A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave


Zane’s POV

I rushed through the hospital doors searching for Harper. "Excuse me sir" I turn to the lady and I could tell she knew whom I was. "You must be looking for Miss Zoey and Harper. I nodded and she led the way everyone else following. "You have nothing to worry about though your baby and your fiancé are both safe we ran a couple more test to make sure there were no internal problems with Harper but so far she has showed no signs of being sick of damage to the baby" she says and I sighed. "That’s good…that’s really good" I said feeling a huge relief. She shoed me the room and I see Harper on the bed with bandages around her head and needles in her arms and I look at Zoey sitting up flicking through the channels on TV and Lakeshia next to her. "Zane!" the said I look over at Harper.

"How is she?"

"Good she hasn’t woken up yet but the doctor was just in she should be up soon" Zoey tells me and I walk to her "How are you?" she smiles "I’m no one to worry about I’ll fully heal in about twelve hours so will Lakeshia who only has a couple of scratches. Go watch your wife" she says and I smiled when she said the word ‘wife’ it made me feel really good. I pull a chair next to her holding her hand. "Harper…Harper babe wake up" I said caressing her hand. She didn’t respond. "Harper please wakeup"

"Zane shut up I’m sleeping"

I smiled seeing her open her eyes and I stood up and kissed her. "You had me worried sick" I said and she smiled. "You know I wasn’t going anywhere" she said and I smiled "I know" I said sitting my hand on my stomach. "How’s our little guy" I asked and she looked at me. "You think it’s a boy too?" she says and I nod thinking about it. "Just a feeling you know" I said and she nods. "He’s alright…can you believe that he is already kicking a little…when we got hit…he was kicking like crazy" she states looking at her stomach and I smiled.


I look to see she has a cast on her arm and I sighed and looked up to her smiling. "I know who hit me" she says "And I think you know too" she answers and I sighed nodding. "Yes…I do" I said and I looked away. "I don’t know what to do anymore." I said and she smiles. "How about you get your big butt up here and hold me and your baby while we sleep" she says and I smiled knowing she was in no mood for this official talking. I pushed the chair back slowly and she scooted over and I kissed her softly and she smiled.

"Love you Zane"

"Love you too Harper"

She closed her eyes and I listened to her heartbeat not on the monitor but her actual heart. I loved to hear it after every time we made love and then fell asleep or just sleep I would listen to her calming heartbeat. I looked up at her eyes closing and looked down at the oxygen in her nose and I sighed. I promised her I would protect her and I haven’t been keeping it. I caressed her hand and she opened her eyes. "What are you thinking about" she asks softly. "Well…I" she kissed me and smiled. "Sleep" she states and I nod resting my hand softly on her stomach and closing my eyes.

Normal POV

"Zane come on we have sound check in an hour"

"No I’m staying with Harper" he says holding me and I roll my eyes and look at him. "Go Zane" I said softly. "B…But your hurt" he says and I kiss him. "I’ll be at the hotel when your concert is over Victor is coming to check us out I won’t do anything I promise" I said and he looks in my eyes. "Alright" he says and kisses me long and deep. "See you later alright?" he says and kisses my forehead and I nod. I watch him walk out and he runs back in and lifts up my shirt and kisses my stomach. "Dad will be back later" he says softly and smiles at me and walks out. I smiled sitting up. "I knew Zane would be an amazing dad" I whispered smiling. "Harper…" I look over at Zoey packing her things and I smiled "You sure you’re alright?" she says and I nod. "Yeah I was more worried about how my little guy was" I said and sat up. "But he’s okay" I said smiling.

"Now Harper promise you won’t do anything"

"Yeah Vic I promise" I said walking into my hotel room. "Is there anything you need before I go see the boys?" he asks and I shake my head, "I’m just going to go order some room service and look at some baby names online" I said and he nods and hugs me. "Be safe and I’ll see you when you all come to Washington" he says and I nod smiling. He walks out and I turn on the TV and first thing I see is them talking about how Zane proposed to me. I smiled and heard my phone ring. I look down to see its Greg.


"Harper hey how are you feeling?"

"Good thanks I’m back at the hotel."

"How's my little guy"

"Fine I think he's hungry" I pick up a menu.

"Want me to get you something!" he panicks.

"Zane stop it"


"Being so worried I'm okay we are in bed resting"

He sighed. "I'm sorry its just the fact that...you almost died...I'm still shaken up"

"Dont worry I am perfectly fine me and the baby"

"I...I know I just I don't want to be here I need to be with you"

"Do your concert show them you are alright"

"I..I can't Harper...I'm not even right in the mind right now but I am talking to you"

"Zane calm down babe I'm right here I'll be here when the concert is over"

"Okay...I'll be right there straight there when I'm done" he states.

"Alright" i said

"Love you Harper"

"Love you too Zane"

I hung up and picked up the laptop he bought me and I looked for names for my baby.

"You like....Kennith?"


"Okay kick if you like it"

"Uhhh Liam?"

I felt a soft kick.



"Yeah I don't like it either...Nathan?"


"Would you like my dad's name? It's Alexander..its even like your dad's Zander"

I felt a strong kick.

I smiled giggling. "Okay Alexander Liam Delacroix you think your daddy would like that?"

He kicked. I picked up the phone ordering room service "Hi I'd like a...double cheese burger with fries and a starwberry shake oh and the brownie with icecream on top! To room 303" I hung up and looked down at my growing stomach.

"Your gona make me fat you know that" I said rubbing my stomach.

"You know...you are going to love it when you're born...your dad...he's wonderful he's my world and I guess were his...and of course you will be mine...Alexander...I can't wait to hold you in my arms...tell you how much i love you take you to your daddy's concerts...I can't wait for you to brighten up our lives..." I heard my door open and i see Zoey and Lakeshia with my food. "Jezz this is all for you?"

"Hey I eat for two now" I said taking the burger they smiled. "Zane's flipping out he's worried about Alex and I"


"Oh my baby he like his name Alexander Liam Delacriox" I said and they smiled "That's a cool name" Lakeshia states and I look twoards the window. "i'm ready to just...live happily I am happy but i mean..." "No fights no hurting no sad..." Zoey says and I look over to her.

"You told me that...four hundred years ago...Its funny I still remember it"


I look to see Zane "What are you doing here!" I shout "Not my fault! I guess Sebastian and Greg heard me talking to you and then sort of accident;y broke the stage..." he says and I look at him weird. "You sure you don't mean Dan and Dave?"

"Hey not us this time its those to undercover badasses" Dan says stepping in.

"Hey we did what needed to be done" Greg states

"Yeah there was a hole in it anyway we couldn't perform on that" Sebastian states.

Zane walked up to me and hled me in his arms. "Just let me hold you for a while" he says and I nod and wrap my arms around him. "How do you like Alexander Liam Delacroix?" he looks me in the eyes and down to my stomach. "I love it" he says smiling. "So does Alex" I said and he rubs my stomach smiling. "Harper Zane!"

I look to see Diem "What? Diem what are you doing here I thought you stayed in Miami." I asked "That was until my father found me" he says and my eyes went wide. "Look I don't know how far behind he is but you all have to leave quickly!" he says and he looks at my slightly big stomach. "Shit your pregnant!" he shouts and I nod. "Crap crap crap! You know what he is going to do to you now!" he shouts at me. "No..." "Take you child raise it as his own and kill you both!" he syas and I look at Zane worried. "Zane go to Europe and to this address Zoey and I know what to do about your tour" he says and Zane looks at the address. "Who lives here?"

"Your parents do"