A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

The Baby!

I laid there crying on his stomach hoping this was just some cruel sick joke. I wished he would hold me and tell me he's alright but he isn't Zane my Zane was gone and it was all my fault. I sit up tears cloudin my vision but I see blurs of people rushing twoards us and my head begins to spin. I hope the people were goo because I was in no control of what happened next.

"Harper..Harper I need you to listen to me"

I open my eyes seeing I'm in a white flowing dress in a forest. I look up and see Zane and gasp "Zane!" I shout "Harper I need you to be strong okay I'm going to be alright" he tellsme and I look at him "Zane just tell me you aren't leaving me!" he smiled :Of course I'm not leaving you silly" he says smiling that smiled that made me fall in love with him the moment I saw it. "I'll always be with you" he says and I smiled "Please...can you hold me" I said feeling vunerable. He walked forward to hug me but when his arms wrapped around me he dissappeared. "Zane?"


I turn to see Zane dying on the ground "Harper why didn't you save me why didn't you help me" I gasped "Zane I tried!" I said crying "No you didn't because I'm dying again" he says and I rush to him "Zane please just don't leave me!" I cry out "I have to because you let me die" he says and i bend over to touch him but he discntigrates. "Zane!"


I look around and see I'm ina hospital and I cringe that was the worse dream I ever had. I look down to see my stomach has gotten bigger. "Well about time your awake I was afraid I was going to have to cut that baby out of you!" I look and see a tall girl with long blond hair. "Oh i guess you don't know me I'm Erin one of Zane's close friends he asked me to be the doctor that delivers your baby" she says sweetly and i sit up. "How long have i been out?"

"A month and don't worry your baby is fine I have been taking speacial care of both of you"

I nod "Thank you" I said softly and I looked down "So he's really gone...I missed his funeral didn't I?" I asked she shakes her head "Didn't have one he was taken to Diem's house for some reason but Zoey told me it would be as soon as you wake up" I sighed nodding "Alright then..." I felt tears rapidly flow down my cheeks with no one to wipe them off. "While I was out...I kept having dreams of Zane saying it was my fault he's dead...and some of them are him saying not to cry that he's alright" I said and looked at Erin "What do you think it means?" I asked she smiled "Well I'm not that type of doctor but let me take a shot at it....I think that its not Zane blaming you but you blaming you...and don't i know what happened and Zane jumped in front of that sword knowing very well what would happen...and the other time...I think its Zane telling you he's not leaving you or Alex"

I look down atmy stomach and sighed. I would be strong I was done crying even though I knew this pain would never leave. I have to face the fact that Zane will not come to me saying 'Just kidding!' but if he did I might kill him being so pissed. I rubbed my stomach smiling "I'm in this for you Alex."

Things have been hard these past seven months Zoey aviods me and she spends alot of time with her boyfriend Greg he spends time with though so does Lakeshia and Sebastian even Erin is dating one of the twins now! I think its Dan. They try not to act all lovey dovey around me but I don't want anyone hiding things from me when they know I know the truth. No one even speaks of Zane and the boys went to America to tell them Zane is in the hospital here from a terrible accident. I don't see why they don't just tel them the truth but I don't care all I'm living for now is Alex.

Its mid February tomorrow is Valentines Day the first one I spent without Zane in a long time. I sighed looking out my window at the spot we were to get married and look down at my huge stomach seeing Alex ready for this world. He is due any day now and its sad to know he will be living without a father and I think I'll just stay in my room and cry the day Zane's birthday passes next month. March 19th I remember when we first started dating i threw him this big party for his birthday. I felt Alex kick and i cringe "Alex you've been kicking a lot lately" I said and decide to sit down on the bed.


I look up to see Dan and Dave I smiled "Hi guys" "So how's our little nephew?" I sighed "I'm waiting for him to be born already" I said smiling they showed me something "We got your favorite you must be hungry" Dan said and I smiled "Thanks" I said softly and sat it to the side. "You guys...do you think I'm going to be a good mother...ya know without Zane?" they smiled "Of course you are I mean come on Harper your amazing!" I smiled and then felt the worst kick I ever felt and looked down to see my maternity dress wet. 'Oh god..." I said softly

"What's wrong?"

I look at them "My water just broke" I said and felt a wave of pain. "Shit!" Dave stands up panicking. "What do we do!!" I groaned 'My bag is over there Anaya is down stairs get me in the car!" I said and they help me up and Dan grabs the hospital bag and they slowly lead me down the stairs. "Hey she's about to have the baby!" Dave shouts and I look at him. I could tell he wasn't the smart one. Dan carried me to the car and sat mein the back i see anaya and dave rush in the car and then I notice Zane's dad Logan. "Come on we'll make it there" he zooms off and another wave of pain comes 'crap this baby is killing me!" I shout and Dan grips my hand "Its alright don't worry" he says and i can't help but wish this was Zane holding my hand. In no time he pulls to the emergency room and they take me to labor and delivery area and i get situated into the hospital. "Okay Harper your not ready yet to go into labor."

"What!" I shout

"Well your having the baby today" Erin starts "But your not ready to start pushing yet" she says and I sighed "Somebody just give me something to take" I said 'its too soon for any medication" Erin adds and I grab the bed rail and my eyes are lowing "This baby has to either come out or I'm going to fucking pull it out!" I shout and she jumps. "Harper relax" I hear and look up to see Greg. "I need drugs" "Stop your sounding like a stoner" "Stoner wouldn't be in pain while having a baby now would they!" I said and I scream again in pain.

"How long do I have to wait!"

"How far are her contractions?" Erin asks a nurse "one minute apart and she ten centimeters" the nurse tell her "That has to be far enough right!" I plead and they nod 'okay let's get this started. Greg walked to my side and Anaya at my other and they gripped my hands I was already sweating and my body in way too much pain. "Okay Harper on three I'm going to need you to push" Erin says and I nod and she counts to three and I push. It was so painful! I seriously think that Alex was about to be my first and last kid! "Okay good job" she says and I catch my breath and Greg rubs my hand "Your doing great" he whispers. I then push again and I grip their hands tighter wanting the pain to go. "I can't do this" I whispered. "Yes you can Harper come on" Erin says and I cried. I needed Zane so much right now. I felt Greg let go of my hand as I push again I guess I was hurting him but then someone else grabs it I knew that touch and I sat up and looked i almost burst into tears as I said.