A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave


"Hi Harper"

I stared at him as pain struck over me before I pushed again. "Y…you are you really here?" he grips my hand "Yes" he smiles showing his beautiful white teeth. I look over to Greg who is staring at him shocked "Greg you see Zane to right?" I said and he looks at me nodding "You all see Zane right?" I said my breath shortening. "Yeah" Dan and Dave answered and I broken out crying hysterically. He leans forward holding me "Harper I need you to calm down okay…you need to keep pushing" he says and I gasp and push the hardest I can and feel like our baby was ripping me apart and I grip Zane’s hand and I hear a loud cry but not from me. I open my eyes looking down to see him my beautiful baby boy.

"You have a healthy baby boy"

She hands me to him as he cries and my arms and I cant help but smile "Hi Alex" I weakly say and I look down to see Zane cut the umbilical cord and I smiled at him and Erin takes him to clean him up. I look over to Zane and just stare at him as his trail to me and he smiles at me. "H…How is this possible?" I questioned.

"Hey we brought him back once what makes you think I couldn’t do it again"

I look at the door to see Zoey and Diem "It was a lot harder this time though he just got his memory back hours ago that’s what took so long" she says and I sit up a little. "I owe you…my life Zoey you are more than just a best friend for me your like" "A sister? We’ll really be sisters when you marry my brother" she says and Zane takes my hand.

"Lets give them time alone"

Everyone slowly walks out and I look at him and try to sit up but end up hurting myself and he lays me back down. "Rest you just gave birth to a baby" he says and I look at him. "I’d be jumping on your screaming right now but…" he chuckled "It’s alright…and I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner" he says and I shake my head "Your back that’s what matters" I said softly my voice slightly raspy. "And to think of it I’d probably be kissing you right now" I added and he sat next to me getting the clue and leans forward kissing me softly. I rest my hands on his chest missing the feeling of his warm lips on mine and he pulls away. Involuntarily I begin crying and he looks at me confused "I just missed you so much…I was lost without you Zane" I admitted and he lies down with me holding me "I’m never leaving you or Alex again" he says and I smiled and rested my head in his neck sleeping.

I wake up seeing no one and I am too afraid to find out if that was just a dream or not but then I hear a baby crying and I sit up to aid to Alex but I see Zane holding him. "Sorry you were still sleep…I just wanted to hold him." I smiled and sit up some "He…he knows I’m his dad…I’m nervous though you think he will like me?" I laughed "Are you crazy of course he will" I said and I look to see Alex now sleeping soundly.

"He has your eyes"

Zane looked up at me "It was the first thing I noticed he looked at me and I saw his purple eyes and I can tell he’s gonna have a head full of hair" I added and Alex began whining. "I think he needs his mommy" he states and I smiled as he handed him to me and I yawned softly as I rocked him and I look to see him yawn.

"I know its contagious" I said laughing and Zane comes up to me and shows me a dozen roses and I smiled "Happy Valentines Day" he says and my heart pounds and I heart the monitor increase. He smiles and I blush and he cups my cheek "The way you blush it was one of the things that made me fall for you" he says and kisses me. "I don’t have anything for you" I said sad and he looks at me funny. "You gave me the greatest thing ever Harper I couldn’t dare ask for more" he says and I look at him weird "What is that?"

"A family silly"

I smiled and kissed Alex’s forehead as he slept. "He’s gonna grow fast" I said softly sitting him in his bed next to him. I then look back up to Zane "So…are we going back home" he nods "As soon as you get okay to be let out then were going back to the states and.." "Your finishing your tour" I said "Well its just" "Its fine I have Zoey and Lakeshia while your gone…and its not like your gonna be gone long"

"I just want my fans to know I’m okay two concerts tops promise"

I nod and lean down some "God having a baby makes you so damn hungry!" I shout and he laughs at me and I look over to him "I missed you so much" I said smiling and he smiles "Missed you too and I’ll go get you some food" he says and I shake my head "Stay here" I plead and he smiles "I’ll be back promise" he says kissing me quickly and leaving out. I sighed leaning against the bed seeing Alex smile in his sleep. "And what are you dreaming about" I whispered. "Miss Delacroix?" were they talking to me? I smiled softly thinking of marrying Zane and forgetting to look. "You have visitors they say they are very close relatives" I raised an eyebrow my whole family was dead. "Send them in" I whispered and she steps to the side and I see them walk in and I froze not believing my eyes.

"Mom? Dad?"