I’m so nervous Z I really like Zane and what if he thinks I’m a loser” I said looking at myself and she sits next to me. “He will never shut up about you he’s been talking about this all week I’m sure he’s acting the same way” she says and I sighed and nodded and she hands me one of my blue and white summer dresses. “You know its going to be great” she says “You’re alright with this right? I mean he’s your brother” I said and she laughs “I couldn’t separate you I I tried” she says and I laugh and smile I was so happy today was my first date with Zane.

I smiled more excited to see him now I fixed my hair and put on some eyeliner and mascara and lip-gloss. I walked out and they smiled “Okay lets go” I said grabbing my bags and going down to the car. I was jumping up and down to see him and go to his concert tonight although I don’t think I’d wear this to it though. When we got on the plane the flight attendant said it was a ten-hour trip I groaned and Zoey just told me to go to sleep to make it faster.

“I never thought you would like a guy like me.” He says and I smile “I’d never thought you would like a girl like me” I said and he held my hand and we linked fingers. “Look I know there is a chance we both might have arranged marriages considering we are loyalty but I want you to know nothing and I mean nothing will matter I love you Harper” he says and I freeze. “Y…You love me?” he blushes and nods “I know we have only been together for a week but there’s no doubting it my feelings for you are too strong” he says and I smile and kiss him then hug him. “I love you too Zane!” I said and he held me in his arms. I have to say this was the best day ever.

“Harper get up!”

I pop my head up to see people leaving the plane and I look at Zoey. “Were hear man you’re a hard sleeper” she says getting up and I fix my hair and make up and then dress and get my bag and get off and head off the plane. “Greg said they are waiting for us” Zoey says and I smirk at her. “How long were you talking to Greg?” I asked and she looks down. “Half the plane ride” Lakeshia says and I smile at her. “We were just talking nothing huge” she says and I laugh softly. We went to get our bags and I walked to where we waited for Zane and the guys outside and I stand there waiting to see him.


I turn quickly to see Zane and gasp “Zane!” I rush to him and hug him tightly I missed his scent his touch the way his strong arms held me. “God I missed you so much!” I said as he held me. He quickly lets me go then looks at me. “Wow” he says and I smile “Told you it wasn’t too bad” I said and he cupped my cheek and kissed me hard. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeper. His forehead touches mine and I smiled and kiss him again. “So what’s my surprise?” I asked and he kissed me again. “At the concert” he says and I nod and we walked to the car. “Can’t wait to see what it is”