A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

A New Beginning. FINAL CHAPTER!

"Zoey I'm so nervous have you ever felt so nervous?"
She laughed "I'm not the one getting married" she states.

I sighed "Yeah but I mean I was so excited for this and now...I'm getting married!" I said and she sat me down on the couch "Calm down its not like your marrying some starnger your marrying Zane who you've been with for like five hundred years!" she says and I look up at her "Where's Alex I want to see him" I said and I see Lakeshia walk in with him in his suit and I gasp "You look adorable" I said taking him in my arms and he wraps his arms around my neck. "Mama I look good?" he asks. Yes my baby was only eight months old and he was talking but what do you expect from a vampire/sorceress baby.

"You look like the best man in here" I said and he smiled.
"You look pretty too mama." he says and I sit him on the ground and he crawls to the couch and lays down on it "Now don'[t mess up your clothes baby" I said and he nods playing with his toy. "Okay we have about twenty minutes until the wedding starts." My stomach dropped "Come on let's get your dress on." Zoey says and I nod and grab it and slip off my rob and she helps me step into it and then she laces it up in the back.

"Okay is the bride ready were starting to walk people out" some one says and I nod.
"Zoey then grabs her bouquet of flowers and hugs me "Don't trip" she says joking and I laugh as she walks out. I look at myself in the mirror and smile. Nothing felt more right then marrying Zane right now. I opened the door and see my dad and I smile "Hi dad" I said and he smiled "You look beautiful" he says andI smiled "I'm really proud of you" he whispers as we go the cliff Zane and I wanted to get married I walked out of the house and I see Zane standing there waiting for me and a big smile gets plastered on his face. I walk up with my dad wishing we could walk faster but before I knew it I was next to Zane and he took my hand. I look into his eyes remembering the first day we met,

"Mom! I want to go to the ball" I said and she sighed "Sweet heart I want you to go also but your dress is beyond repair you have bruises and a spraned ankle. You cannot come" she says and I looked down. "What can I say I gave birth to a clumpsy child" she says kissing my forehead and I huffed. "Be good and I will come to check you once the supper is over." she says and leaves out. I sighed and laid against my headboard on my bed as my leg was elevated with pillows.
I look to see my bestfriend Zoey come in with her elegant dress. "What are you doing the ball is starting soon" she says noticing I'm in my pajamas. "Not going...had sort of a bad day" I said pointing to my ankle. She sighed "So your on bedrest" she says and I nod. "Z come on I have to get dow-"I hear and see a boy a little taller than me with jet black hair and amazing purple eyes and he looks over to me and smiles. "Umm hi" he says and i blush. "H...hi" I said and he walks up to me.
"I'm Zander...b..b.but you can call me Zane!"
His face was red blushing I felt as if we had this instant connection between us I felt as if...I was meant to be with him. "Harper Anastasia....but everyone calls me Harper" I said and my sister looks at us both and smirk. "Hey Zane why don't you keep Harper company...I have to go help mom with something" she says and runs out before we can say anything. "Umm well I can go..." he says nervous "No dont!" I shout and then blush. "I mean...I...you...I want you to stay" I said and blushed. He took off his tux jacket and sat down next to me.
"I'm here all night"

I smile looking down trying to hold back tears, because it was nothing to be sad about we had an amazing child both of us got our parents back and we had each other back. I gripped his hand and he looked at me. It seemed like my whole life was flashing before my eyes and it all involved Zane.I remember every waking day I had with him happy and sad it started to make me start to cry and he caressed my cheek and wiped my tears. He smiled at me and wrapped his arm around my waist and I rested my head on his shoulder and I look at him remembering our first date.

"So what do you like to do?" he asks me as we walked in the forest and holding hands. "Well I dance" I said looking at him shyly. I smile "I heard you singing the other day...it was really good" I said softly "You heard me sing!" he says frightened. I tensed "Sorry I was just passing the music room and I heard your voice and it stopped me...I..I wasn't spying" I said nervous and he looks down face red "No one knows I can sing" he says softly "Not even Z" he adds and I take his hand again "You shouldn't hide it...your amazing" I said and he smiled and stepped in front of me inching closer "So are you" he says and our faces inch closer but then I notice something. "It's sunset!" I shout and he looks at me confused "You want to go watch it?" he asks "I'd love to but I promised my mom and dad I'd be home by sunset!" I said and he looks at me. "I'm sorry I have to get home!" I said rushing back and I turn to see him looking down sad and I smile and rush to him kissing his cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow?" he blushes and nods.

"Now for the rings" I hear Zane's dad say and I see Alex try his best to walk up and hand us the rings and I smiled "Here Mama" he says and I smiled and took the rings kissing his cheek "Thank you baby now go to Zoey" I whispered and Zoey picks him up in his arms. "Do you Zander Delacroix Harper Whitlock to have and to hold in sickness and in health until death do you part?" he smiled "You bet I do" he says slipping on my ring and I smiled "Now do you Harper Whitlock take Zander Delacoix to have and to hold in sickness and in health till death to you part?" I smiled "Of course I do" I said slipping on his ring and we look at Zane's wife. "I am now happy to pronounce ou husban and wife you may now kiss the bride" I smiled wrapping my arms around him kissing him deeply and he held me close. I look in his eyes and remember the first day he told me he loves me.

“I never thought you would like a guy like me.” He says and I smile “I’d never thought you would like a girl like me” I said and he held my hand and we linked fingers. “Look I know there is a chance we both might have arranged marriages considering we are royalty but I want you to know nothing and I mean nothing will matter I love you Harper” he says and I freeze. “Y…You love me?” he blushes and nods “I know we have only been together for a week but there’s no doubting it my feelings for you are too strong” he says and I smile and kiss him then hug him. “I love you too Zane!” I said and he held me in his arms. I have to say this was the best day ever.

We were now going to a private beach for the reception Zane and I were both in a limo and I look at him holding his hand I look at him and kiss him deeply and he holds me close and I smile at him "I love you so much Zane" I said crying some and he wipes off my tears "Don't cry love" he says and I lookat him "I'm just so happy" I said laughing some "I mean were finally married all of those problem we had people coming after us its gone" I said and he kissed me again and I wrap my arms around him kissing him deeper and he looks me in the eyes "Here's our honeymoon" he says showing me a picture of a waterfall and a lake "Where is that?" I asked shocked he smiled "Its a surprise" he says kissing me again and I smiled. We then walked out of the limo as the driver opened it and I look to see not just a all my friends and family.

I saw a new beginning to a new life.

"Come on" Zane says taking my hand and I turn to him smiling and we walk out I look at everyone and smile and Alex walks up to us and I pick him up in and I kiss his cheek. I look at Zane and smile at him. I then remembered one of the most important memories to me but that took place on a simple day.

We had just left the library from study and today we were reading tragedies and I took Zane's hand smiling. He gripped it "Zaney you really think love can last like Romeo and Juliet?" I asked and he smiled "They seemed pretty confident in what they were doing. I mean they got married after they met two days ago" he adds and I look at him. "Zane if I died would you move on or do you think our love can even surpass death?" he looked at me seriuos "I don't want you thinking like that." he says cupping my cheek and I smiled "But I do think our love can conqure anything as long as its true love" he says and I smiled "You really think that?" I asked shocked and he smiled and kissed me. "I don't see why not"

I kissed him softly and we walked up to everyone finally as a family.
Nothing could ever bring us apart again and nothing ever would...