A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

Life Support

“Harper…I don’t think I can do this”

We were in front of the door of Zane’s parents and I held his hand “I’m here for you” I said smiling “But if about two minutes your going to have to carry me because my feet kill” I said and he sighs “Sorry” he says and knocks on the door and grips my hand tightly. “Hello?” I hear a woman’s voice and I look and see his mom and she stops and stares at us. “Oh my god” she says and I tap Zane whose frozen. “Hello Anaya” I said smiling and she looks over to my stomach and then me. “Harper…Zane…” she says and hugs her son crying” “Four hundred years I have been worried sick about you” she says and he hugs her back, “Mom” he says and I smiled. She looked down at my stomach seeing the bump and she gasped. “You two are having a baby!” I nod and she hugs me and kisses my forehead. “This is wonderful you two I’m so happy for you two oh Harper I have the perfect doctor for you” she says “Oh what am I doing making you stay out here come here”

I walk in and see her home and smiled it looked just like a small version of the castle…slightly updated. “Harper Zane you two can have the extra room upstairs is Zoey coming?” I nod “She’s on the way” I said and she nods “Here you need to be off your feet come up stairs” she says leading me up and Zane follows. “Mom where’s dad?” Zane asked “He went to the store to get some food I’ll call him to get more” she says and opens the door to the queen size bed and I walk over there. I sit on the bed and sighed as I landed on the soft bed. “I’ll leave you two be until your father gets here Zane” she says and he nods as she closes the door. Zane turns to me and smiled “I have my parents back” he says smiling. He kisses my forehead.

“Harper I’ve never been so happy”

“I’m happy you’re happy”

He looked at me and kissed me deeply and I held his face he tried to be careful with his moves and I thought that was so sweet. He sat on my waist and I fell back to the bed and he took me and flipped me around so I was on top. He then looks at me and smiles “Lets get married soon” he says and I smiled and nodded “I think we might have to wait though…I want to be able to fit my dress” I said and he kisses me again. “Let’s get married” he picks me up in his arms and shows me the hill above the ocean. “Right there” he says and I smiled “That sounds amazing” I said and we hear a scream.

“Zane Harper get out of here now!”

We look at each other then the door bursts open and I see Diem’s father. “You thought you could get away from me!” he says angry and I grip onto Zane. But he runs up to us and punches Zane out of the window. “ZANE!” I shout and look down but he grabs me and throws me against the wall. “You fucked up my life for the last time!” he says and I look at him scared. “You don’t have your little boyfriend to come save you just like last time you both will die together!” he says taking out a sword and the baby was kicking ferociously. I had to concentrate all my power on the baby to make sure nothing would happen to him. “This time I’ll make sure you won’t come back to life!” he says and thrusts the sword and I close my eyes but feel no pain. I feel something fall onto me and I open my eyes to see blood and I look up to see the sword through Zane’s stomach.


He pulls the sword out and I look at Zane fall to the ground and I glare at Diem’s dad. “This is the last time you take someone from me!” I said my eyes glowing. I ran forward grabbing him by his neck and slammed him against the wall choking him. “I want you to suffer! Burn in hell for all the shit you caused me!” I said and he grabbed my arm but I punched him in his face. “Don’t you even dare think about getting lose!” I said and I tightened my grip boring my nails into him.

“I’ve just entered a deadly poison in you body you will live for seven years suffer for seven long years! You will feel the pain you have caused me and don’t think about coming after me because any power you had is now gone! Now you can either let me snap your spine right now or live for seven more years and repent like hell for the son of a bitch you’ve been to me!” I said and he smirked “If you were so strong why don’t you just kill me now then!” he says and I throw him against another wall.

“Because…that’s not my job”

He laughed “Your nothing but a coward like your parents that’s why they were so easy to kill!” he says and I snapped and turned to him and grabbed him by his neck snapping it and I threw him for the bears to eat alive. “Have fun in hell bastard” I said and heard a coughing and turned to see Zane. I rush over to him and sit him up putting pressure on his stomach. “You can’t die on me Zane come on!” I said and he looks at me blood coming out of his mouth. “H…Harper…tell our son…I’m sorry I wasn’t here for him” he says and I grip his shoulder crying. “Shut up! You are not dying on me your not! I...I can’t do this without you!” I said and he smiled at me. “First time I laid eyes on you I knew…you were my future…my life I couldn’t ever forget you after that…” he says in between coughs and I cry.

“Zane just please hang on”

He smiled “I’m sorry…I don’t think there’s anything to hang on to” I gripped his arm and he touched my stomach. “He’s going to love you I know it” he says and he looks back at me. “Only think I regret…is that the last thing I didn’t do was show you how much I love you” I shook my head crying. “You always showed me Zane I never thought you didn’t love me” I said and he smiled “That’s…good” he was talking slower. “Anaya!” I shout for his mom and I see his parents come up and they look at us.


I look back at Zane “Just kiss me once more…one last time” he asks and I lean forward giving him the most powerful kiss ever. He gripped my arm and I cried in the kiss as he held me still and he broke away. “I love you Zane…I can never love anyone else” I said and he kisses me again. “I love you too” he says and then he was still. “Zane?” I asked no response. “Zane!” I shout crying and I began losing my breath my heart was beating fast and the child in me was frightened. “ZANE YOU CANT LEAVE ME!” I shout crying. I grip his shirt and kiss him again “Zane please I can’t survive without you” I laid on his chest sobbing.

He didn’t move…I knew I was going to die this child would barely make it because I was our baby’s life support…and Zane was mine.