A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

It's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

He had a whole black light game room I gasped. “This is sooo cool Zane!” I said looking around. “Have at it what do you want to do first.” I looked around and stopped. “Laser Tag?” I said confused.. I felt his hand on my back and bring my to it. “Harper come on my team!” Greg said pulling me to him. He straps on something and hands me a gun. “Okay we have to get Dave and Dan their one team and Sebastian and Zane are on another team” I nodded and he opened a door showing a whole different room with places to hide.

We heard a loud buzzing noise and he grabs my arm. “Come on” he says and we hide behing a wall. “You have to shoot them in there chest” he states “I don't want to shoot them!” I said and he laughed. “Your not really shooting them its fake but we always make a bet worst score buys dinner” I nodded. I looked aroundand saw someone and tried shooting them but my vest lit up and began vibrating. “What did I do!” I say scared and Greg covers my mouth and grabs my hand running somewhere. “Don't worry it just means someone got you make sure that it does not vibrate again okay” he says and I nod.

I see him run and I follow but I tripped over something hitting my head hard. “Harper!” I look to see Zane. “Are you alright” he asks I just stared at him a little dizzy. “I should have mentioned that I'm really clumsy” he smiled “Come on you need some ice for that.” I nodded “Lets wait until the games over.” I say shooting him and running off. “Hey you sneak!”

I ran back to Greg and hear everything shut off. “Games over lets see who won.” Greg says and we run over there. I look up at the screen. “Were team three” he states and I look to see were dead last and that Zane and Sebastian won. “Yeah! Harper and Greg treat us to dinner” I looked down embarrased. “Oh...I'm sorry Greg!” I said feeling bad. “Hey don't worry about it but as soon as you get cash I'll make you pay half.” he says and I nod.

I feel Zane grab my hand and pull me into the kitchen. He takes out a pack of ice and hands it to me. “Here sit this on your head.” he says and I take it and smile. “Thank you” I said. “You wanna sit out for a minute” he asks I nodded and went to the couch “Hey Harper can you watch for the food were gonna go back upstairs” I nodded and they left except Zane. “I'll stay with you” I smiled. “Thank you” I said softly.

“So Harper you like it here?”

I nodded smiling “You guys are really nice and welcoming” I stated smiling. “So exactly where are we right now?” I asked. “We are
currently in Miami” he says “I didn't know there was a forest like that in Miami” I said looking out the window. “Yeah this is my summer house its kinda hidden. I really like the forests.” “You do me too!” I said jumping up. He smiled and I sat down embarrassed of my excitment. “Maybe we can go for a walk in it one day” he says and I nod.

I then heard the door bell ring and I opened it. “Pizza” he says “Huh?” I say confused. “This is 2734 S Wheeler right?” I shrugged and Zane came infront of me. “Yes it is my apologies.” he says and hands him the money. He takes this cardboardbox and bring it into the kitchen. “Harper mind telling the guys the pizza is here” I nodded and went to the game room. “Hey Greg Dan Dave Sebastian pizzas here!” I said they stopped what they were doing and went down.

I followed so confused. I had been in that cell for so long I barely knew anything. I went into the kitchen confused. “Hey...what's pizza?” they all stopped and stared at me and I looked down ashamed. “What!” Dan says. “I..I.. Don't know..” I said embarrassed. “Harper how long have you've been in that cell?” “I don't know”“How far back can you remeber” Sebastian asks. “I..I don't know!” I said holding my head as it began to ache.

I could never remeber I felt so useless because of that.

I felt someone hold my arms and I see Zane. “Hey its okay don't worry” he says softly.I nod and he hugs me. “Are you alright” he whispers calming me. I nod. “I'm sorry Harper...its just...I have never met anyone who hasn't had pizza or at least haven't heard of it” he says. “Its alright” I said softly and Zane's phone rang. “Hey I'll be right back” he says picking it up. I sit in his seat and Greg hands me a plate. “Try it its really good” he states. “I've had four plates of food today I'm alright.” I said. “Nope I don't want to be able to see your ribs” he says and I sigh and take the slice and the cup of pop.


I turn to Zane. “Would you like to go to New York” I looked at him. “Sure...it sounds like a fun place.” I said. “Why would she be going there” “That's was Sam she says that they need us to record somethings. So why not let part of our vacation be there. Also we are appearing on TRL next friday” “I guess we should pack!” Dan says“We never unpacked...idiot” Dave states and I laughed. “Well lets go!” Greg says.

