A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave



I walked away "Only way I can't get pregnant" I said and went to my dresser and dropped my towel and he bites his lip and I slip on some clothes. "Harper...don't do this to me" he says and I turn to him. "I want proof that we aren't some sex crazed couple if we can do this than..." I thought and he raises an eyebrow. "Then..." he still looks at me. "Okay I don't have a reason but still!" I shout and he smirks. "That's fine" he syas and flashes infront of me. "Because there will be a day when you look at me and want me so badly and you'll come to me but I won't take you" he says and I smile.

"I don't break easily like you"

"So you think" he whisperes and I look back at him. "Come on let's go" I said softly and he smiled and walked out.

I couldn't believe it he was right this wait I felt it was tourture and he wasn't fair either he made it worse. He would tease me walk around with no shirt on he hardly ever did that! He would always walk out with only a towel on when he took a shower and so on.

"Harper what's wrong your so tense"

I turned to Zoey and she looks at me confused "Nothing just tired..." I said leaning against the tour bus couch as we neared to Chicago. "Man you need to get laid" she says and my whole face turns red and I snap my head at her. "Your my best friend you act like I wouldn't know" she says and I look away. "I don't want to get pregnant Zane doesn't want kids" I said and she sighs. "Do you?" I shrug. "i mean its not like he never wants them he just says he's not ready now and I don't want to stop him from being happy" I said softly.

"Are you happy? Following him on his tour?"

"I don't know...I mean I want to be with him but at the same time...i hate this being every where these paprazzi taking pictures of us its too much" I said and she touches my shoulder. "You need to tell Zane that" she syas and I shake my head. "It would break his heart to know that I don't want to be with him doing this" "But at the same time Harper you are not helping yourself by trapping yourself here" she says and I look at her then out the window. "I'll think about it" I said and closed my eyes slowly.


I open my eyes and look over to Zane. "Come on love were here" he says and I get upi rubbing my eyes. He smiles and picks me up in his arms carrying me off the bus to our room. When we get there he lies me down softly and lays next to me. I look to him and kiss him softly "Can't hold it" he asks and I look down. "Fine you win" I said and kissed him but as we did htis for the umtenth time I felt like this time was one too many....

I woke up in the morning and felt a wave of sickness rush through me. "Oh no..." I said and ran to the bathroom shutting the door and throwing up. 'Oh great" I said and turned on the shower so Zane wouldn't get worried and threw up again. I looked down to see a bump already formed on my stomach and my eyes went wide and I covered my mouth crying. I wasn't worried about Zane's reaction I was more worried about if I could handle having this baby.


I gasped hearing Zane's voice "I'm in the shower! Y..You just go ahead to breakfast or something" I said "I was hoping to have breakfast in bed with you...." he says and I think of someting. "Ummm just go hang out with Greg and tell Zoey and Lakeshia to come here" I said "Are you alright?" he asks worried. "Fine just fine I'll be out in about ten minutes" I said and I hear him leave out the room I get up slowly andpull the shirt I had on down some and I feel nausea take over and I throw up again.I see one of the hotels robe and wrap itaround me and walk out putting on clothes.

"Harper what's wrong?"

I open the door and see Zoeyand Lakeshia and pull them in worried. "What's wrong?" Zoey asks and I lift up my shirt some. "I'm pregnant" I whispered and they gasped "Congrats Harper!" Lakeshia says and I look at her."I...I don' umderstand....I mean Zane and I...we have had sex tons of times why do I get pregnant now!" I said crying. "Well...I don't think we need to go to the doctor because that is proof enough but Harper you shouldn't be worried about anything you have all of us and Zane wil be there for you..."

"But I cannot tell him! He will be too worried and freaked out"

"I can't tell him! I have to go...I have to get back home somewhere!" I said going to my suit case. "Harper calm down! You know Zane will not go crazy but you will also know he will still love you"Zoey says and I look at them. "I can't tell him" I said softly. "He is going to notice a eventually" Lakeshia states and I gulp. "I'm so nervous and scared and frightened and..." Zoey grabbed my shoulders. "Calm down!" she shouts "You are not going anywhere okay you need to breath for a minute and calm down" she syas and I look at her then Lakeshia.

