A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave


I woke up rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes and notice Zane gone. It actually did make me sad he was like a warm pillow to lay on. I sit up stretching and notice a note taped to the TV. I stepped out of bed and grabbed it. It must be from Zane.


Sorry I didn't wake you , you just look so beautiful and peaceful sleeping. The guys and me had to leave early to begin recording our next album we thought it was best not to wake you up. Sebastian said you can start reading the books he even left them for you their on the nightstand. You can order room service when you wake up I'm sure you'll be hungry. We'll be there to pick you up at around six or seven so be ready. Hope your having fun with us you do make things more interesting around the house. Try not to leave the room unless necessary.

See ya later


I smiled at the note and put it to the side and looked at the time. “I slept until two o' clock!” I said shocked and then heard my stomach growl. “Guess I should get food” I said laughing and I took the menu next to the phone. I looked down and spotted spaghetti with meatballs. “Ooh sounds good!” I said and picked up the phone. “Hi I'd like to order the spaghetti with meatballs!” I said smiling. “And would you like a desert with that?” he asks “Sure whatever you think sounds good bring it up!” I said smiling. “Okay all I need is your room number” I ran to the front of the door then ran back. “Room 14C” I said smiling then hung up.

I looked through my bags of what to wear I sat it out on the chair and then heard a knock on the door and I went to get it. I open it to see my food and see the guy. He started smiling at me he was really cute. “Here's your food miss” “Harper call me Harper” I said “Thats a beautiful name” he says “Thanks uhhh who are you” I asked “Jason I'll bring your food up anytime you order it” he says and I smiled “Thanks Jason wish I could talk more but I'm really hungry and I'm waiting for my friends to come back” I said

“Alright hope to see you later Harper”

I smiled and took my food in and closed the door. I brought my plate and sat it down and saw a refrigerate so I stuck it in the mini fridge taking out a pop. I sat down on the bed and saw Zane and the guys new video. “So their group is called Nostalgia?” I said which I had no idea what that meant. I watched their video and instantly fell in love with their music. “Wow they're amazing” I said and I realized how hot Zane looked singing. His voice was amazing it was like I was under a spell. The music stopped and I snapped out of it and looked down at my food eating it. It was really good! I then see something about their band show up on TV and I turn up the volume. They were interviewing girls on who their favortie was in the band.

“I love Dan he's so cute and so is Dave!”

I laughed “Their both dorks”

“Greg he looks like the sensitive type and he's hot!”

“He is the sensitive one I think he does understand me pretty well”

“Sebastian! He's so mysterious and such an amazing writer!”

“He's not mysterious he's just funny.”

“Zane he is the sexiest hottest cutest guy I have ever seen and I want to marry him I LOVE YOU ZANE!!!!!”

I growled I don't know why but I instantly got jealous. “He would never marry a girl like you sorry!” I said

“Well you have it there guys. But there is word that one of you is currently not on the market care to share more?”

“What! Which one they didn't tell me that!” I turned it up louder and saw in the corner it said LIVE. “I thought they were recording today?” They then switch cameras and I see them in their recording studio. Greg smiles and takes the mic.

“Well there's this girl she's really great but she has her eye on Zane I know it”

I gripped the sheets angry wonder who Zane's girl was.

“Zane care to reiterate!”

“Well we are just friends she's really nice and sweet”

“What's her name?”

“Well I don't know if I..”

Dan took the mic.

“Her name is Harper Anastasia. She's one of our friends and staying with us for the summer but we all know something is going on between her and Zane!”

My eyes went wide and my mouth dropped “They're talking about me!”

“So are we going to see any of this Harper anytime soon”

“Were bringing her with us when we go on TRL next week!”

“Alright guys thanks for the talk and I can say that me and all of your friends are waiting for your next album!”

The guys camera went away and it just showed the host.

“There you have it Zane fans sorry to let you know but looks like he's going to be off the market soon. And Harper where ever you are I have to say myself you are one lucky girl.”

My whole face went red “Z..Zane likes me?” I said. I did like Zane I mean I really like Zane but then again I am his slave why would he want me? He had all of those pretty vampire fans people who would jump off a bridge to be in his presence. I then looked at the time they would be here in a hour. I looked at the clothes I was wearing and quickly picked new ones. I don't know why I felt so nervous now well I did but I was acting so stupid. I then heard the phone ran and I picked it up. “Hello?” I said

“Hey its me Zane”

My whole face turned red. “H..hi Zane!” I said trying not to sound shy. “I just wanted to let you know we'll be there in about an hour how are things over there” he asks “Good I just got done eating” I said smiling. “Alright we'll I have to go their calling us back see you later” he says and I nod “Alright bye!” I hung up and hopped in the shower.