“Greg I'm scared”

I was gripping his hand nervous on the plan. “Hey hey don't worry I'll be right here” he says calming and I nod. He puts an arm around me letting me rest on his chest “Here put these on you said you like music right” he says and hands me his iPod. I knew about those the gaurds always walked around with one. “Yeah” I said taking it and putting it in my ears. I laid against his chest and closed my eyes so that my nerves wouldn't take me over.

“Harper!” I heard a concerned voice of a women. “Harper sweety where are you?” “I won't let them take you from me Harper I won't!” she says. “What? Who is this?” “Its me your mother!”

Zane's POV
I kept looking at Greg holding Harper I don't know why but it made me so angry. I mean they looked great as a couple maybe that's why I was angry but how do we look together? Wait...why was I even thinking that! We could never be together not with my uncle breathing down my neck and knowing how much he hates slaves and humans. I clenched my fists and try to ignore the beautiful angel in his arms but it was not working.

I looked over again and she caught me in her spell...again. I stared at her angelic pale face as it smiled in her sleep. Her long hair that was brownish and had some black her deep blue eyes that had a light brown around the pupil. The way her bangs hung over her forehead. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

“Zane quit staring at her”

I look over to Greg whose smirking at me. “What are you talking about” “Its no hiding it....we all know you like Harper its obvious.” Dan and Dave nodded and Sebastian looked up from his book and smirked at me. “What makes you think I like Harper your the one holding her” I said defending myself. “If anything Harper is like a little sister to me.” he states and I huff. “Spend some time with her were here for two weeks” he says and I look back down at her. “I guess I can..”

Normal POV
I popped up screaming remebering I was still in a plane. “Harper what's wrong?” I turn to see Zane. “B...Bad dream” I said shaking and Greg held me tighter and I curled up to him. “Its alright its not real.” That was the problem it felt to real though. I then look down remebering in my dream I got cut on the back of my leg and I left my pants up to see a cut and gasp. “That wasn't there before!” I said shocked. “How did that happen?” Greg asks I looked at him. “I don't know.”

“Come on lets just go the plane landed.”

“No way this is a hotel!” I said looking around amazed. “Yep pretty cool isn't it” Dan said and I nodded. I sat down in the bed and sighed as my sore back sank into the soft bed. “I like vacations” I said sighing. “Your only at one part of it.” they says and I sit up. “Really?” Zane smirks and nods. “Yep we have to show you around.” they then take me out and we walk around Time Square.

“Harper anything you want its my treat.”

I gasped and hugged Zane. “Thank you!” I said. “Aw I wanna hug” Dave said and I laughed and hugged him tightly. “Happy now” “No I didn't get one” Greg says and I roll my eyes and hug him. “Me too!” Dan adds. I laughed and hugged him and looked at Sebastian. “I'll pass” I already knew he was the calm one out of the group. I smiled and waited for him to go ahead of me and then I hopped on his back. “What the hell Harper!” everyone laughed and I smiled at him.

We went to about fifty stores and I had a whole bunch of clothes each of us had about five bags and Zane spent at least two thousand dallors on me. “Zane thanks so much!” I said “No problem” he says and I smiled and kissed his cheek. “I'm so greatful I have someone like yu and my life now” I said and his face turned red. “And you guys too of course.” they smiled. “How about we put your bags up and until Steph calls we order room service and hand in the hotel”

I nodded as we went back. There was one thing I was missing that he didn't buy which was underwear but I wasn't exactly about to ask him to buy me some though. “Already taken care of” he says showing me a bag of Victoria Secret stuff. “Wait..how'd you know my size?” he points to Dave. “You perv!” I said kicking him in the butt. “Hey its not like that I asked someone for help at the store she saw you and sorta guessed” he says and I roll my eyes.

“Harper what do you want to eat”

I shrugged “What ever sounds good” I said laying down I then noticed something one bed for six people. “Umm don't tell me were all sleeping here” I said. “No no Dan and Dave have a room Greg and Sebastian have theirs you had your own room but they over booked it so you have to share one with me...sorry” he says “Its fine” I said smiling. “We do get free room service though!” Dan adds.

I laid back down looking outside the window. “Hey something wrong?” I look to see Greg smiling at me. “Hmm no its just so comfy...I don't think I ever laid in a bed before.” I aid sighing. “Well get use to this because Zane's gonna spoil you rotten” he states and I look at him confused. He just laid down on the other side of the bed and smiled. I then looked at Sebastian reading a book again with his glasses on and I threw something at him. “Do you like bothering me Harper?” I smiled and nodded. “Your always reading that book let me see it.” I say and he gets up and hands it to me.

“Unrequited Love by Sebastian Zona?!”