"Hey Harper i left my phone in here"

I gasp hearing Zane and I rush to the bathroom shutting the door behind me. "Harper?" he asks confused and I lean against it crying. "Harper are you crying in there speak to me"he says knocking on the door and someone forces it open and I turn to see Zane. "Why are you crying?" he asks worried and I look away.

"Well give you a minute"

Zoey and Lakeshia walk out and I look down sad. "Harper what happened what's wrong?" he asks and I take his hand and sit it on my stomach and move it down so he notices the difference. His eyes went wide and I stare at him. "I'm sorry" I said sad and he holds my arms. "What are you sorry for?" he asks and I look down crying. "I know how you told me you weren't ready for kids and..I know its all my fault I pressured you and" he kissed my softly.

"Love it takes two to get pregnant"

I looked at him shocked "I was only saying those things because....well I wasn't sure but...I thought about it last night before I fell asleep. Everytime I make love to you...I was ready to be a father I was ready to take the consequences and I am" he says and I hug him tightly. "Thank you soo much" I said and he kisses my forhead. "You don't hae to thank me love it our child" he says and I hold him tightly.

"I'm cancelling the tour"

"What! No Zane don't do this" I said and he cups my cheek. "I knew one of these days you'd become pregnant and when that day came even if I was at the peak of my career like I am now...I'd drop evrything and stay with you" he says "But-" "And your not stopping me" he says smiling and I huffed. "I want to live in the house in Washingtong....where Zoey Lakeshia and I stayed" I said and he smiles "I have a house there in the mddle of the forest by the river and cliffs.Its my main house" he says and I smiled "Are you sure I mean I could.." "You are not staying on tour with me while you are pregnant" he says and I nod.

"I have to go tell the guys why don't you go hang out with Zoey and Lakeshia"

I nod and he kisses me again "And take it easy for you and our little kid" he says kissing my stomach and I smiled.

Zane's POV

I walked to the room the guys were in and I see them all looking at me. "Hey so you find your phone?" Dave asks and I look down "Oh forgot it" I said and looked at them "Zane what's wrong?" Greg asks and I look at them.

"We have to cancelle tour"

"What!" Dan shouts standing up. "Zane what are you talking about why?" Sebastian asks and I didn't even get to speak. "Zane are you crazy! What the hell makes you hink we are going to just give up our tour! We just made it to the half way mark as soon as we hit LA and Vegas things are going to be great for us!" Greg says and I look at them.

"Harper's pregnant"

All thier faces dropped "You can go to our room to see now her stomach is already growing" I said and GReg sat down so did Dan. "Well hell say that first next time!" Dave shouts. "Yeah Zane damn I mean I understand now" Greg states and I smile "Now I know better" I siad laughing.


"Thanks I'm going to talk to Harper about it hybrid babies are usually born in about seven to eight months more than enough time to get Vegas LA and Seattle out of the way" I state "Then we can put it on hiatus we can even record our next album ...I'm not exactly sure how our fans will take it but Harper is first my child is first" I said and my phone rang.


"Z...ZAne its me Lakeshia Harper...Harper and Zoey we all were in a crash and Harper isn't waking up!" she says and my eyes went wide. "What happened I thought you all were in the hotel?" I asked "Well we left out about five mnutes ago to take Harper out for ice cream and then all of a sudden this black car with this weird anogram on it crashes into our rental car they ran the light and everything!" she says "Okay did you call the abulance!" I said "Yeah...they just took Harper into an ambulance were going to this place called Rush University Hospital" she states and I grip the phone frightened. "Okay we'll be there soon!" I said and shut the phone. "What's wrong?" Sebastian asks.

"The girls they've been in an accident and..." Weird anaogram? It stopped me "We have to go now!" I said and we all ran out to the other rental car. I hoped I wasn't right about who hit them and if I was they would bethe ones to be sorry.