My heart kept racing and I couldn't stop thinking about him and when those girls talked about him. I got...jealous! I never been the jealous type at least thats what I thought. I then came out and put on my out fit and looked at myself.

I then hear the door and open it to see Zane. “Hey Harper what's up” he says and I smile. “Hi Zane” I said softly. “So where are we going?” he smiled “To a club its a party going on there” I nodded and we went down stairs. “You look nice today” he says and I blush. “Thanks” I said. HE then took me into a stretch limo and I see all the guys. “Hey Harper!” Dan and Dave say. “Hi guys” I said and Zane sat next to me. “So what did you all do today” I asked and they looked at Zane. “Nothing” they all state.

The car then stops and we go into a building and inside I see people dancing and sitting down. “Come on were going up there” he says pointing to the stairs. We walk up there and sit at a table. “What's the occasion?” I asked “Our friend Miki today's her birthday” Dan says “Yeah Dan and I met her when we went to Europe from Christmas turns out she's a model here though” Dave says “Yeah and Dave likes her too” Dan says nudging him. “Shut up Dan!”

I then see a girl come over “Hey guys good to see you!” she says. She had short black hair light blue eyesand had on a black skirt with a dark blue top. “Hey Miki happy birthday” Dan and Dave say. “Thanks guys and its good to see you all again” she says indicating the other guys and then she looks over at me. “You must be Harper Anastasia the girl causing the big uproar to a lot of the Zander fans.” she says “Uproar?” I asked “Yeah didn't you hear everyone thinks that your Zane's new girl-” I see Zane cover her mouth. “Zane why did you stop her?” I asked he looked down. “Umm nothing” he says grabbing my hand. “Come on let's go dance” he says and pulls me away from everyone.

“Zane is something wrong? You look really pale...well more than usual.”

“N..Nothing don't worry” he says and grabs me bringing me to the dance floor. As we danced I kept looking at him. It was something wrong...but he wouldn't tell me. “Harper you think I'm a monster?” I looked at him confused “Of course not” I said shocked. “You trust me right?” he asks I nod “With every bone in me” I said smiling he stopped me from dancing and just held me.

I pulled him off the dance floor and we went on a couch in the corner it was surrounded by curtains on the side and very dim. “Zane what's wrong?” I asked. “Harper I'm not someone you should be with not any girl.” he says and I look at him confused. “I know you saw us on TV” he says “I'm too dangerous” he says and I look away. “Zane your not dangerous” I said touching his arm. “I trust you. Your loving caring sensitive and fun to be around” I said. “That's just the person you see! The real Zane is a monster! He doesn't care about anyone he'd be ready to kill anyone in an instant he's a cold hearted vampire” he states and I held his hand. “I don't believe that” I said and his head snapped at me. “Harper you don't know me! You have no idea what I can do!” he shouts and I flinch back.

“Zane just tell me whats wrong?”

He looked at me then looked away. “I have to go” he says and I grab his hand “Zane don't” “Harper I can't stay here!” he says and leaves out. I go to follow him but someone pulls me back. I turn to see Greg. “Let him be you don't want to mess with him when he's like this” he says “Just tell me what's wrong with him!” I said worried. He sighed and brought me to the couch.

“I'm going to say as much as I can but the rest you need to hear from Zane if he wants to tell you”

I nodded. “Zane barely has control over himself. He's been like this for the last two years so he only surrounds himself around vampires.” he starts “This morning he told me that he held you while you slept last night. He said it was the greatest sleep he ever had but he kept feeling like he was about to slip up. He says that it was as if he could taste your blood in his mouth” he states and my eyes go wide. “He can get pretty bad but he knows when he needs to distance himself from other like now. Especially now that your in the picture Harper its been harder for him because your scent is so strong. Him being a new born it has be worse by at least ten fold for him” he says.

“New born?”

He looked down “I can't much except for Zane wasn't always a vampire” he states and I gasped. “Come on you can sleep in with Sebastian and me tonight” he says and I nod. I was still shocked though Zane seemed as if he has perfect control and I couldn't even imagine him human. But what made it worse was it was something he wasn't telling me and then it hit me.

“Where are Zane's parents?”