A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

The Real Me

“Harper....I think you should talk to Zane about that but now lets go home”

I nodded and we got in the limo back to the hotel. “Guys I'm worried about Zane what if he gets hurt?” I asked they smiled. “You like Zane don't you!” Dan shouts my face turns red and I looked down. I was never good at lying.“You do!” they say and laugh “Shut up...I don't know how I feel about him I just know that when he is like this I worry a lot. I want nothing but to be around him and I just wish I knew what this meant” I said and looking at my hands.

“Well you don't have to worry Zane knows what to do”

I sighed and nodded and we walked up to the hotel. “You can stay in our room over there” he says and we walk in it. “W..when can I go back I want to check on Zane” I said “Not until he comes get you” Dave said and I nodded. “Oh wait! I have to get my pajamas” I said rushing to my room. “Harper don't!” Greg shouts. “I'll just be a minute I'm sure he's not even in there!” I said and slid my key in there and stepped in.

“Oh no...”

I look to see the whole room trashed everything except my clothes mirrors broke the feathers from pillows everywhere. I look to see blood stains on the wall and water running in the bathroom. I walk in there to see the tub about to over flow and I turn it off. I then hear a crack behind me and I turn to see Zane. But he wasn't my Zane not the one I was falling for.

His hair was a mess skin looked pale as if he were dead eyes turned red and he looked angry. “Why are you here” he says breathing through his teeth which I can see his two sharp canines. “I..I just wanted to get my pajamas” I said nervous. He lunges at me and slams me against the wall as we fall in the water. I gasped feeling a huge pain in my back as my whole body is soaked from the cold water. “I could bite you! I could bite you right now and drink you dry! Do you realize what kind of monster I am!” he shouts at me and I look at him afraid.

I heard Greg banging on the door knowing I was in trouble but something in me knew that I could get my Zane back and I wasn't giving up. “Zane” “Shut up!” he says dunking my face under the water. My eyes went wide and I tried to get up but he was so strong. His grip loosened because of the water and I got up breathing hard and ran to the bed trying to rush to my clothes and try to run out. He grabs me by the waist and slams me on the bed and sits on my waist hovering over me. “Or I could just do worse!” he says and he grabs my chin forcing my to push it up leaving my neck opened for him.

“Zane please don't this isn't you!”

“Yes it is Harper this is the real me the monster I really am!” he says and then bit into my neck hard and I screamed loudly feeling the terrible pain but then I felt him quickly pull away. I looked in his eyes and they were blue again. “H..Harper?” he asks and I smiled. “Hi Zane” I said and he looks down at my neck. “I bit you!” he shouts. I couldn't respond though my body went numb and all I saw was black.

I woke up with a headache feeling as if someone hit me with a hammer. I open my eyes and look to see the room cleaned up and Zane sitting on the edge of the bed. “Zane?” I asked “I bit you..” he says face in his hands. “I can't believe I bit you” he says and I move next to him and pull off his hands “Zane I'm fine” I said softly. “Yeah but if I bit any deeper I could have killed you or changed you!” he says and I look at him and hold his hand. “It doesn't matter Zane you didn't though” I said and he looks at me. “What's wrong with you Harper!” he says “Nothing” I said. He looked away from me but I hugged him. “You scared me I thought you were hurt” I said softly and his head snapped at me.

“You were worried that I was hurt!”

I nodded smiling. “Harper I think its best if you don't live with me” he says and my eyes turn wide. “No! Don't send me back there please! I won't make it I'll kill myself before I go back there!” I said scared and I began shaking and crying. “I don't care if you hurt me Zane I've had much worse just what ever you do don't send me back there!”

Zane's POV

I looked at how frightened she was. Whatever happened there scared her for life and I knew she was serious about killing herself there was no way in hell I was going to let that happen. But then again I would be a monster for keeping her here with me while I'm still so unstable ,but it doesn't make me any better sending her back though. I moved to her and wiped her tears off and held her in my arms.

