A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave



"Oh my god please tell me I'm not dreaming!" I shout crying "No sweetie were here" my mom saying hugging me tightly and I burst into tears hugging her back. "I thought you guys were gone" I said and my dad hugs me too. "God I missed you too so much! HOw are you here what happened?"

"Do you think that bastard could really kill us?"

I smiled and looked down at Alex sleeping and I pick him up in my arms "I'd like you to meet my son Alexander Liam Delacroix but Alex for short" I said and my mom took him out of my hands and she looked at me "So Zander is the father?" I nod "Were getting married too" I said smiling "So were is he and all your friends." "He went to get me food and my friends are coming back up here." I said wiping my tears "Wow this is too much to take in" I said and they look at me. "Well as of yesterday...I thought Zane was dead Diem's father came to his parents house a couple months ago and attacked us and well..I thought he was gone but he came back while I was giving birth to our baby."


I look at Zane and I smiled "You remember my parents?" I said and he walks up to me and they smile "Its good to see you again Zander" he hands me the food "Ummm hi"

"So are you ready?"

"Come on Zane just show me I'm too excited"
"Okay one...two...three!"

He uncovers my eyes showing me our house and I gasp it was immaculate. "Zane...this is..." I look at him as he held Alex in his carriage. I rushed forward and kissed him. He laughed as we broke away and I took another look at it.

I bit my lip and turned back to him "Can we go in?" I asked and he hands me a key. "It's now your house too" we walk in and straight into the front room.

"Wow" I said softly and taking Zane's hand. He closes the door and walks me and Alex into the dining room.

"Wow this is different" i said "You don't like it? I thought you would but I can get it changed" he says and I turn to him and smile at his nervous face "I love it Zane" I said softly and he sighs and leads me to the kitchen. "This is so cool" I said looking around it.

"Okay now let's go upstairs Alex's getting restless" he says and I take Alex out of his carriage rocking him. "Shush its okay sweetie" I said softly and he cruled up into me. I smiled and looked up at Zane "He's a mama's boy" he says and I smiled "Oh like you aren't" I said and his face turned red and he takes my hand leading us up one of the two cases of stairs.

He then leads us into a blue painted door and he opens it showing me Alex's nursery.

"Zane this adorable" I said looking around and then sitting him down in his bed. I see him close his eyes and I smiled "Sleep good sweetie" I said leaning forward and kissing his forehead. Zane then takes my hand and I look at him "I have a surpise for you now" he says smiling at me and I turn on Alex's baby monitor and he leads me out. I then see a trail of rose pedals and I look up at him and he smiles. He leads me to a big bedroom I then look to see our bedroom and I gasp it was...amazing!

I see the baby monitor next to the bed and then Zane pulls me to him by my waist and I look him in the eyes "How about I show you the rest of the house in the morning. I smiled and leaned forward kissing him deeply. He grabs my legs and hoist me up on his waist and he breaks away from me. "Your okay for this right?" he asks and I nod my stomach was even back to its normal size. I pull him to me kissing him more missing his lips on mine and his scent making my heart race. I got a glimpse of the bathroom as he took me to the bed but only thing I cared about now was Zane.

I heard a faint crying as I slept and I opened my eyes and turn to see Zane sleep and nude. I smiled and then looked back to the baby monitor and then slipped on a pair of Zane's shorts and one of his band t-shirts and I walked to go see Alex. I walk into his room to see him crying and I walk to his bed and pick him up and rock him in my arms "Hey Alex its alright mommy is here" I said softly and he turned his head to me and he smiled then laughed and my eyes went wide.

"Your one month old and your already laughing!"

I rushed to the bedroom with Alex still in my arms and I pushed Zane lightly. "Zane get up" I said softly "What you want more?" he whispers and I roll my eyes and hit his arm "Ouch what the hell!" he look at me "What was that for?" he asks "Look" I said and he sits up with the sheet on his lower half and he sees Alex laughing again. "He laughs" he said shocked and I nodded smiling "I knew he'd gorw fast but not this fast" I said and Zane looks at me as I look down at Alex. "Your a wonderful mother" he says and I look up at him and I smiled "Thank you your a wonderful father." he takes Alex out of my hand "Why don't you go get him food I'll hold him" he says and I nod and walk downstairs into the fridge and I turn to see a firgure by the door and I look at the door confused and walked up there and I see the figure move closer. I open the door and out comes Zoey

"What the hell are you doing here at four a.m?"

"Well sorry we just got off our plane an hour ago we didn't want to go into a hotel until later on today so can we crash in here?" she asks and I sighed nodding "Yeah come on" I said and went back into the kitchen "So what are you doing up?" she asks and I look at her "About to feed Alex" I said softly "You seemed worn out?" she says and I blush "Yeah.." I whispered she didn't know why I was worn out though. "Tell everyone to just stay up front I'll go get Zane."

I walked back upstairs and I see Zane lying Alex on the bed next to him. "Everyone is downstairs" I said and his head pops up "They were going in a hotel" I sighed "They didn't want to get one until morning." I state and he groans "What;s wrong?" he shakes his head "Nothing" I walk up to him and hold Alex in my arms and sit next to Zane "Tell me" he sighs "I...I wanted this to just be us...you know to start our family our stable not on the run family to start off." I kiss him softly and smile "I know what you mean but maybe since the girls are here they can help me with the wedding?" he smiles and kisses me again. "You always know how to bring me up." he says and get up and puts on clothes "I'll go put them in some guest rooms and I'll be back up" he says and I nod as I began giving Alex his baby formula his hands went up to the bottle and touched the sides of it. I smiled as I looked down at him.

"We are a family now"