A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave


It had been five years later, five years since my life went from nothing to something back to nothing and then to everything. Zane of course never gave up his music I wouldn't be the women he loved if I made him. The band is doing amazing they're new song hit number one the first week it cam out and they're writing their third album now.

"Mama look at me!"

I look up from my laptop and see Alex jump into the pool. "That's great baby!" I said smiling and he smiled at me. You'd think a mother would be worried about her six year old son jumping in a five feet pool but he's pretty strong and has some of his powers he inherited from me, plus Zane and I take him to swimming lessons twice a week.

"Hey dad I bet I can swim faster than you!" he shouts at Zane in the pool with him. He smiles and goes to the edge of the pool by Alex and and Zane looks up and smiles at me and I smile back. "Okay mom say it!" Alex says and I sit up. "You ready...set...go!" I shout smiling and Alex zooms to the other side. He loved swimming he actually planned on being in the Olympics when he's old enough. I told him its a lot of work but I believe he can do anything he wants after all he takes after Zane and I.

As for everyone else well, Zoey and Greg finally tied the knot last month and they live across the street from us. Lakeshia and Sebastian live together in the city not married but he told me about his birthday surprise for her, so there's another wedding I'm planning, and as for the goofy Dan and Dave they haven't changed at all and their silliness is what keeps ever yon sane. For Diem he decided to settle down back in Europe he still sees us a lot though but he finally wants to settle the strife between vampires.

"Ha I told you I'd win dad!" Alex shouts and I laugh.

As for Zane he's the single most amazing father I have ever seen, no offence to my dad, but when he's on tour he calls us every night he goes to sleep and every morning he wakes up and he always brings stuff back for Alex. On his next tour we decided to go with him since it would be over before Alex starts the first grade. Zane is also teaching Alex how to play guitar in his free time. Of course he is still an amazing person to have as a husband we still go on dates and do what a twenty three year old couple would do...but actuallu were both about 523 but whose counting!

"Hey you losers what are you doing we have to get ready!"

I turn to see Greg and Zoey walking in all dressed up. "Oh sorry we forgot" I said shutting down my computer and getting up. "Hey Zoey you mind helping out Alex?" Zane asks getting out of the pool. "I was goingto" I said and he swoops me up in his arms. "But I was going to help you change" he says and I laugh softly and look at Zoey "Do you mind?" I asked and shesmiled "Not atall but remember we can hear everything you do" Zane smirked "No you can't I made our room sound proof" he says and takes me up there and I laugh as h carries me up."Zane your all wet" I said and he shakes his wet hair on me.

He opens the door to our room and sits me on the bed kissing me deeply. He walks in between my legs and pushes me against the bed as I wrap my arms around him. "You know what tomorrow is?" I asked stopping and he smiled "I could never forget it was the best day of my life" I smiled and looked in his eyes "The day we first met" I whispered and he kisses me again. "Come on your too cold to do this" I said. He kissed me again and sat up and kissed him again. "Alex want to go see his grandma next weekend" he raised an eyebrow "Which one?" I smiled "Both of them and he says he thinks he can beat up Dave" Zane laughed. "How about we have a family party before we go out on tour?" I smiled wrapping my arms around his waist "I'd love that" I said before kissing him again and then I step back "Let me go get my clothes" I said stepping into the closet.

I go in there and slip on a pair of blue skinny jeans a black tube top and some of my brand new heels. I then put on an necklace and grab my bag and walk out seeing Zane getting dressed too. I smiled at him and kissed him softly. "I thought I was helping you get changed?" he asked and I smirked "How about we let Alex sleep over Greg and Zoey's and you help me take them off?" he smirked "Okay sounds like a good idea"

We walked out and see Alex all dressed up. "Well don't you look cute" I said and he huffed "Mom I'm a man now! I'm more then cute!" he argues and I smiled "You may be a man but you'll always be my little boy." I said picking him up as we went to the car to drive off to this years VMA's.

So I bet your wondering what's changed about me? Well a lot actually minus the fact that I now have an amazing family, I've been getting numerous amounts of job offers as a choreographer. I've had jobs from New York broadway to big hit movies.Also the truths out about who I am and I've decided to write a book about exactly what's my life been life for the past five hundred years. hence why I always have my laptop with me. But of course I save time for fun Zane and are still act like the young couple even with Alex we are especially since he has grandparents who love him to sleep over.About two years ago I've also bought out that terrible slave house I was in for some years and turned it into a boarding house for abandoned girls. They get education and all the food clothes and things they need, I have one back in Miami and another here in Washington and I've revealed the terrible world of human slavery for vampires and it is slowly but surely being eradicated.

I look over to Zane and he smiles "You still space out like you use to" he says and I laugh softly. "Hey wait isn't teh VMA's in New York this time?" Zane smiled "Yeah you think this was a normal car we were in?" he says opening the door and I see were there. I smiled and kissed him.

I have to admit I didn't imagine my life ending up like this. Actually I thought I'd be a queen and Zane a King but we both forced to marry someone else. "Come on" he says grabbing my hand and we walk onto the red carpet and I smiled as we took pictures. "I never thought I'd be in all the fame like this with a family and friends I never knew that happiness could be so blissful as it is for me now. I take a step forward and trip on the ground and everyone stops. I then sit up laughing hysterically with Zane helping me up laughing along with Alex as he wrapped an arm around me to go to our first interview.

But I can say without a doubt...I regret nothing.