A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

I'll Show You a Good Time

The tears kept running I was sad depressed and in pain. I wanted to die. “H..Harper” I turned around at Zane. “What!” I shouted “Let me help you” he says coming forward and I crawl away. “Please just leave me alone!” I said and he sighed. “I can't do that” he pulls me up and picks me up sitting me on a chair infront of his black granat island in his kitchen. He then goes tothe other side and stares at me. “What?” I said a little creeped out. He smirked “What do you like to do?” he asks and I look down at the food infront of me. “Eat” I said stuffing my mouth. He chuckled and I stared at him. “I know you were in a cell the whole time but didn't you like things.” he asks and I looke down.


He smirked again he kept smirking at me I wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing. “What type of music?” he asks I shrugg. “Anything I guess I'm not really up to dat on today's music though” I take more bites of my food. “So tell me more about you” he says and I sit down my food. “I don't know anything I lost my memory all I know is that I'm seventeen and my name is Harper Anastasia I don't know my last name” I stated and looked down at my hand. “But there's one thing this melody I could probably play it its the only memory I have too” I said.

“Can you trust me or...at least give me the chance for you to trust me.”

I looked at him the way he was smiling and felt so welcoming. I had to give him a chance at least. I sighed and nodded and he smiled and grabbed my hand and took me downstairs. “Hey I got her guys” he says. “Hey Harper come play!” I walk over slowly and see them playing something connected to the Tv. “Ever play Guitar Hero?” I think Dave asking. “Dave...right?” “Nope I'm Dan” “Oh...sorry” I stated looking down he grabbed my arm. “Its alright” he sayd before placing me infront of the Tv.

“All you have to do is follow the colors on the screen and push this button” he showed me on the guitar and he picked a song for me. I had no clue what I was doing but the people on the game began booing so I knew I wasn't winning. FAILED. I looked down blushing ashamed.

“I..I did bad huh?”

“Don't worry you'll learn” he states taking it from me. I sit on the couch next to Zane and he smiles at me. I then watch Dan play and he was amazing. “How do you do that” I asked he pushed me closer and pointed to the colors on the bottom. “All you have to do is follow that” he says and I nod. “Zane I'm curoius why are you so rich?” he smirked again. “I'm famous were all in a band Dan the lead guitarist I'm the lead singer and guitarist Daves on bass Sebastian is on drums and Greg does piano and keyboard.” my mouth dropped. “No way your a band!” I said he nods. “And Zane over there is thrid in line fore the crown if the king and his son dies then Zane takes over” Greg states and I gasp.

“That's so cool!”

I then looked around his basment to see a pool table air hockey. “Harper?” I look to see Sebastian. “What do you like to do?” he asks and I smiled. “I like to dance” I said. “Really?” Zane says interested. “Yes I do” I said “In my cell I always practiced ballet its basically what kept me alive and waking up that and the melody” I said he smiled. “I think there's something you'll like” he says.

Now that I look at Zane I realized that he's really cute no that's an understatement he is hot! I looked down blushing and he looked at me confused. “Harper?” he asks I smiled at him. “Thank you...for getting me out of there honestly if I didn't get bought at the suction I would have killed myself” I said and he touches my cheek. “Glad I got you then....but don't worry you won't have to do a thing...unless my uncle is here then you have to act like a slave and not a friend.”


He nods “We all can be friends...right?” he asks and I looked down then up smiling. “Of course we can” I said and he smiled. “Good.” he states and I looked at all the guys.

I have friends now.

I noticed Zane staring at me then I look over to him and he snapped out of it looking away. He then looked at me and smiled. “Tomorrow we'll take you to the mall and you can buy whatever you need all the clothes that can fill up your closet shoes all the works” he says and I smiled. “Thank you” I said and my stomach growled. “Wow you really can take down some food” I blushed and he smiled and went upstairs.

I look at Greg in the corner and I sit over by him and he looks at me. “What's up?” he asks “Nothing I'm...just confused.” I said. “About what?” he asks “I'm a slave why do you all treat me so nicley” I asked. “I don't like the fact that vampires use humans as slaves none of do but Zane's uncle ordered him to have one so he said he'd pick one he would at least be friends with” he says and I see Zane come in. “But the way he keeps smiling I think he wants to be more than friends with you” Greg whisperes and my face turns red. “Harper do you have a fever you look red” Zane asks touching my face.


He handed me the food and I smiled at him “Thank you” I said and ate my third plate of food. I see Dave staring at me smirking “Hey are you single?” he asks and my eyes went wide. “What the hell!” I said and he shrugged “Hey your hot take it as a compliment.” I rolled my eyes as the guys laughed. I had a feeling it was gonna be fun here.

“She is hot though...”

“Why do you guys think I'm hot I'm hideous” I said “Have you looked in the mirror Harper maybe you were ugly before but your incredible now.” Dan states turning around. I looked over to the mirror I did look better than before my hair wasn't dirty my eyes cleared up and my skin was as slimy and disgusting than before. I looked at all the guys staring at me. “What?” they all laugh and I sigh.

“Don't tell me I'm living with a whole bunch of losers.”

“Nope! Only one loser....hey wait a minute” Zane says and I brust into laughter. “I can tell your not the smartest one are you”he glared at me and I kept laughing. He then tackled me to the ground and began tickling me. “Z..Zane I'm really ticklish!” I said and he kept going. I began laughing harder face turning red. “Zane! Please” I couldn't stop laughing.
“Say your sorry Harper!” he says “I'm sorry I'm sorry!” I said and he got off of me and I began breathing hard.

I looked at him and he laughed at me. “Your face is so red” he says and I sit down and grab the cup nextto me and grab some ice. “Oh Zane” I said he looked at me and I hugged him. “Thank you” I said and he hugged me back confused. “For what” he asks “Being an obvious idiot!” I said putting the ice down his back. He jumpped up “Cold! Cold Cold!” he says and everyone laughs. He pulls the ice out at me and glares. “Oh you are so in for it now I'm gonna make your face turn purple.” he says and I run upstairs as he chases me.

“You know I'm way faster than you”

I look up to see him smirking at me on the top of the stairs.I ran back down and he picked me up and spinned me around. “Zane I'm getting dizzy!” I said and he sat me down. I began stubling back to the couch and fell ontop of Dan. “Hey Harper get off!” he says and I get up and fall back down. Zane couldn't stop laughing and I threw something at him missing badly. “Wow I won't spin you around anymore.” he states and I fall on the ground until I am able to see clearly. “Hey you alright” Sebastian asks.

“Getting there”

I then took a deep breath and sat up. “So are you having fun Harper?” Zane asks helping me to the couch. “Yes I am” I stated “Well give me ten minutes and I'll show you a good time.” he says and sends me upstairs. I was completely confused of what he was talking about but all I know he he ran upstairs then handed me clothed. “Put these on.” he states and I nod. They were a pair of white skinny jeans and a white shirt with neon pain splatters.

“Come this way” he says and I follow him and he takes me to a room. “Ready” he says and I nod. He opens the door and I gasp.