A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

Make The Bad Dreams Go Away

“Harper its your que come one!”

My eyes went wide and I stood up and began walking. I then walk onto the set and people clap for me and it makes me curious because they don’t even know me. I then see Zane and he smiles at me and I walk over to him shy. “Hello Harper its nice to meet you” the hosts says and I smile. “You too” I said softly. “So the word is that Zane and you are together is this true?” he asks and I look at Zane unsure and he doesn’t look at me. “Umm well…” I said embarrassed. “Believe what you want” Zane then interrupts. I’m not sure why he said that it would just lead people to think he actually was my boyfriend when truth is I’m his slave.

“Well well I see there’s a secret here”

I looked down trying not to show my red face and Greg nudges me. I look at him and he smiles at me and I sigh softly. “So Harper how did you meet the band here?” he asks and I freeze what was I suppose to tell them? Oh well you see about two weeks ago Zane bought me in an auction! “Harper and has been friends with us for a long time right before we began famous but she has been doing her own thing but she decided to spend the summer with us” Greg says “And this thing you do what would it be?” he asks. I thought long and hard then looked up smiling. “I’m a dancer” I said smiling.

“You’re not really good at interviews are you?”

I looked down scratching the back of my head “Not really” I said softly. I remember Zane said the show was only an hour long and I snuck a peak at the clock ‘Forty-five minutes left’. This was going to be long.

“We're one mistake for being together. Let's not ask why it's not right
You won't be seventeen forever. And we can get away with this tonight!”

I was jumping in my bed which by the way is so much fun and singing the song to one of my favorite bands Metro Station. We had made it back home yesterday and Zane said they were going to LA in about a month so that I can actually settle in to the house that he really lives at.

“You are young, and I am scared. You're wise beyond your years, but I don't care.
And I can feel your heartbeat. You know exactly where to take me”

I then hear a knock on my door and see Zane walk in and smile. “Zane!” I said and jumped off the bed and he caught me. “What’s up?” I asked and he chuckled. “I just wanted to see what you were up to” he says and I smiled “Jumping on my bed come join me!” I say and he laughs “I’ll pass” he says and I shake my head. “Nope come on!” I said getting out of his arms and pulling him on the bed. “Harper I don’t think I should” he says and I smile and grab his hands jumping.

“Come on be your age you know you want to!”

We began jumping and he laughs. It feels so good to see this side of Zane the happy funny type. When he cried it hurt me so badly I cried to myself. I never want to see that side of him again. “Harper?” Zane asks and I looked up at him. “You spaced out” he says and I smiled “I’m fine just thinking” I said and he smiles “Well come on let go for a swim its really hot today” he says and I nod “I’ll go get changed!” I jumped off my bed and went into my closet and changed.

I walk down to the pool and see all the guys and realize that these guys are pretty hot especially with no shirts on!”Harper were swimming why are you wearing a dress?” Greg asks and I look down at my dress. “It’s just a summer dress chill my swim suit is under it.” I say sitting down my sunglasses and taking off my flip flops. I pull the band out of my hair and slip off my dress showing my swim suit.

“Holy crap”

I look at the guys staring at me and I look over at them. “What?” I asked confused. “Harper you are so hot” Greg says involuntary. I blush and he snapped out of the trance and his face turned “Sorry…” he says. I then look over Zane who is staring at me as if his eyes were glued to me. “Uhh maybe I should put my dress on” I said grabbing for it but someone grabbed my hand. I turned to see Zane and he looked at me and made me turn to him. “Don’t” he states and moves my hair behind my ear. “You’re beautiful” I looked down blushing and smiled. “Thanks” I said and he grabbed me by the waist and picked me up. “Zane what are you doing!” I said and he smiled. “Hold on tight” he says “I…I can’t swim!” I said scared and he held me tighter “I won’t let you go” he states and I nod.

