A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

A New Friend

I woke up and look around to see that I'm in Zanes arms and he's watching TV. "Hey you alright?" he asks I nodded softly feeling completely embarrased. "I'm so sorry you probably think I'm crazy" I said sitting up but he pulls me back to him. "No your not I didn't try to on purpose but I saw what you saw and Harper anyone would be scared of that" he says and I look down ashamed.

"You there for me so I'm there for you okay"

I nodded softly and sat up. "I'm going to head in the shower alright" he nods. I walk inthe bathroom and look at myself in the mirror and I see avision of myself also looking in the mirror. But it wasn't me in my yellow bikini though. I had a sweat shirt and jeans on my hair messed up and blood all over me.I looked down to see something in my hand I look down and see a knife but it wasn't covered in blood. I then snap back into reality and gasp falling on my knees.


"I'm fine Zane!" I said turning on the water and stripping myself of my swim suit and stepped in. I was afraid now but I wasn't sure of what these visions came back when something triggered them but what could I do? Nothing. I just had to take these visions of my past in and pray they don't get worse although I already knew they would. As the water continued to trail down my pale body another vision came I was crying in the shower trying to wash all the blood off of me. I gasped slamming myself against the wall these visions were getting worse and worse. I slid down against the cold wall ry so hard not to cry but nothing worked I rested my head on the cold floor and cried as the water hid my tears.

Zane's POV

Harper had been in there for a while now I wanted to go in there but I knew she had no clothes on. I just laied on her bed trying to process what I saw in her mind. "I know what will help her" I said softly and I see her come through with nothing but a towel. "Oh..I didn't know you were still in here" she says her voice was very horse. "Harper were you crying?" she shakes her head. "No.." she whisperes not trying to hurt herself. I got off the bed and walked up to her and looked in her eyes.

"Your lying your eyes are red"

"Okay I have" she says giving up. "I'm just afraid alright I don't know what's happening to me everything I do triggers a vision of my past and honestly I don't think I want to know it!" she says and I caress her cheek. "I'll try to help them stop" I said "No I need to see them" she says and I look at her confused. "As much as it frightens me I have to see what happened because someone important to me got hurt and something is telling me they're looking for me" she says and she looks away. "I'm just gonna lay down for a while if you need me just let me know" I sighed nodding and she went into her closet closing her door. I leaned against it and listened to her cry and I sighed.


She immediately stopped "I hate to see you like this to and I'll do whatever it takes to see you smile again"

Normal POV

I had slept through the whole night and half the day. No visions through me sleep though it actaully made me feel good. I sat up and smell food and walk downstairs. I see Greg and he smiles at me and motions me into the kitchen and I walk in to see all the guys and one girl at the table."Hey Harper there's someone we want you to meet!" Dan said smiling and coming to me. He takes my hand and pulls me to the table I see the girl noticing she had pretty long brown hair and brown eyes she smiled over at me. "Harper this is one of our good friends Lakeshia she's a singer and was at Miki's party but you probably didn't see her" he says and I smile "Hi" I said softly and she smirks.

"So your the girl Zane likes"

My eyes went wide and my face turned and I looked down. I'm pretty sure that Zane was the same way. "Lakeshia!" Dave says and I look up and sit down. "So are you a vampire?" she nods and takes a bite of her food. "She's going to be staying with us for the summer...well while she's not recording at least. We figured you felt kind of alone being the only girl so we asked her to stay with us" Zane says not making eye contact with me. "Oh really thanks guys" I said and Lakeshia smiled again. "So I hear you dance can I see what you got?" she says and I look down. "Dancing is the only memory I have of my past I do hip hop ballet and contemperary" i said and she smiled "Well go get changed and meet me in the basement"

I walked upstairs slowly and then I freeze and stop getting yet another vision.

"Harper you love him admit it!" someone said the face was a blur. "You have no proof of that Z and you know it!" I said laughing. "Yeah the way your smiling right now just thinking of him!"it was a girls voice I looked over and smiled. "Promise you won't tell him Z?" I asked she giggled. "I don't see why not he lovs you...you love him" she says "Yes but we can't be together he's not meant for me" I said softly and she pats my back. "He's only not meant for you if you let that girl take him."

I felt someone grab my arm and I gasp and jump. "Sorry I was just wondering if you were alright you were just standing there staring at that picture" Lakeshia says and I look at her and smile. "Yeah fine" I said and she smiles and walks upstairs. I looked at her leave then back at the picture. I see a signature and walk to it. "Z?" I said looking at it. Who was Z? and that girl and this guy I apparently love?! Well besides Zane. What made me even more curious was if I knew Z and Z might have painted this what was it doing in Zane's house?

I just ignored it for the moment and ran upstairs and went to my room and put on a a pair of shorts tank top and jacket and ran downstairs to see Lakeshia smiling at me. "Okay now dance competition you and me first to get tired wins!" she says "No fair your a vampire though!" I shouted and she smirked. "It shouldn't matter if your good enough you should be able to beat me." she says and I smirk at her.

"Fine your on!"

I see the guys come down and honestly I was nervous to dance infront of them especially Zane and Greg too I wasn't sure why though. "Okay Sebastian keep track of the songs" Lakeshia said and I smiled at her and the first song began to play. It was I Hate This Part by PussyCat Dolls. Oh yeah I caught up on my music!

Zane's POV

"Wow she's good" Dave says and I nod "Lakeshia has been dancing for years now" I said and he laughs "I'm talking about Harper" I didn't want to look at her it would just make me love her more but who could love a moster like me? As soon as I turn my head to her she caught me in her trance as she moved just as fast as Lakeshia maybe better. The way she flipped and moved her body I couldn't stop looking.


Dan and Dave laughed at me knowing my eyes were trapped on Harper. They had been through at least twenty songs without stopping and I could see Harper getting tired so did Lakeshia. "Ouch!" I hear and break my trance seeing Harper fell on the floor. I rushed to her and picked her up in my arms "You alright?" I asked and she blushed at me. "Yeah my feet are just sore" she says and I realized that I just rushed over to her like a complete idiot. All the guys and Lakeshia begin to luagh at us. I sit her down and my face turns red and she sits on the couch next to Greg. "I'll be back" I said and went upstairs completely embarrased.

Normal POV

It was now the next day the guys took Zane out somehwere all day and Lakeshia and I were hanging in the game room watching movies. "So do you really like Zane?" she asks and I look over at him. "No of course I don't" I said and she looked at me crazy. I looked down and blushed "I love him" she gasps and aws and I cover my face. "I'm so shy about this stuff Lakeshia, I mean we've been though a lot in just the few months we've known each other and I've fallen in love with him I mean he's funny cute and he shows how much he really does care about me" I said and she smiled.

"I bet he feels the same way"

"I think he's trying to avoid being with me he thinks he's a moster" I said and she sighs "I know his story andI learned yours you two seem like you know what to tell him when he's down before you were here we didn't know what to do when he got like that he just left for a while sometimes days." she states and I sighed softly and look at the screen at the couple kissing. Then the TV shut off and I turned to Lakeshia and she took my hand helping me up. "Come on we have to get dressed!" she shouts and i look at her confused. "For what?" I asked "What you don't know?" I shook my head.

"Today isZane's Birthday!"