He smirked “You wrote this?” he nodded. “His books are the most popular books for teen girls” Dan states “Which is also good for our band too!” Dave adds. “But why are you reading you own book doesn't that seem slightly concided?” I asked he smiled. “I re read over them its a series I like to back track so I don't forget things for the next book” he says “How many are there?” I ask “Right now eight would you like to read them?” I nod.

He hands me seven books.

“The first one is Alone in the Dark then The Lost Knight after that is The Melody then Broken then Death Defys Me. Then its The Song He Sang to His Grave Unrequited Love then its The Greivence and now the one I'll start writing since we finished our tour is Day Break”

None of those titles made sense together. “When you read them you'll understand.” I nodded and sat them to the side. “So what are they about?” “A girl whose an outcast at her school. She always thought she was different special and a new boy at her school the typical guy every girl wants talks to her and they find out one day she's a witch but he also tells her at the same time he's a vampire. They learn about the humans plans to iraticate of all the supernatural species and its up to Anastasia the main character and Zander the vampire boy to stop them. But at the same time they fall in love with each other”

“Good summary”

“Its on the back of the book” I blushed. “Oh. Wait the main character has my middle name!” he smirks “I know and the guy has Zane's full first name.” I blushed again looking at Zane. “Hey I'm gonna go take a shower if you all don't mind” I said grabbing clothes and going into the bathroom.

Zane's POV
“So she's the one you had the vision of isn't it” I asked Sebastian he nods not looking away from his book. “Yep its Harper like in the story the girl doesn't know much but wears a necklace with the initals H.A.D.” he states. “So you gonna take her out!”Dan says “I don't know” I said and they looked at each other “See you later” they walked to the door “Wait what?!” I said confused. “Have fun with Harper tonight we'll be in our rooms.” they say then leave.

“Great what do I do”

An idea then popped in my head and I knocked on the bathroom door. “Harper I want you to dress up alright” I said “Yeah sure hand my that bag saying Forever 21” she says and I see the yellow bag and grab it and she sticks her arm out. I then go and change into a shirt and pair of jeans and a jacket. And Harper comes out hair curled and wearing a shiny black dress and she smiles at me. “You look...beautiful” I said shocked “Thank you so why am I dressing up.”

“I'm taking you out tonight just you and me” her face turned red but she nodded and slipped on some shoes. “I'm ready” she said and we left out.

Normal POV

I wonder where he was taking us alone. Was this a date? Did he consider it that a date would he even date his slave?! He smiled at me as we walked int a resturant. “What are we doing here” “Eating of course” he says. We sat down somewhere in the back and it was kinda akward. I felt weird being just with Zane...like this.

After dinner was over he took me into time square and we stop infront of a huge building with lines of people. I then look up to see a sign saying Mary Poppins. “I think this is something you'll like” he says and take me in. we sit down in the seats and I looked at him. “This is Broadway right?” he nods smiling. “I have a feeling you'll like this” he says and I smiled.

“Its Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”



“If I knew you were gonna sing it all night I wouldn't have taken you”
“Haper quit singing!”
“That's it!”

He tackled me on the bed and began tickling me and I began laughing hysterically and he got on top of me tickling me more. “Zane quit it!” I said gasping for air. “Quit say its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” he says tickling me. “But it is! Its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

He began tickling me more.

The door than knocked and it opens and I see Greg. “What's going on here?” he says.“Zane doesn't think its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious but it is tell him Greg!” he stred at me. “Tell him what Harper” Sebastian says coming in. “Tell him its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” he looked at me with a blank expression. “You two are made for each other.” he says and I look at Zane and we laugh he then gets up and I jump on his back. “Say it say I'm right Zane!” “Okay okay your right!” he shouts “Right about what?” he asks I pull his cheeks. “You know what say it!” I said. “Okay okay its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” he says and I get off. “Thank you” I said smiling.

“You two are weird”

I smiled.

“Okay were gonna head to bed gotta get up early” I hugged Greg and Sebastian. “Night guys!” I said as they left. I then go and change into my pj's and lay in the bed. Zane comes out of the bathroom “You don't mind us sharing a bed do you” I shook my head. “Nope its fine” I said smiling. He then pulled up the covers and laid next to me. I then leanedover and kissed his cheek. “Zane your a really sweet thanks for everything” I said he smiled. “No problem Harper” he says and I lay down as he turned off the lights.

It was really cold in the room and I began shivering. “Z...Zane” I said and he looked at me “Come here” he says and I scooted over to him and laid on his chest as he warmed me up. “Night Zane.”
“Goodnight Harper”