A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

Just a Thought

"Oh my god"

He smiled at me and I looked down at the ring.

"So what do you say?" he says smiling and I look at him. "Are you crazy!" I said his face dropped. "Of course I'll marry you!" I said and he stands up and kissing me deeply and everyone cheers. I broke awya from him and he slipped the ring on my finger. "Don't you ever scare me like that" he says and I laugh and kiss him again.

"Did you really think I was going to say no"

He smiled and kissed me again. "Alright guys its time we say good bye!" Greg shouts and I look at Zane. "Meet me backstage" he syas and I smile and walk back there to see Lakeshia and Zoey.

"I didn't think he was going to propose to you!"

I smiled "I know! I...I mean you guys I'm getting married!" I said and they hugged me. "So you want to celebrate tonight?" I sighed "Tomorrow I'm acutally really tired." I said and Zoey smirked. "I get it you want to celebrate with Zane first" she says and I blush. "I am tired" I said I turn to look on stage to see Zane performing his last song. They then come off and rush back stage and Zane comes and kisses me hard."Let's go back to the room" he says and I smile. "Alright" I said and he picks me up in his arms and runs back there. You coldn't wait for the car?" I said laughing and he smirks "Have you seen traffice here" he asks and sticks the key in. He opens the door and I see candles lit everywhere and rose pedals all over the floor.


"I just think how terrible this would be if you said no." he says and I turn and smile. "You really think I'm going to say no when I already said yes to you before?" I asked and he looked down and then locked the door. "I want to make this time right...last time I propsed to you...I lost you" he says I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him softly.

"I'm not going anywhere"

I woke up it was the next morning...or afternoon I wasn't really sure yet. I turn to see Zane out of the bed and I hear the shower. I smile and sit up and pull on on of his shirts on the ground and I turn on the TV. "Its 5:30?" I said shocked and see that the imfamous paprazzi show TMZ was on but I did like to watch it.

"Alright big news today turns out Zane fomr Nostalgia proposed to his girlfriend Harper Anastasia last night in the middle of his concert"

My eyes went wide "They found out that fast" I said and the camera went to one of the guys. "Hey how many of you think last night they..." Almost everyone raised their hands and I blushed.

"Hey there sleepy head"

I look to see Zane with a towel around him. I smiled "Hey" I siad and he came up and kissed me. "Sleep good?" he asks and I nod and sit up. "Where is everyone else?" I asked. "Greg called me an hour ago last night they went out and Lakeshia and Sebastian are on a date and Zoey Greg Dan and Dave went haning around Time Square I told them we'd meet them around seven to go out to a show or something" he says "Okay" I said softly. He smiles caressingmy cheek "I was thinking about going back to Europe...my dream has always been to marry you on the beach of Italy" he says and I smiled. "I'd love that Zane" I said and he leans forward kissing my forehead. He then looks down to my hand.

"I...I wanted to give you my grandmothers ring....butmy mom wore it and"

"Zane....I love my ring" I said looking down at it smiling. "Its different you know....and it reminds me of a raindrop and it makes me think of the day I met you everything that day went horrible my dress got wet I didn't have a date for the foral ball my hair ruined I had fallen and bruised my cheek sprane my ankle so I was stuck in bed...but then you came into my room...and everything changed" I siad smiling. He smiled back "Its seems weird you know...it fels like that happened just yesterday.

"Mom! I want to go to the ball" I said and she sighed "Sweet heart I want you to go also but your dress is beyond repair you have bruises and a spraned ankle. You cannot come" she says and I looked down. "What can I say I gave birth to a clumpsy child" she says kissing my forehead and I huffed. "Be good and I will come to check you once the supper is over." she says and leaves out. I sighed and laid against my headboard on my bed as my leg was elevated with pillows.


I look to see my bestfriend Zoey come in with her elegant dress. "What are you doing the ball is starting soon" she says noticing I'm in my pajamas. "Not going...had sort of a bad day" I said pointing to my ankle. She sighed "So your on bedrest" she says and I nod. "Z come on I have to get dow-"I hear and see a boy a little taller than me with jet black hair and amazing purple eyes and he looks over to me and smiles. "Umm hi" he says and i blush. "H...hi" I said and he walks up to me.

"I'm Zander...b..b.but you can call me Zane!"

His face was red blushing I felt as if we had this instant connection between us I felt as if...I was meant to be with him. "Harper Anastasia....but everyone calls me Harper" I said and my sister looks at us both and smirk. "Hey Zane why don't you keep Harper company...I have to go help mom with something" she says and runs out before we can say anything. "Umm well I can go..." he says nervous "No dont!" I shout and then blush. "I mean...I...you...I want you to stay" I said and blushed. He took off his tux jacket and sat down next to me.

"I'm here all night"

"Harper" I look to see Zane. "You spaced on me you alright?" he asks and I smiled "I'm fine" I said and leaned forward kissing him softly. I broke away and pulled out a pop can from the mini fridge. "Zane can I ask you a question without freaking out" I asked and he nods. "What do you think...about kids" I said and he looked at me. "A baby?" he asks and I nod. He sits up against the wall.

"Not to sound selfish...but I'm at the peak of my career I'm in the middle of a world tour...when I have a child...I want to be there for them"

I looked down sipping the pop "alright" I said and he stands up touching my arms. "Did you want kids?" he asks I shrug. "It was just a thought I started remembering how you told me that night you propose you told me how we would runaway to a cottage in a meadow and we'd have kids and live happily...I wanted to know if you still wanted that?" I asked and he looks down. "Things are different now...you aren't arranged to be married and we don't have to hide our love...we don't have to runaway." he says and I look at him and smiled.

"You right...I'm acting stupid"

I sat down the poop and began walking to the shower but he gabbed my arm. "Your sad now...aren't you" he says and I look at him. "No...not really its just the homesickness creeping up on me again" I said truthfully. He held me in his arms "I promise you...we will have kids one day" he says and I laugh. "Zane you don't have to promise me anythign so soon...I told you I was just home sick" I said and he looks at me. "You sure?" I nod and kiss him. "I'm going to take a shower alright" I said and closed the door. I looked down at my ring smiling and I took it off sitting it on the coutner too afraid that I would loose it in the shower.

"Can't believe I'm geting married"

I got out about a half hour later and wrapped a towel around me and walked out. I then see Zane on the bed watching Tv and he gets up infront of me. "Zane what are you do-" he kissed me passionately and I look at him shocked. "I want you to know Harper my career is not in front of you...you are number one in my life you always will be" he says and I smiled "Zane you worry too much" I said and he grabbed my arms. "I mean it" he says and I look in his eyes then down.

"I...I don't want you to think if you ever got pregnant"

I smiled "Okay Zane" I said softly He held me close and kissed my forehead. I ake his face inbetween my hands and say. "You know what this means right?" i asked and he looked at me weird I was gonna love this. "No more sex"