“Just hold on to your nose like this”

He puts his hand over his nose pinching it. I did the same and he ran in and jumped. The rush of the cold water actually felt good in this hot summer day. But as soon as I opened my eyes I had a flash back of something terrible.

Everything was dark the figures in front of me were blurry what they were saying sounded like a completely different language. I felt a sharp pain in my sides and I heard myself scream. I see two figures lay on the ground in sadness before me crying. One looked like a woman the other a man. I didn’t understand it though. I then see the two figures look as if they were being hung. I still didn’t understand though and I had a feeling I didn’t when it happened either. I kept screaming though and rage took over me like I lost something dear to me.

Then all I see is red tons and tons of red I knew it was blood I began to shake in fear I was afraid but I didn’t know why it just scared me. I began running far but all I see is the blood over me and I couldn’t stop crying. I then felt someone grab me and throw me in something cold deep and blue and darkness surrounded me I couldn’t breath I couldn’t speak. I was too afraid to try to escape I was hopeless and a lost cause.

When I snapped out of it I see that I’m still in the water and I pop up and run out of it scared. “Harper what’s wrong” Greg asks me. I just stare at the water scared and run back into my room. I shut my door almost hyperventilating and sit in my bed holding my pillow crying in fear. I then look at my arm to see its cut and my eyes go wide. I then get clearer flashes of the blood and scream loudly.


It was Zane I couldn’t answer though I was too in shock. “Get it off of me get it away!” I kept screaming. I wasn’t even sure why I was scared it scared me for life though. I just remember two bodies on the ground blood over them and blood over me. I began shaking the picture burned in my head and I feel someone hold me and I snap out of it to see Zane. “Harper what’s wrong?” he asks and I lung and hold him. “Make it go away Zane please!” I said crying hysterically. “Make what? What are you talking about?” he asks “These visions I don’t want to see them!” I said and he held me and looked at my arm.

“You’re bleeding”

I knew he was about to lose it he had no control. Instead surprisingly he just looked at me and wiped it off. “Be careful around those bushes they can cut someone pretty badly” he says putting a wrap on my arm. I just kept crying and he sat me in his lap “Harper can you tell me what you see?” he asks and I shook my head. “It’s too scary!” he held me closer. “I won’t let a thing hurt you Harper I promise”

Zane’s POV

It had been several hours later and Harper had finally calmed down and went to sleep. I knew she was scared from that place I bought her from but whatever happened before that, that put her in so much shock she lost her memory really scarred her. I was too afraid for her to gain it back but I knew simple things like getting cut would trigger her memory.


I look up to see Sebastian “How is she?” he whispers and I sigh. “I think she’s better she fell asleep crying” I said and got her out of my embrace and stood up. “Did you try reading into her mind to see what happened?” he asks I shook my head “I didn’t want to pry why she was so scared.” I said and kneeled down in front of her and placed my fingers on the temples of her head and closed my eyes. All I see are blurry figures and blood everywhere with screaming and shouting. I opened and looked down.

“She’s strating to remember her past”

“That’s good!” Dan said “Not good” I retorted. “Whatever happened before she went to that place scared her so badly she lost her memory what do you think will happen when she remembers it all” I asked and they all looked down. “I don’t want this to hurt her she doesn’t deserve it Harper is a sweet nice beautiful girl and…” “You’re in love with her…” Greg finished for me and my head snapped back at him. “It’s fine really I mean the way you look at her we all knew we lost our chance weeks ago” he says and I sighed. “I am I mean I feel like she gets me you know not saying that you do but she actually knows how it feels to feel like your life is a whole mystery you don’t know how to solve.” I stated caressing her cheek.

She turned her body and her eyes slowly opened at and she looked at me. I felt ashamed how hurt she looked as if it was my fault that she was sad even if it wasn’t. “Zane?” she says softly. “Yes Harper” I said and she held my hand. “Please don’t leave me I’m scared” she says and I laid in her bed and held her in my arms again. I kissed her forehead and looked her straight in the eyes. “I won’t Harper I’ll make the bad dreams go away”