“I won't let anyone hurt you not even me”

She snuggled into me chest grabbing onto my shirt crying. “Zane its so scary there I never want to see that place again” she says and I look at her to notice the scars on her are not fully gone. “I won't send you back Harper ever” I said and she stayed silent. “Just promise me when you see me like that again you run get Greg Sebastian someone just runaway from me” I said to her and she looked at me. “Why do you get like that?” she asks and I tense. I knew I was going to have to tell her sooner or later I guess sooner beat later”

Normal POV

He sat me up and looked at me “Why don't you et changed first we need to talk” he says and I nod and grab clothes out of my bag and go into the bathroom which looks like it did before he trashed it and change into my outfit.

I walk out and he looks at me and sighs “Something wrong?” I asked he looked down “Why do you have to be so beautiful” he asks and I blush. “Uhhh I..I don't know” I said and he patted the space next to him for me to sit and I did. “The reason I get the way I am is because I've only been a vampire for about two years now” he starts and I look at him confused. “This was me before when I was about sixteen” he says showing me a picture. He looked completely different he had brown blondish hair and his eyes were green. “Wow” I said and looked back up at him. He had jet black hair now and his eyes changed colors everyday today they were yellow. “Why do your eyes change color?” I asked “They will stay one color once I gain full control of myself” he says “But when I'm touring I have to wear blue contacts” I nodded.

“And Greg told me you were curious about my parents well...they're dead” he says and I gasp “Zane I'm so sorry!” I said and he looked at me saddened. I didn't know where my parents were if they were even alive anymore once again I knew nothing. “Its fine” he says “But the thing is...I think I killed them” he says and my eyes went wide. “You think?”

“Well it all happened two years ago the day I was changed. I was told I was a descendant of powerful vampires and would soon become one myself. So they just changed me faster. I didn't even get to think straight or make a decision about it I just felt a terrible pain in me.” he stops touching his neck. “Between that time and the time my uncle found me everything is a blur all I can remember is telling my mom dad and little brother I love them and after that everything is a big red blur. All I can remember is the screams of my mom and dad and them shouting my name.” he says clutching the covers.

“When I woke up there was blood all over me and in my hand was my mom's necklace”

He looked pained to just talk about it. He really did think he killed his parents and brother but I didn't even if Zane didn't have a lot of control I know he can't do that to any one. “The next day there was a missing report out for my brother and my parents funeral” he states and I see a tear slide down his cheek it was still a fresh wound in him. I move closer to him and wipe it off and hug him. “Zane I'm so sorry” I said softly. He grabbed me hugging me tightly but not trying to hurt me I knew he needed someone to hold. “That's why I'm afraid to be with you Harper I...I can't afford that to happen to you” he says his voice becoming low.

He pulled me in his lap and I just hugged him as he sat there. “I have full trust in you Zane I know you won't hurt me” I said and he sunk his head in my chest sobbing softly. I couldn't even imagine how he feels knowing that he could have killed his parents. I just rubbed hi back and held his head as he weeped for his loss. I then hear a knock on the door and Zane looks up at me. “Ill get it” I said and he let me go. I fixed my shirt some and opened the door to see the guys.

“Harper are you okay?!”

“Yeah good” I said softly and Greg hugged me. “I was so scared” he says and I smile “Greg I'm fine don't worry” I said and he let me go. “How..hows Zane?” they ask “Normal but...not happy I think its my fault” I said softly. “Why?” Sebastian asks “He just told me what happened to him” I said and they stayed silent. “Look if anyone I think you should be with him now well come later just tell him that were not recording today their closed for some reason” Dan said and I nodded. “I'll see you guys later” I said then closed the door.

I then walked back and see Zane with his face in his hands. I walk up to him and lift up his hands. “I believe you didn't kill them Zane I know you wouldn't” I said and hugged him. “Harper I just wish I could remember I can't stand the fact that I can't remember a thing that happened!” he says and I sigh. “I know exactly how you feel Zane. I..I don't even know who I am” I said softly and he grabbed me by the waist pulling me closer. His forehead then touched mine and his lips mere inches away. He opened his eyes and looked at me they head just turned black. “I don't want to hurt you Harper I can't hurt you.” he says and I caress his cheek “And you wont”

It had been three hours later and we were laying down. Zane had fell asleep on my stomach and I just stayed there for comfort. Honestly my heart was going crazy right now I was freaking out of how close we had just gotten in three hours but now I knew something for a fact. He thought he killed his parents..but I didn't care. He hates that he couldn't remember what happen...I hate that I can't even remember who I am. He thought he was a monster.....so I guess I was in love with a monster.

He woke up at about two o' clock and he looked at me eyes turned green. “Harper.” he states and I look at him. “Thank you” he says and I smiled “No problem Zane” I said and he sat up slowly. “My head is killing me” he states. “I'll call room service you must be hungry” I said and he looks over at me. “Harper why don't you bring the guys over here we can watch movies or something. I'm not really up to going out tonight” he says and I go and get the guys and I walk back in to see Zane sticking a needle in his arm. “What's that?” He turns to me and looks down. “It helps me from losing myself that's why the room was trashed yesterday. I was kinda looking for it” he says and I nod.

The guys then follow me in and I sit on the bed and Zane sits next to me. “I'm really happy your with us you know that” he says and I smiled. “I'm really happy I'm with you all” I said and he held me in his arms. “And Zane” he looked over at me. “If you ever want to talk I'm here” I said and he smiles and kisses my forehead. “Good”

It was a week later and they were going to be guest on TRL this was one of the lasts episodes before they were gone for good. Somehow I ended up being a guest on the show with them. I have one girl pulling at my hair another doing my make up and someone asking what would I like to wear. I didn't see how the guys could take this all of these people were annoying me. “Okay hold on” I said and got up and went to the stylist “I like this dress with these shoes and that hat pick something like that or thats fine.” I said and went to the hair stylist. “I was thinking wavy instead of straight” I said and then stared at me. “And can you do my make up when she's finished give her five minutes” I said and they looked at me. “Is that alright?” they then nod and went back to what they're doing and I hear laughter. I turn my head to see Zane.

“Hey Zane”

He walks up to me and smiles “I see you surely took control over here” he says “Well the make up person was about to poke me in the eyes because she was doing my hair and then the stylist was almost pushing the makeup person out of the way so I could see the outfit!” I said and he smiled “You're gonna have to get use to that Harper” he says and I nod. “Okay I'm done with your hair” she says and I look at it and smiled. “Its perfect thank you” I said “So your Zane's girl huh?” she says and my eyes went wide. “What?” I asked “Well thats what I've been hearing” she says and I look at Zane. “Were just friends Ally” he says and she smirks “For now..and by the way I'm Ally Greg's sister” she says and I smile. “Its nice to meet you I didn't know he had a twin” I said and she smiles.

“Alright Zane get going with the guys I have to get Harper changed!”

Zane got up and I looked at him. “I'll see you later Harper” he states and I nod. Ally then grabs me and they begin doing my make up again and she hands me my dress. “Alright stand still we have to put a mic on you” she says and I nod. The wrap it around me and then I put the mic on my ear and she hands me my dress. “Go put this on if you need help just ask me” she says and I nod. I then walked into the room and put on my dress shoes necklace and hat and walk out. “You look great Harper” she says and I smile. “Thank you” I said and looked down.

“D..do you think Zane will like it?”

She gasped “I knew it you like him!” she says and I cover her mouth. “I do okay but don't go shouting it” I whispered and she smiled. “Can't wait to see how this goes” she says and takes me to the back room. “Stay back here okay when its time for you to go out someone will get you.” she says and I sit on the leather couch and relax for a minute. “Try not to mess up your make up” she says and I nod. She closes the door. I sit and see the Tv turn on and I see the guys on and I smiled. I then turned to see Zane smiling and I remember how just a week ago he was sad and depressed but he easily picked himself back together. I sighed staring at him as he laughed.

“Zander Ashton Delacroix....I love you”